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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 19 '11 eng>eng "tapped it up like brown" filled up the spoon to the brim like you drip brown heroin pro closed no
- Jan 9 '11 rus>eng тёлка/девка/гёрла a bird/ a classy pro closed ok
- Jan 9 '11 rus>eng пацан/ пацик dare devils pro closed ok
- Jan 4 '11 rus>eng водила (водитель) a fourwheeler rider/ truck rider pro closed ok
- Jan 4 '11 rus>eng прикинь (ты прикинь, да? и проч) Fancy that! pro closed ok
- Jan 5 '11 rus>eng ссать (в смысле бояться) don't freak out pro closed ok
- Jan 2 '11 rus>eng кипиш hustle pro closed ok
- Jan 2 '11 rus>eng да ну тебя/ да иди ты/ да отстань/ да прямо и т.п. bugger off! clear off! nuff off! clear off! piss off! pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '10 eng>eng rambling a pleasant walk pro closed ok
4 Oct 23 '10 rus>eng пока целая Shut your trap while you're still in one piece! pro closed ok
- Oct 8 '10 rus>eng опогоненный авторитет authority endowed with epaulets pro closed no
- Oct 8 '10 rus>eng корячиться he would be destined to put his back into casual jobs pro closed no
- Oct 7 '10 eng>rus The pizza is in the mail Лёд тронулся! (дело сдвинулось с места) pro closed no
- Oct 1 '10 rus>eng мух считать while you're killing your time pro closed ok
- Sep 28 '10 rus>eng правильный пацан fair guy pro closed ok
- Sep 26 '10 rus>eng мапёк mate (if friendly)/next rat (unfriendly) pro closed no
- Sep 26 '10 rus>eng прописка Council tax office registration adress pro closed ok
- Sep 23 '10 eng>rus fad-surfing Принципы достижения взлета карьеры и попадания в струю pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '10 rus>eng рагуль/рагульный moron / moronic, moronish pro closed ok
- Mar 10 '10 eng>eng white lie creative writing easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '10 rus>eng где и на что a decent nook (you know what for) and plenty of dosh for later pro closed no
- Feb 22 '10 rus>eng хобот/хоботиться onus/to be stuck with the onus pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '10 eng>rus you're on them что это твоих рук дело pro closed ok
4 Jan 14 '10 rus>eng Забугорный on the other side of the fence pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '09 rus>eng сдулся disapparated pro closed no
NP Aug 24 '09 eng>rus ты чего приперся?! What the hell brought you here? pro closed no
- Aug 6 '09 rus>eng гопник jailbird pro closed ok
- Jul 27 '09 rus>eng Куда тебя хуй принес к неграм What the f... drove you to Black brothers? pro closed no
- Jul 27 '09 rus>eng Но хуй-то им удалось but their f...g dream didn't come true pro closed no
- Jul 12 '09 rus>eng мечта идиота a dream of a crazy came true! pro closed no
- Jul 11 '09 rus>eng Куда прешь? Don't you be so cheeky! pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '09 rus>eng пофигизм a laxity of a nut pro closed ok
- Jun 25 '09 eng>rus give smb a run for their moolah способны заставить пробежаться pro closed no
- Jun 25 '09 eng>rus Brings a guy back, I tell yuz мужика такие вещи к жизни возвращают, иначе не скажешь pro closed no
- Jun 25 '09 eng>rus hellsyeah шут с тобой pro closed no
- Jun 25 '09 eng>rus to buoy the mood Это просто "прёт" pro closed no
- May 9 '09 eng>rus rain child знайка ненормальная/"блаженная" pro closed ok
- May 5 '09 rus>eng У тебя размах есть you can spread your wings pro closed no
- Apr 29 '09 rus>eng Дался тебе Киев You have one track mind - Kyiv! pro closed no
- Mar 18 '09 rus>eng знак паука identity sign of a drug addict pro closed no
- Mar 6 '09 rus>eng а для НОРМАЛЬНЫХ ПАЦАНОВ он (Страдивари) делал БАРАБАНЫ! ...but for good/tough guys pro closed no
- Feb 28 '09 rus>eng Делай удар на только работу put your back into the work pro closed no
- Jan 21 '09 rus>eng Любой каприз за ваши денги with money in your palm anywhere you can plumb pro closed no
- Jan 14 '09 rus>eng отсос петрович Suck-son Peter's son pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '08 rus>eng подстава a scam pro closed no
- Dec 5 '08 rus>eng кинуть It dawned upon me that I could be diddled. pro closed no
- Nov 22 '08 rus>eng нагружать to drive up the wall pro closed no
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