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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 2 '08 rus>eng после полной выплаты вознаграждения upon payment of full award fee pro closed no
- Oct 6 '05 rus>eng требуется перезагрузка a reboot is necessary pro closed ok
- Sep 29 '05 rus>eng которых of which pro closed no
- Sep 27 '05 rus>eng лица, изучившие настоящее Руководство в полном объеме persons who have studied this handbook in its entirety pro closed no
3 Sep 16 '05 rus>eng Членение segmentation pro closed ok
- Jul 11 '05 rus>eng достойно оценить приготовление пищи expertly evaluate the food's preparation pro closed no
- Jul 7 '05 rus>eng не знакомы/знакомого с "if you are unfamiliar with these requirements" & "we will find" pro closed no
- Jun 25 '05 rus>eng дары леса income derived from the forest's resources pro closed no
- Jun 17 '05 rus>eng на преобладающем уклоне on the average gradient pro closed ok
- Jun 16 '05 rus>eng многоречье a multitude of rivulets pro closed no
4 Jun 15 '05 rus>eng турникет turnstile pro closed no
4 Jun 13 '05 rus>eng хроника происшествий chronicle of events pro closed no
- May 19 '05 rus>eng lingvostranovedenie lingo-cultural studies pro closed no
- May 19 '05 rus>eng решение известно и включает этапы The solution to this problem is known and includes the following steps pro closed no
- May 3 '05 rus>eng Лес есть. Будет и богатство Where there are forests there is plenty pro closed no
- Apr 27 '05 rus>eng нанесение типографского шрифта printing pro closed no
4 Apr 22 '05 rus>eng видеть чьими-либо глазами see through someone's eyes pro closed ok
- Mar 31 '05 rus>eng смотрит, нет ли отеков на ногах looks to see if there is any swelling in the legs pro closed no
4 Mar 23 '05 rus>eng ловить ноздрями <...> let the intoxicating scent fill their nostrils pro closed ok
- Mar 19 '05 rus>eng не продаюсь, но падаю в цене I'm not for sale but my price is falling. pro closed no
- Mar 17 '05 rus>eng шрифт — искусство ансамблевое A font, by its very nature, is an art of harmony. pro closed ok
- Mar 17 '05 rus>eng привлекать "get on board" pro closed no
4 Mar 17 '05 rus>eng Организация упр& managment organization pro closed no
- Mar 17 '05 rus>eng с двух раз in two tries. easy closed ok
- Mar 16 '05 rus>eng порция serving size pro closed no
- Mar 15 '05 rus>eng травматическая теракоалгия traumatic coagulation pro closed ok
3 Mar 14 '05 rus>eng Системная подготовка менеджеров (The) systematic training of managers for the Russian sports industry. pro closed no
- Mar 8 '05 rus>eng схема внутреннего энергосбережения потребителя Internal energy-savings plan of the consumer pro closed no
- Mar 5 '05 rus>eng help with the phrase “To increase the efficiency of the device software a procedure to optimize the computations is used. pro closed no
4 Mar 4 '05 rus>eng Название работы Semantic and word-formation relationships in the lexico-semantic field of quantitative oppositions. pro closed ok
4 Mar 2 '05 rus>eng лицензии на 10 пользователей <...> should include licenses for no fewer than ten users. pro closed ok
- Oct 27 '04 rus>eng Врачебная (практика) general practice easy closed ok
- Oct 26 '04 rus>eng глазированный сырок в шоколаде chocolate-dipped farmer's cheese pro closed no
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