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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 11 '10 eng>eng Canadian synonym for Generation Y Generation Y easy closed no
- Jan 8 '10 eng>eng we cannot be disappointed to have not lost happy not to have lost easy closed ok
NP Jun 18 '09 eng>eng eating local Traditional dishes versus locally produced food easy just_closed no
4 Feb 18 '09 eng>eng To "beat the rush" to get there first easy closed ok
- Jul 26 '06 eng>eng limited government access limited access to (government) information easy closed ok
4 May 24 '06 eng>eng voting as a slang word I've never heard it easy closed no
- Apr 12 '06 eng>eng 'glide' in this case runs or slides easy closed ok
4 Apr 6 '06 eng>eng Smooth outward to hair and jawline Spread outwards easy closed ok
4 Mar 28 '06 eng>eng address (in this case) portain to, discuss, talk about, focus on easy closed ok
4 Jan 16 '06 eng>eng as to / as for as for easy closed no
4 Oct 10 '05 eng>eng forever poorer increasingly poor easy closed ok
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