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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 28 '11 fra>eng grille de lecture criteria or model pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '10 fra>eng lycée généraliste (regular) secondary/high school pro just_closed no
4 Oct 30 '09 eng>fra bystander stands by (and watches but does not take part) pro closed ok
- Sep 4 '09 eng>fra ba hons degree Licence (ou Baccalauréat) avec spécialisation easy open no
4 Jun 17 '09 fra>eng Direction des examens, des concours de l'orientation et des bourses Department of exams, entrance examinations, guidance counselling and scholarships pro closed ok
- May 12 '09 fra>eng Epreuves théoriques Theoretical component easy closed no
- Mar 11 '09 fra>eng sujet de réflexion Independent essay pro closed ok
- May 24 '07 fra>eng Analyser pour mieux réagir Think (or Analyse) first, then react/respond pro closed ok
4 May 12 '06 eng>fra briefing book of documents Livre(t) de référence des documents pour la conférence... pro closed ok
- Dec 7 '05 eng>fra Honours programme NFG Licence (spécialisée) pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '05 fra>eng accueil scolaire Ensure that your child is dropped off/picked up pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '05 eng>fra Registrar and Deputy Principal registraire et directeur adjoint pro closed no
- Oct 6 '05 eng>fra degree level licence au minimum pro closed ok
- Sep 21 '05 eng>fra junior high and middle school collège pro closed ok
4 Jun 21 '05 eng>fra First Day of Third Term le troisième trimestre débutera le... pro closed ok
4 Jun 14 '05 eng>fra band student élèves en orchestre ou fanfare pro closed ok
- Jun 6 '05 fra>eng enseignement suivi sur une matiere an independent study (course) pro closed no
4 Apr 13 '05 fra>eng établissements concernés relevant institutions easy closed ok
4 Apr 13 '05 fra>eng etablissements partenaires partner(ed) institutions easy closed ok
4 Apr 13 '05 fra>eng longueur des sejours depends on context easy closed ok
4 Apr 13 '05 fra>eng etre inscrit en these de doctorat registered in a doctoral thesis programme easy closed ok
4 Mar 21 '05 eng>fra completed my boards examen d'évaluation (du Conseil médical du Canada) easy closed ok
- Mar 18 '05 eng>fra to set expectations établir des attentes easy closed ok
- Mar 14 '05 eng>fra light rail transit un tramway easy closed ok
3 Mar 14 '05 eng>fra city grid plan de la ville easy closed ok
- Feb 17 '05 fra>eng IUP Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé Community College pro closed no
- Feb 16 '05 fra>eng La poursuite d'un troisième cycle à l'université advanced graduate/doctoral studies easy closed no
- Feb 14 '05 fra>eng l'aide aux devoirs dans une association de quartier Tutor in a neighbourhood association pro closed no
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