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Are you looking for a tool to enable you to more efficiently route work to translators?

Do you want to be able to manage all of your jobs from one place, keeping track of files, deadlines, communications, etc.?

If all you are using to manage your work now is email, take advantage of this new benefit for corporate members, and save time and hassle in managing projects by getting your own “translation center” — powered by

Basic Structure

Work order

A work order is made up of one or more jobs and specifies source files, field(s) of expertise required, special instructions, and more.


A job is the application of a work order to a target language. A job might consist of one or more tasks.


A task is the unit of work to be assigned to a single service provider, such as an individual source file that needs to be translated to a target language. Several task types are possible, such as translation, revision and QA.


1. Job(s) posted

A work order is created and broken down into jobs based on the target languages needed.

2. Purchase order

A purchase order for the service provider is generated, associated with each task, including volume, unit, rate and payment terms.

3. Tasks assigned

The tasks can be assigned to translators either manually or automatically. In the second case, translators are notified in batches until someone accepts the task.

4. Translations delivered

The files are translated and uploaded by the translators in charge of the corresponding tasks.

5. Editors

Editors can easily be assigned to review already translated files.

6. Feedback

Feedback for each translator can then be left and is visible to all of your project managers.

Built for efficiency

  • Everyone communicates on one platform
  • Send jobs to your network of providers
  • Route based on job details
  • Receive deliverables and track projects

Customized for your business

  • Brand the platform with your logo and colors
  • Use only the features you need
  • Source to your own trusted translators.

What other companies are saying

  • “After searching for a user-friendly online project management portal for two years without finding any that really met our needs and budget, we learned about Proz’ new platform and decided to give it a try. Because it was built for Translator’s Without Borders it needed to be customized for LSPs and we were happy to help Proz do just that with suggestions that met our needs and hopefully other agency’s needs. So far we’re very happy with it and plan to use it long term, and the best part? It is included in our yearly corporate fee!”

    Pamela Peterson

    eLanguages Inc

  • “Simply put, the Translation Center that ProZ has generously made available to Translators without Borders has allowed us to donate around ten times as many words to help non profit organizations, and to respond much more quickly when translation is needed in a crisis situation.”

    Lori Thicke

    Founder & CEO

  • “Since starting my translation business “Transpars”, I have always been looking for a qualified developer to develop a fully-automated website for my translation agency. And now I see the Proz guys have made all I need. With this awesome Translation Center, all you need is just a translation project and a database of translators.”

    Mostafa Dehqan

    CEO & Founder

  • “Over the past three years the Translation Center has evolved and developed in great strides”

    Ildikó Santana

    Freelance translator English to/from Hungarian

  • “The Translation Center has helped us a lot in avoiding long e-mail conversations. We can now have all project information such as delivery deadlines, instructions, source documents, support documents, and even follow-up commentaries in the same place. This has proven to be very helpful for our outsourced and in-house translators.”

    Diego Achío

    Traduality Language Solutions

  • “We have been working with our own customized Translation Center for about 2 months now and the experience could not be better! Now we have our own marketplace from which we can manage our translators, allocate our projects and get full control of the deliverables, with 100% traceabilty. It has streamlined our processes and our translators and PMs are all excited about the features the tool is packed with.”

    Miguel Ángel Reyes Riera

    Managing Director, OneDocument, S.L

  • “The Translation Center has proved itself to be an invaluable tool. We needed something to help us keep up with our evolving business structure and size, and the Translation Center answered our needs. From keeping track of translators and language pairs, to project overviews and even billing, the platform has kept us on track. We are particularly impressed and grateful for the effort put into its development, the responsiveness to our needs and suggestions, and the willingness to help by answering questions quickly at almost any hour. ”

    Emanuel Weisgras

    CEO and Founder – Weis Words International Translations

  • “I spent the last two years looking for a way to grow my translation business. I had no idea of what I was looking for. I knew that I needed something to increase my productivity, but I couldn’t seem to figure out exactly what. I was stuck. When I heard about the Translation Center powered by Proz, I had that “eureka” feeling. And I was right. After a couple of months using it, I can assure that it greatly increased my productivity by making it a lot easier to manage my translation projects, making the communication with my translators much more efficient, helping me easily keep perfect track of my POs and invoices, and many other features that make this tool a must for any project manager. Finally, I feel that I found exactly what I was looking for.”

    Diego D. Rodriguez


  • “So far I am loving every part of translation center. I am glad it is here for us and it is FREE! Keep up the good work”

    Paulius Paulauskas

    View Globally

  • “We are very pleased with the implementation of the Workspace platform, including support and suggestions for improvement. It certainly has helped us to better control the actions and communication with our team of linguists in our routine activities to better meet the expectation of our customers.”

    Alberto Cury

    Betaplan Translation Owner

Translation center history

In 2011, with their volumes of work increasing in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, the non-profit “Translators without Borders” came to and requested that the company build a platform that they could use to recruit and screen translators, and to manage their projects efficiently from one central location. responded by creating a “translation center” that met their needs.

Translators without Borders soon began to use the platform to manage their volunteer recruitment and screening, as well as all of their translation work. To date, the platform has been used to recruit thousands of translators, and to coordinate the delivery of over 26 million words in more than a hundred language pairs.

Remarkably, as a testament to the efficiency of the platform, the entire volume of work -- delivered to over a hundred humanitarian clients -- has been overseen by a single project manager (assisted by several volunteers.)

Realizing that the platform might be valuable not only to Translators without Borders, but to small- and mid-sized translation companies as well, began making use of the “translation center” software available to others. Now, any translation company that is a corporate member of can get its own “instance” of the translation center platform, with its own logo and company name displayed, at no extra charge above the corporate membership fee.

Several companies are now using the platform, and improvements are being made on an ongoing basis based on their feedback and requests.

Frequently asked questions

What is the translation center?

The translation center (“Powered by”) is a tool that enables companies to efficiently route work to their translators, to keep track of their projects, and to keep track of project-related communications and payment information in one convenient location.

Is the translation center a TMS (translation management system)?

No, it is simpler and easier to use than most TMS systems. Basically, it is a notification/invitation system, and a one-stop shop to keep track of your projects and related communications and invoices.

Why do companies use the translation center?

To be more organized and to manage more projects with less effort. It replaces email.

Can I customize it with my logo and colors?


How much does it cost?

It is included in your corporate membership fee.

What about privacy and data security? is TRUSTe certified to comply with worldwide standards for handling of private data, including standards of the US, EU and other locations. See the privacy policy for more information.

What if my company requires additional protections?

Please ask!

What translators will work on my projects?

Translators who you invite.

Can I use the platform to recruit?

Not yet. But this is a requested feature and we plan to add it soon.

Can translators use their login details?

Yes. They can also port their profile data over to your instance of the platform. As a result, it may be easier to keep the data you have on each translator “fresher” over time.

Can I have translators on the platform that are not users?


Can I manage agreements I have with my translators using the platform?

Yes. You can store administrative notes in profiles, with attached files. These notes will let you, for instance, store any agreement reached with the translator, upload a signed NDA and record any exceptional instance of good or objectionable performance.

I group my translators in teams working on the same subjects. Can I do that?

Yes. You can assemble as many teams as you want with the translators in your pools. When you create a work order that can include several jobs (different target languages), you can include, independently for each job:

  • All eligible translators (for instance all translators in the appropriate language pair)
  • All the members of a team
  • Only eligible team members (belonging to the team and also matching language pair)

How are tasks assigned to translators?

No matter if you associated a job with the whole pool or with a team, you have two ways of assigning the tasks to your translators: automatic and manual.

  • With manual assignment the PM will edit a task to manually assign it to one of the valid translators.
  • With automatic assignment, the valid translators will receive notifications inviting them to accept your tasks. Once all tasks have been accepted, no further notifications are sent and the job is blocked, avoiding the risk of having two translators working on the same file. You can remove translators from the queue, add suitable translators to the queue or send a direct message to a translator.

Is there an option to allow clients to access my translation center?

Yes. It is up to you whether or not you give your clients access..

Can a large file be split and assigned to different translators?

A large file can be posted as source in a work order and then split into smaller sections, associating each section to a separate task that can be assigned to a different translator. In case of a multi-language work order, splitting the source file in one of the jobs will be enough to have the same splitting done in all the other jobs in the work order. An advantage of this operation is that all the translators and the PM will be sharing a same working page, and they will be able to exchange text and files by means of the in-page messages, for instance to coordinate terminology. Once the translations are done, the sections can be externally assembled and then a new task can be created and an editor assigned to it for consistency and quality.

How can I manage reference files?

Reference files can be uploaded when a work order is created, and they will be displayed in all related jobs and job posting pages. It is also possible to post reference files specific for each job of a multi-languages work order. You can also upload client files, that will be presented as reference information in all jobs posted on behalf of this client.

Can I associate my work codes (and the client’s) with a work order?

A new work order has an internal number that is displayed at the end of its URL, but there are other two important order numbers:

  • An internal order number that can be automatically indexed and formatted in a flexible combination of month, year and a numerical field.
  • A customer order number where the number assigned to the order by the client can be manually entered
  • Both numbers can be used as search criteria for orders and jobs. All jobs in a work order will share the same order numbers

Recent news

Improved messaging and invitations in the translation center powered by

New features and tools have been added to the translation center powered by and made available to Business members, including
* new messaging options,
several improvements to the pages used for inviting and assigning translators to accept a posted job,
* The ability to assign a team to a given client
* File upload size expanded to 25 MB

Read more

* A tutorial on the financial tools provided with the translation center has been posted at

* A link to documents on privacy and security have been included at the bottom of each TC page

* Operation with junior translators is now possible, see

The translation center is made available free or charge to Corporate members but it can be tested by non-members as well. To learn more about this platform or to access it, please submit a support request.

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