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This report is a way for to highlight the major activities of the site to its members. 2016 has been a fantastic year, with lots of growth and changes - and more on their way.


ob flow through the site has remained steady in 2015 and 2016. To date, an estimated one billion USD in work has been passed through This includes all channels for passing work, with the directory and direct profile contact being the most common ways clients connect with translators on the site. New channels for promoting your services and for client contact are being opened.


he translation center, a translation project management platform which was originally designed for Translators without Borders, has been made available for free to corporate members, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of commercial translation project management.

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Mid-year report 2014

  • In December, in conjunction with the year-end membership campaign and "Giving Tuesday", nearly 5,000 USD were raised in the Typhoon Haiyan recovery donation drive.
  • Job flow through rose slightly in the first four months of this year in comparison with 2012 and 2013.
  • To date, the translation center, thanks to the generosity of more than two thousand Translators without Borders volunteers, has processed just over 17 million words (4 million since the last report) and has served 313 NGOs across the globe.

Year-end report 2013

  • In addition to the ongoing improvements this year to the directory, profiles, and job posting system, improvements were also made to the translator feedback system, also known as Willingness to Work Again (WWA).
  • Improvements are being made to the online invoicing tool. This service is free to all paying members, and over 8,000 people have used the invoicing tool so far.
  • Winners for the first annual community choice awards were announced. Congratulations to this year's winners, and thank you to everyone who participated.

Mid-year report 2013

  • During 2013 improvements are being made to the directory, profiles, and job posting system. Some minor improvements have already been made in profiles, including the general rates and address/location forms, and an improved "search by location" feature was added to the directory.
  • A new Software comparison tool was released which allows you to compare and review different translation-related software. If you have experience in one or more CAT tools or other software, write a review!
  • The 11th translation contest was held, on the theme "Contemporary society." Thank you to all 668 participants, and congratulations to the winners, who can be seen here.

Year-end report 2012

  • Job flow continues to be healthy. October saw the largest volume of posted jobs for that month on record. Remember that posted jobs are only part of the job flow on the site, though; directory and profile searches are the most common ways in which work gets passed on the site.
  • October was also an exceptional month in translator feedback. To date, over 69,000 Willingness to Work Again (WWA) feedback entries have been given to more than 20,000 language professionals.
  • This year's State of the industry report for freelance translators was published in September. State of the industry reports take a look at some of the changes that are affecting translators, as told by translators.

Mid-year report 2012

  • Over 20,000 language professionals are currently investing in their businesses through membership, thereby helping to increase the tools and opportunities available at, both for members and for non-members.
  • Job flow through, which has risen steadily since bouncing back in 2010, has been healthy in the first part of 2012, with March being the record month in activity so far in the year. Posted jobs continue to rise, and directory and profile searches-- the most common ways in which work gets passed on the site-- are also up.
  • In January, Certified PRO Network certification in a second language pair was opened (find out more here). The Certified PRO Network (CPN) currently has just over 3,000 members and counting.

Year-end report 2011

  • Job flow through continued its increase through the second half of the year. Posted jobs are up, as are directory and profile searches (these last two are the most common way in which work is passed on the site).
  • The Blue Board, the searchable database of language job outsourcers with feedback from service providers, has grown. There are currently over 17,000 records for outsourcers, and more than 92,000 Likelihood of Working Again (LWA) feedback entries have been made.
  • Membership continues to climb steadily. More than 1,000 members have joined since the last report. Over 18,000 language professionals currently invest in their businesses through membership. As the number of paying members grows, so do the benefits which membership provides.

Mid-year report 2011

  • Job flow on the site, having steadily increased throughout 2010, reached a new all-time record high in March, with each month so far this year also exceeding the amount of work passed in those months in previous years. Feedback, both LWA and WWA, is also on the rise.
  • Membership continues to grow. Over 17,000 language professionals are currently investing in their businesses through As you know, membership is what powers and makes the site, improvements and new features possible.
  • The Invoicing system continues to prove useful to more members. Over 26,000 invoices have been generated so far this year using the system. If you haven't used it yet, give it a try.

Year-end report 2010

  • The second virtual conference for freelance translators was held on 30 September. With just over 10,000 registrants, this event continues to bring together record numbers of translators and interpreters.
  • Client flow through, which was up in the first part of this year, has continued to be strong through the second half of 2010. Job flow has so far increased 25% over the first half of this year.
  • KudoZ usage continues to increase. Upwards of 14,000 people search the KudoZ archive daily.

Mid-year report 2010

  • Job flow on the site, which began to bounce back towards the end of last year, has continued to increase. March saw an all-time high in client activity.
  • In January, the "Translators Without Borders" screening center was created to facilitate efficient first-stage vetting of the large number of translators who volunteered to work with Translators Without Borders (Traducteurs Sans Frontières) in response to the earthquake in Haiti.
  • The Wiki was released. All translators are encouraged to add to it and collaborate on building a strong source of information related to the profession.

Year-end report 2009

  • The first virtual conference, held on 30 September, attracted a level of participation that is unprecedented in our industry. With nearly 7000 attendees, this event was the largest gathering of translators in history. (The conference remains "open" for those who still wish to visit -- follow the link to view presentations, etc.)
  • The moderator program was renewed in August. Many members submitted applications and about eighty (80) new moderators were welcomed aboard. (Rotation will be yearly; applications are already being received for next year's moderator class.)
  • Job flow on the site, while down in the middle of the year, bounced back to 2008 levels over the last few months; client activity in October was the highest on record.

Mid-year report 2009

  • Support has been an area of focus. A support office was opened in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and two support staffers have been hired and trained there -- increasing the size of the support team to six people overall. With the Kharkiv office operation, now has support personnel on duty from a time before the working day starts in Europe, until well after it ends.
  • Behind the scenes, the channel between support and development has been given a more formal structure. Requests and bug reports included in support requests more readily lead to development now. As a result, hundreds of small member-led improvements have been made in KudoZ and throughout the site this year.
  • Several new features were released, including a directory of interpreters, a web-based invoicing solution and a dictionary and reference board. members have invoiced over 4 million euros over the past several months using the new web-based system.

Mid-year report 2007

  • Average page load time has been cut in half, despite the increased traffic, thanks to investment in additional infrastructure. Those who search the KudoZ archives frequently know that it is now much speedier (even as the archive continues to grow).
  • Teams of volunteers have worked diligently to localize the site into 11 more languages so far this year: Chinese, Italian, French, Dutch, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Serbian, and Georgian. (Languages that are now underway include Croatian, Hindi, Japanese, Czech, Catalan, Vietnamese , Bengali, Thai, Farsi, and Arabic.)
  • Vendor management functionality has been added to the Connect! platform. Whereas has traditionally been used by outsourcers only when they seek new translators or interpreters, the new functionality gives translation companies a means to search the profiles of, and manage communications with, professionals with whom they already work. For the first time, companies can see at a glance which of their translators are currently available.

Year-end report 2006

  • Site membership increased substantially, with new members joining from across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the rest of the world. now have members in virtually every country on the globe.
  • Unique visitors to the site increased, and profile traffic was up 60% on the year. Among those who used to locate translator candidates in 2006 are: Credit Suisse, The World Bank, Xerox, Sega, Larousse, Blizzard, Sony Pictures Television, Ncsoft, Oracle, Air France, J.V.C., Google and Telefónica.
  • A new office was opened in La Plata, Argentina, to support the needs of the growing base of members and other users, and to focus on the site's mission statement, particularly in non-technical ways. In addition to providing online support, team members in this office have coordinated efforts to localize the site, assisted in the planning of local events, and will increasingly be reaching out to site members to help ensure that they are aware of all the benefits available to them.

Year-end report 2005

  • Platinum membership increased substantially, with new members joining from across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the rest of the world. We now have platinum members in 109 nations and territories.
  • Client flow doubled overall, and traffic to profiles increased by a factor of 2.5x.
  • The translator directory, KudoZ, the jobs system, profiles and a new KudoZ leaderboard were all modified in such a way that emphasis shifted from general to specific fields of expertise, and from overall to PRO-level KudoZ activity. As a result, it is easier to locate specialists and, conversely, easier for specialists to appeal to clients on the strength of the expertise they demonstrate by collaborating.

Year-end report 2003

  • Over 60 user-requested enhancements were made to KudoZ. The milestone of 1 million answers was reached, with new terms being added to the KudoZ Open Glossary--which is freely searchable in all languages, and browsable in some--at a rate of up to 1000 terms per day.
  • Print ads were taken out in the major industry publications, and google and other seach engines indexed member profile pages and the directory. There has been a marked increase in client visits to the directory and individual profile pages, and job flow has increased correspondingly.
  • The job pages were enhanced, with more project and client information being gathered from posters. A team of moderators now screens out "non-jobs" before they reach the community.


anne mac

anne mac

I've just worked until 2130 hours (my local time) and it was very pleasant to round off the very long day by reading the report. Thank you to you and all the other members of the team, who provide such a useful and excellent service.

Naweed Miakhel

Naweed Miakhel

Thank you very much Jared and all site staff, trainers, mentors, and supporters. It has been great time to be member of the site and learn from everyone and everything.

Wish you all a successful, peaceful, full of wealth and the last but not the least full of health year in 2014 and beyond.

Mónica Algazi

In line with what several colleagues from around the world have stated, here goes a huge THANK YOU, Jared, for the excellent work you do and for this mid-year report summarizing the latest news.


Adam Warren

Among an impressive array of topics set out in Jared's report, I found the UNESCO training activity of particular interest and I shall follow up the link to this first of all.

Through Jared himself, and the evidence of the hard work entailed in compiling the report among other duties, I should like to say thank you to the team that "tins the wires" for us all at Syracuse and elsewhere.



Thank you for all your hard work to keep us on top of things and well informed of the latest developments at Especially interesting for me was the Certified Pro Members map, where I was able to look up... (as well as leave recommendations for some of those with whom I've collaborated) ...all of my peers in my language pairs.

It's people like you who make the very best of the best translator's workplace. Keep up the great work!

Sílvia Martins

Sílvia Martins

Thanks to you all at!

This is certainly the best website for translators. Without you, I wouldn't have done so many translation jobs this year.


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