term search help

Search form options

Many of the options available on the term search form are provided for convenience—it is generally possible to achieve similar or exact results using a detailed search query, as explained below in the "Search query syntax" section.

Exact matchIf checked, only results that match the search term exactly are returned. This differs from "Match entire phrase", which includes results where the exact search term may also exist within a longer string.

Selecting this option disables the "Match entire phrase", "Match whole words", and "Fuzzy diacritics" options.
Match entire phraseIf checked, wraps the entire entered search term in double quotes (") so the entire term must be matched exactly, but it may be matched as part of a longer string. This option is disabled if "Exact match" is checked.
Match whole words onlyIf unchecked, each "token" (or "word") in the search query will have an asterisk (*) appended at the end, achieving a simple form of word stemming. This option is disabled if "Exact match" is checked.
Fuzzy diacriticsIf checked, characters with diacritics will also match similar characters without diacritics, and vice versa. This is achieved using "ASCII folding". This option is disabled if "Exact match" is checked.

Search query syntax term search is powered by elasticsearch, which itself makes use of the Lucene search engine. The term search entry box uses the Lucene Query Parser Syntax, which allows for highly advanced search terms. The full specification for the syntax can be viewed at: Given below are some simple examples.

(Double quotes)
Requires the surrounded term to be matched exactly.

Search term: open "the door"
Results: open the door, the door sprang open, left the door open, etc.
(Plus sign)
Require each prefixed term in returned results.

Search term: +squirrel flying
Results: flying squirrel, squirrel cage, tree squirrel, etc.
(Minus sign)
Exclude each prefixed term from returned results.

Search term: -squirrel flying
Results: flying, flying colors, etc.
"Wildcard" that matches any number of characters (zero or more) to the end of the suffixed term. Achieves "stemming".

Search term: travel*
Results: travel, traveling, traveler, etc.
(Question mark)
"Wildcard" that matches a single character.

Search term: el niñ?
Results: el niña, el niño
Applies Boolean logic operations to the surrounding terms.

Search term: bright AND (colour OR color)
Results: bright colour, bright color