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Comparing MultiTrans Prism Freelance and Across Translator Edition v7

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Name MultiTrans Prism Freelance Across Translator Edition v7
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I worked on a contract of 9 months for Toys"R"Us Canada and, in the Translation department, we were using it and I learned really fast to use it. You can work directly on Ms Word and other files so it's really helpful. You can align bilingual texts for TM also. I did not experienced any crash too. Only thing, I think it's the most expensive on the market.
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By far the worst translating tool on the market
This is the one translation tool that should be avoided at all cost. (Unfortunately, a major customer of mine switched to Across some time ago, and I had little choice but to go along. My previous experience with Across had already placed it on my blacklist, and I had made it a rule to refuse any offers that involve Across.) First, there's the mere size of it. On my system, the Basic Edition of V7 claims 1.17 GB (!) according to the "Programs and Features" of the Windows Control Panel. Seeing that number alone, you know that shit gonna be bad. It will also slurp up your memory (currently running at 467 MB, together with its satellites, making Chrome's memory usage a laugh). On slightly older computers, Across will cripple the whole system, especially during uploads and downloads (stop your music). Then, it co-installs a spy-ish application called CodeMeter which is unclear as far at its intentions are concerned, and without which it will not run. You will be working directly through your client's server and speed will very much depend on your connection and on how that server feels. This may compromise the whole application to a great degree; the very concept is a guarantee for super slow working pace. In order to start working, you will have to retrieve orders from the client's server. The process is slow and it is totally unclear what is being downloaded and where it is stored, or even what the use of that procedure may be. In fact, you have no local control whatsoever of the material you are working on. There is no memory on your system, there are no files for you to use on your disk, and there is no archive of any previous order. Any work you do just vanishes though your internet connection with the client's server and there is no reward in the form of any library on your local disk. Every string translated is simply donated to the client's server. There is no export function that will allow you to keep a local copy of your work (except as stated below). The interface is sloppy and counter-productive. There is an overview of the strings of the texts in which you cannot directly work; instead, for inexplicable reasons you have to edit texts in a separate pane. This may not be the worst of all disadvantages, but it sure ranks high on the ladder of stupidity. Quality assurance features (number checks, tag verification, term recognition, spelling) are many, but far too cumbersome to be happy about. Term recognition is quite useless, as it is not aware e.g of cases of nouns in languages that have declensions. Spelling correction is as slow as one can possibly imagine, positively reaching the "I wouldn't bother if I cared" level. You can either correct or add spelling mistakes; the option to ignore unknown words (names!) in the whole text is not included. In fact, the only way to use Across is to avoid using it as much as possible. There is, however, one one single ray of light in this darkness: through the "Correction Mode" pane, you can generate a side-by-side overview of all strings in HTML that can subsequently be imported into other programs (e.g., Word) and then translated using other translation tools; you will just need to take the time to copy your translation back into Across on a phrase-by-phrase base when you are finished. This way, you can speed up the translating process with Across, so that it may perhaps take less than ten times more of your precious time than any other tool, but it will also reward you with your own translation memory for future use.
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Product description MultiTrans Prism Freelance provides access to the essential functionalities for a freelance translator to work locally (not connected to a corporate network domain). This stand-alone edition of MultiTrans Prism includes the ability to build and import TextBase Translation Memories and TermBases of limited sizes. It also gives you the ability to use the fully interactive Translation Agent within Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and WordPerfect. The Translation Agent enables users to interactively or automatically replace paragraphs, segments (exact & fuzzy matches), sub-segments and terms while they work with their preferred editor. Further Advanced Leveraging TM (ALTM) technology provides sub segment matching, auto-alignment, and the context for all matches found. It also comes with our XLIFF Editor, which does everything the Translation Agent does but extends your ability to work on tagged format files such as XML, HTML, MSOffice 2007 and 2010, FrameMaker and InDesign. The XLIFF Editor also has integrated QA tools to check for translation completeness and terminology consistency.

The Freelance license includes a training session on the Web and a reduced price for ongoing support.

Across Translator Edition v7

Deliver high-quality translations with our fast and secure CAT tool. You can integrate machine translation and other third-party systems. The Across Translator Basic Edition is free for freelancers.

Full-Fledged Translation Environment

Translation memory, terminology system, quality assurance, and project management.

Basic or Premium

Chose from the variant of the Across Translator Edition that best suits your needs based on your mode of operations and project volume.

Versatile Work Environment

Multiple configuration options, intuitive and easy use, quick overview of project and tasks.

Systematic Translation

The Across Translator Edition supports nearly all languages and more than 60 file formats. Speed up your translations by connecting machine translation and quality assurance tools.

New business opportunities with crossMarket

Communicate easier and faster with customers and peers with your crossMarket profile.

Get Started Immediately

Create a crossMarket profile, download and install the Across Translator Edition with just a few clicks.


The support for the Across Translator Edition and crossMarket is free for freelance translators. You can find information on how to contact our customer support team on our website.

Free Learning Resources


Price Starting at $799.00 Basic Free / Premium from € 19.50 monthly (included in crossMarket membership)
File formats
No data
Works with 60+ file formats. View full list (page 186).
License type Perpetual Software as a service (subscription)
Operating system
No data
Windows 8.1, Windows 10
System requirements
No data
Microsoft .NET 4.7.1. RAM: 2 GB of memory. 15 GB hard disk space, min. screen resolution 1280x800 px. Browser-based work: IE 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
Compatibility Support for multilanguage translation memories (TMX format) Supports open standard file formats XLIFF, TMX, TBX.
Support and upgrades offered/included Check with manufacturer Free technical support via support ticket center, Free upgrades to all future versions
Support and tutorial links
No data
Free support for freelance translators.
Free trial
No data
Download Across Translator Edition free basic package.
Languages supported
No data
Across is capable of supporting practically all languages.

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