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GeoWorkZ - Translation Workspace

1.6 out of 5
Out of 8 user reviews.

Translation Workspace is the industry’s first on-demand, subscription-based, translation technology solution. Powered by Lionbridge’s proven and acclaimed technology, Translation Workspace lets you drive your business with usage-based subscription models, based on a proven, high-performance, secure, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure

Software details

PriceFull-featured subscriptions start at EUR 10/USD 14 per month.
File formatsArchitected to support XLIFF and TMX. MS Office, InDesign (idml, inx), FrameMaker (MIF), Java, HTML, XML,SGML, Idiom, SDL Trados
License typeSoftware as a service (subscription)
System requirements
Operating systemWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista
System requirementsAny machine with Microsoft Windows: XP / Vista (32 and 64 bits) / Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits). Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9, Firefox versions 3 and 3.5 and broadband connection.
CompatibilitySupports open standard file formats XLIFF and TMX.
Support & upgrades
Support and upgrades offered/includedBasic Support is offered as part of your Translation Workspace Subscription, Free upgrades for duration of license/Subscription
Support and tutorial links
No data
30 days
Free trial
No data
Languages supportedTranslation Workspace supports hundreds of world languages and scripts. Visit: https://geoworkz.com/Products/FeaturesAndFunctionality.aspx

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1 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

This product stinks and it's a scam
Review by 
David Rumsey . This product stinks and is just Lionbridge's old "Logoport" system that they are relaunching under the name "Translation Manager" through a bogus company called "Geoworkz", which is just a front for Lionbridge. The subscription plans are ridiculous. The basic plan starts with $15.00 per month for a maximum of 5000 words. A translator can burn through that in a single day. After that it gets ridiculously expensive. They should really switch to a true-pay-as you go plan.

I rarely use it, except for Lionbridge projects, who require it. The idea that you have to pay Lionbridge to work with them is insulting to say the least. Every time I launch it, it inevitably ends up downloading a zillion updates that usually fail. They never seem to notify you of the updates, so that you can download them on your own schedule, not when you are panicking to complete a file.

Adding/creating a memory has to be done through a completely separate web interface at geoworkz.com - which only further complicates things.

The interface of the program itself is terrible. You cannot switch display formats from horizontal fields to a side-by-side format (like MemoQ). I also find the tags the three panes on the screen overly busy and very difficult to adjust (hover your mouse over an invisible frame to adjust it). Browsing to various files is also hopelessly clunky and complicated. You always seem to start browsing files from the root directory, and scrolling and scrolling down.

Speaking of browsers, it always seems to tell me that I have an invalid browser, even when I am on IE 10. I have never been able to successfully preview the translation in a web browser.

The terminology feature is equally miserable. You cannot add to termbases that are provided by the client, let alone download them. The interface is terrible since single terms with multiple translations appear individually and there is no shortcut for inserting the terms into the text.

I could go on...support is also an issue. Since it's usually in India. And with all things Lionbridge, the right foot never knows what the left foot is doing. It's as if they have buried themselves in so much technology that they never know how to get anything solved.

My two cents.
34 out of 34 found this review helpful.

1 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

A medieval torture
Review by 
Luca Ruella . This product is just the worst you can imagine. The interface is appalling, the costs are ludicrous, the user friendliness is a joke, TM management is nonsensical. Working with this terrible software has you jumping through so many hoops that you'll feel like a circus dog. Nobody except for Lionbridge requires this software and I often turn down projects just to save me the pain of working with this medieval torture.
11 out of 11 found this review helpful.

1 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Review by 
Mats Andersson . This tool had me give up on Lionbridge, and I am no longer on their list of suppliers. I paid the $14 for one month, got no work from them, and cancelled the plan. Having to pay to work for them is completely unethical, even if it is probably not strictly speaking illegal. They wanted me to use it for other customers, which would mean I violated the NDA for those customers as it required me to upload the translations to their servers. All in all, this tool alone convinced me that Lionbridge have highly questionable business practices and that I should avoid doing any business at all with them.
10 out of 10 found this review helpful.

1 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Painful to use, terrible tool
Review by 
Amy_S . It's as if they challenged themselves to create the least user-friendly tool possible. The segments are not displayed on separate lines like in other CAT tools, and the whole general layout and interface just makes it very difficult to follow the text and keep track of where you are, impossible to skim-read, impossible to proof-read the target for readability. What's more, the process for accessing the TM is ridiculously convoluted, including logging onto a separate portal, and jumping through a series of complex hoops that are not at all intuitive so I end up having to look up the "help" article every time to remember how to do it. Then there is a separate QA system in a separate programme which is equally complicated. It honestly is as if they thought "how can we make people's lives harder just for the hell of it". You end up feeling like you're doing half the project manager's job for free. I honestly try and avoid taking on jobs now just to avoid using this tool.
7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

3 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Acceptable tool, compulsory to use if working for Lionbridge, is paid monthly with or without work from them
Review by 
Marcela García . This tool reminds me of old versions of Tag Editor. It is a good tool, but not very user friendly, specially when segments have many tags. It takes quite a lot of time to write in between these tags and to avoid deleting them. The interface is pretty basic and easy to use.

The prices raises depending on the monthly wordcount. It starts with USD 15 for 5000 words, an can be pretty expensive if one upgrades to a higher amount (say 30,000 words for USD 35 per month), specially if the workload for Lionbridge is not very high, so beware, you may end up working for free!

Then if you want to cancel the account, you have to pay for 3 months in advance, which I don't believe is a very fair deal.

I am not sure if this is a win win experience, really. The translator paying a fee to work is not the best idea.
5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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