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Spanish to German translators and interpreters » General fields

Spanish to German Tech/Engineering translators (35167)
Spanish to German Art/Literary translators (57066)
Spanish to German Medical translators (21767)
Spanish to German Law/Patents translators (21981)
Spanish to German Science translators (14379)
Spanish to German Bus/Financial translators (48292)
Spanish to German Marketing translators (41689)
Spanish to German Other translators (43119)
Spanish to German Social Sciences translators (7528)

Spanish to German translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Spanish to German translators: Accounting (579)
Spanish to German translators: Advertising / Public Relations
Spanish to German translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (335)
Spanish to German translators: Agriculture
Spanish to German translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (284)
Spanish to German translators: Anthropology
Spanish to German translators: Archaeology (213)
Spanish to German translators: Architecture
Spanish to German translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Spanish to German translators: Astronomy & Space
Spanish to German translators: Finance (general)
Spanish to German translators: Automation & Robotics (459)
Spanish to German translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Spanish to German translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (444)
Spanish to German translators: Botany
Spanish to German translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
Spanish to German translators: Business/Commerce (general) (1976)
Spanish to German translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
Spanish to German translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1202)
Spanish to German translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Spanish to German translators: Poetry & Literature
Spanish to German translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Spanish to German translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Spanish to German translators: Telecom(munications)
Spanish to German translators: Computers (general)
Spanish to German translators: Computers: Hardware
Spanish to German translators: Computers: Software
Spanish to German translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
Spanish to German translators: Law: Contract(s) (1368)
Spanish to German translators: Cooking / Culinary
Spanish to German translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
Spanish to German translators: Medical: Dentistry
Spanish to German translators: Media / Multimedia
Spanish to German translators: Economics
Spanish to German translators: Education / Pedagogy
Spanish to German translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
Spanish to German translators: Energy / Power Generation
Spanish to German translators: Engineering (general)
Spanish to German translators: Engineering: Industrial
Spanish to German translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Spanish to German translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
Spanish to German translators: Environment & Ecology
Spanish to German translators: Esoteric practices
Spanish to German translators: Fisheries
Spanish to German translators: Folklore
Spanish to German translators: Food & Drink (1155)
Spanish to German translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (211)
Spanish to German translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
Spanish to German translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Spanish to German translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
Spanish to German translators: Genealogy
Spanish to German translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Spanish to German translators: Genetics
Spanish to German translators: Geography
Spanish to German translators: Geology
Spanish to German translators: Government / Politics
Spanish to German translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
Spanish to German translators: Medical: Health Care
Spanish to German translators: History
Spanish to German translators: Tourism & Travel
Spanish to German translators: Human Resources
Spanish to German translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
Spanish to German translators: Insurance (454)
Spanish to German translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
Spanish to German translators: Internet, e-Commerce
Spanish to German translators: Investment / Securities
Spanish to German translators: Metallurgy / Casting
Spanish to German translators: IT (Information Technology)
Spanish to German translators: Journalism
Spanish to German translators: Real Estate
Spanish to German translators: Law (general)
Spanish to German translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Spanish to German translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
Spanish to German translators: Linguistics
Spanish to German translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Spanish to German translators: Management
Spanish to German translators: Manufacturing
Spanish to German translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Spanish to German translators: Marketing / Market Research
Spanish to German translators: Mathematics & Statistics
Spanish to German translators: Medical (general)
Spanish to German translators: Medical: Cardiology
Spanish to German translators: Medical: Instruments
Spanish to German translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (618)
Spanish to German translators: Meteorology
Spanish to German translators: Metrology
Spanish to German translators: Military / Defense
Spanish to German translators: Music
Spanish to German translators: Names (personal, company) (207)
Spanish to German translators: Nutrition (668)
Spanish to German translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
Spanish to German translators: Other
Spanish to German translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (177)
Spanish to German translators: Patents
Spanish to German translators: Philosophy
Spanish to German translators: Physics
Spanish to German translators: Printing & Publishing (538)
Spanish to German translators: Psychology
Spanish to German translators: Religion
Spanish to German translators: Retail
Spanish to German translators: Safety
Spanish to German translators: SAP
Spanish to German translators: Science (general)
Spanish to German translators: Slang
Spanish to German translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Spanish to German translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Spanish to German translators: Surveying
Spanish to German translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
Spanish to German translators: Zoology

Spanish to German translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Karlo Heppner
  Quality matters to you?
Vertragstexte, juristisch, technisch, Literatur, Kinderbücher, Spanien, Torrevieja, Mexico, Colima, Erfahrung, schnell, preiswert, gut Contratos, jurídico, técnico, literatura, literario, rápido, barato, bueno, contracts, sentences, technical, literature, fast, low-priced So, für alle, die es ganz dringend haben, mich zu erreichen/For those who want to contact me urgently: (at home) 0052 312 30 76 953 (mobile) 0052 312 113 9293 Please remember that in Europe you are 7 hours ahead of us. So you can reach/call me best from 15.00 o´clock in the afternoon in Europe. You can also reach me on MSN Messenger. If you give me a lost call at my mobile, I will connect right away. (If I am at home, of course). My email adresses are ... German
5169 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Sabine Reichert
  Legal translations since 1991
law, contracts, Real Estate, business, properties, administration, translation, Spanish-German translation, Spanish to German translation, Spanish into German translations, legal translations, press releases, traducción, traducciones jurídicas, alemán, español, spanisch, deutsch, del alemán al español, Vertragsübersetzungen, juristische Übersetzungen, Spanien Immobilien, Mallorca Immobilien, Immobilien Mallorca, Immobilien Menorca, Gran Canaria Immobilien, Immobilien Gran Canaria, La Palma Immobilien, Immobilien La Palma, Immobilien Denia, Immobilien Costa Blanca, Immobilien Costa del Azahar, Immobilien Costa Blanca, Hierro Immobilien, Costa Blanca Immobilien, Costa Brava Immobilien, Costa del Azahar Immobilien, Übersetzungen, contratos, Verträge, inmuebles, ley inmobiliaria, ley del suelo, Immobilien, contrato de compraventa, Kaufverträge, traducciones al alemán, traducciones español-alemán, traducciones del español al alemán, Übersetzungen spanisch-deutsch, Übersetzungen ins Deutsche ... German
2401 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Daniel Gebauer
  Financial Communication - Rating Analyst
Finance, Investments, Accounting, Legal, Certificate, Photography, Rating, Controlling, Profit Center Directives, Logistics, Machinery, Equipment, fiction, children's books, html, frontpage, SAP, FS-RI, tourism, travel, barcelona, tarragona, calafell, ... Spanish/German
2611 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Katja Schoone
  DIN EN15038 registered
law, business, financial, contract, flexible, M&A, anti-trust, manuals, translation, english, Spanish.Übersetzung, Recht, Verträge, ... German
1812 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Thomas Haller Uribe Posada
  Traducción técnica hecha por un técnico
alemán, traducción técnica, mecánica, electrotecnia ... German
367 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Sebastian Witte
  Expertise at your fingertips/Responsive
English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, interpreting, English to German, Spanish to German, German to English, German to Spanish, Portuguese to German, Intellectual Property, trademark law, copyright law, patent litigation, law on design models, law on utility models, competition law, business, commerce, finance, banking, investment, securities, Accounting, financial reporting, German GAAP, GASs, Swiss GAAP FER, Austrian GAAP, auditing, law, legal, private law, civil law, company law, corporate law, contract, contract law, General Terms and Conditions of Business, data privacy, GDPR, Federal Data Protection Act - new version, insolvency law, inheritance law, probate, last will and testament, certificate of inheritance, taxation, M & A, Education, educational certificates, quality Management, deed, notarized deed, land register, sworn translator, court-certified translator, sworn translator for English, sworn translator for Spanish, certified translation, inglés, español, castellano, port ... German
503 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Renate Mann
  My pleasure. Your pleasure.
translation, transcreation, marketing, advertising, legal, business, foreign language, Spanish, italian, english, German ... German
156 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Andrea Kowalenko
  Legal & technical - fast and reliable
Deutsch, Spanisch, Alemán, Español, Catalán, Catalá, Katalanisch, German, Spanish, Catalan, Law, Derecho, Recht, Immobilien, Inmuebles, Real Estate, Tourism, Deeds, Tourismus, Turismo, Contratos, Verträge, Escrituras, Urkunden, Urteile, Sentencias, traducción jurídica, traducción legal, Baubeschreibung, memoria de calidades, protocolos, Protokolle, Mängelprotokolle, Übersetzung, Übersetzer, traductor, traducción, translator, translations ... German
141 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Christine Döring
  creative translations in marketing
translator, translations, localisation, interpreter, marketing, public relations, turismo, tourism, traducciones, traductor, localización, contracts, contratos, pagina web, web site, tenerife, canary islands ... German
138 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Karin.
Deutsch, Spanisch, deutsche Muttersprachlerin, ermächtigte Übersetzerin, freiberuflich, Übersetzerin, Übersetzer, Übersetzung, Übersetzungen, Übersetzungen Spanisch Deutsch, Übersetzungen aus dem Spanischen, Übersetzungen ins Deutsche, Verträge, Kaufverträge, Urkunden, notarielle Urkunden, Rechtstexte, Grundbuch, Standesamt, Korrekturlesen, Druck, Druckindustrie, Papier, Reisen, Tourismus, Kanarische Inseln, Kanaren, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, CAT-Tool, Trados Studio 2017, alemán, español, traductora, autónoma, traductor, traductora autorizada, traducción, traducciones, traducciones al alemán, traducciones español alemán, traducciones del español al alemán, contratos, contratos de compraventa, diplomas, certificados, escrituras, textos jurídicos, registro de la propiedad, registro civil, papel, artes gráficas, turismo, viajes, revisión, corrección, revisión, Islas Canarias, Canarias, German, Spanish, sworn translator, freelance, translator, translations, Spanish-German translations, tra ... German
133 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Jelena Morgan
  Your marketing expert since 2005
jelena anne kirsten morgan, jelena morgan, jelena Anne kirsten, jelena anne, translator, freelance translator, professional translator, freelance translator jelena morgan, German, Spanish, english, language combination english German, language combination Spanish German, marketing, website, web, content marketing, social media, social media marketing, blog posts, tourism, travel, hotel, boutique hotel, apartment, menu, restaurant, chat bot, chatbot, NLP, natural language processing, gastronomy, publicity catalogs, cosmetics, travel guides, pr, public relations, sales, sell product, creative menu, creative cooking, creative cuisine, Spanish cuisine, German cuisine, facebook post, tweets, seo, meta tags, meta description, meta title, slogan, e-marketing, online marketing, advertising, online advertising, printed advertising, cosmetic, digital marketing, internationalization, transcreation, creative writing, copy writing, blog article, digital content, website content ... German
88 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Irene Anton
  interaction, culture and lifestyle
Kunst, Installation, Museum, arte, art, Malerei, Design, Skulptur, Lebensart, Inszenierung, Raum, Kultur, Ausstellung, Galerie, Kunsthalle, lifestyle, Reise, travel, viajes, pintura, diseño, instalación, escultura, exposición, exhibition, Katalog, catalogue, catálogo, escenografía, stage design, reisen, cultura, culture, sculpture, painting, relief, exhibition hall, white cube, art in public spaces, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, arte en espacios públicos, publicity, werbung, publicidad, text, Text, texto, Musik, Music, música ... German
62 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Michaela König German, french, Spanish, technical, furniture, Architecture, interior design, allemand, alemán, muebles, mobilier, bureau, oficina, arquitectura, diseño, técnico, máquina, instalación, planta ... German
23 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Ute Neumaier
  Four languages, one translator.
English to German translation, French to German translation, Spanish to German translation, Neumaier translations, translation, localization, intercultural marketing, intercultural communication, translation company, multicultural marketing, language service provider, international marketing communications, marketing communications, professional translation, professional translator, English to German website translation, website translation, marketing translation, IT translation, terminology Management, translate a website, SDL Trados Studio, translation memory software, wordfast, translation memory system, text adaptation, transcreation, website localization, software localization, cosmetics, fashion, tourism, travel, gastronomy, patient brochures, patient information, consent forms, clinical trials, e-learning modules ... German
12 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Sandra Rainer
  native German, legal, medicine, ES, EN
German, English, Spanish, legal, law, contruction, medicine, Architecture, marketing, tourism, Sandra, Rainer, university, studies, translation, interpreting ... German
0 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Sarah Thonnet
  Marketing and business translations
marketing translations, legal translations, tourism translations, Journalism translations, business translations, Economics, website translations, translations English into German, translations Spanish into German, website localization Spanish German, website localization, english Spanish, transcreation, public relations, corporate communications, blogs, e-commerce, commerce, health, wellness, Psychology, editing, proofreading, marketing, Übersetzungen, Gesundheit, juristische Übersetzungen, touristische Übersetzungen, Übersetzungen Journalismus, Übersetzungen Wirtschaft, , Webseiten, Übersetzungen Englisch Deutsch, Übersetzungen Spanisch Deutsch, Lokalisierung, Transkreation, PR, Unternehmenskommunikation, Immobilien, Kommunikation, Lifestyle, Yoga, Fitness, Wellness, Sport, sports, Handel, Einzelhandel, Internet, Online-Marketing, Kultur, Reisen, Tourismus, Gastronomie, Restaurants, Speisekarten, Wein, menus, wine, hospitality, Psychologie, Lektorat, Korrekturlesen, traducciones, tra ... German
0 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Sarah Sturm
  **accurate, creative, reliable**
ES>DE, trados, websites, android apps, general, marketing, tourism, Botany, Agriculture ... German
0 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Kornelia Berceo-Schneider
  Expertise in HR, Corporate, Legal
literary translations with feeling, english, Spanish, German, general translations, interpreting, tourism and travel-related translations, Human Resources, ethics code, code of conduct, policies, Management, eLearning, workshops, presentations, brochures, magazines, business/commerce, esoteric, complementary therapies, general law, general medicine, localization, website-content, Literaturübersetzungen mit Gefühl, englisch, spanisch, deutsch, generelle Übersetzungen, Dolmetschen, Tourismus und Reisen, Personalwesen, Ethik-Kodex, Verhaltenskodex, Richtlinien, Geschäftsführung, E-Learning, Workshops, Präsentationen, Broschüren, Zeitschriften, Handel, Finanzen, esoterische Themen, Komplementärmedizin, Komplementärtherapien, Juristik (generell), Medizin (generell), website-Inhalt, traducción literaria, turismo y viajes, comercial y negocios, recursos humanos, código de ética, código de comportamiento, directivas, dirección de empresas, educación a distancia, talleres, presentaciones, folle ... German/Spanish
256 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Kristina Wolf
  Legal/medical specialist, Trados expert
finance, securities, investment, market research, pharmaceutical, medicine, Economics, venture capital, interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, law, legal, consecutive interpreting, tourism ... German/Spanish
76 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Alexandra Villeminey
  Professional, fast, reliable
Übersetzer, Traductor, Spanisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Englisch, Recht, Medizin, Málaga, derecho, medicina, Dolmetschen, Traducción, Interpretación, Intérprete, Dolmetscher ... German/Spanish
28 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Wolfgang Friesel
  Know your language by heart
Lokalisierung, Anleitungen, Computer, Software, Hardware, Benutzeroberflächen, user interface, localization, user guides ... German
16 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Christina Kolb
  Business/ Marketing/ Sports Translator
German translation, english translation, french translation, Spanish translation, deutsche Übersetzungen, englische Übersetzungen, französische Übersetzungen, Dolmetscher, Dolmetscher deutsch, Konferenzdolmetscher, Konferenzdolmetscher Englisch Deutsch, Konferenzdolmetscher Französisch Deutsch, Konferenzdolmetscher Spanisch Deutsch, Gesprächsdolmetscher, conference interpreter, interprète de conferences, intérprete de conferencias, intérprete alemán, intérprete inglés, interprète allemand, interprète anglais, interprète de liaison, community interpreter, Dolmetscher Geschäftsreise, Begleitperson Dolmetscher, interpreter for business trips, intérprete para viajes de negocio, interprète pour voyage d'affaires, Wirtschaftsübersetzer, Finanzübersetzer, Tourismusübersetzer, PR-Übersetzer, Übersetzer Sport, business translator, financial translator, tourism translator, advertising translator, translating campaigns, political translator, sports translator, traductor de negocios, traductor de ... German
12 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Verena Schmidt
  15 years in Finance + MA in Translation
Economics, Finance and Marketing, Financial reports and statements, ad-hoc news, Codes of Conduct, Capability Analysis, Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Lean Management, Process Control, Failures Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Project Management, Corporate Green, Human Resources, press releases, websites, corporate communications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Asset Management, stock market, advertising, Marketing, Real Estate, document Management systems, Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety, Employee guides, OSHA, audits, European Works Council, technical regulations, hazardous substances, personal protective equipment, document Management systems, REACH, job families and corporate organization, Power Engineering and Renewable Energies, Energy and automation technology, renewable energies, wind farms, Smart Grids, Desertec, energy efficiency, energy efficiency potentials in local and district heating systems, ene ... German
12 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Karin Rödel español - aleman aleman - español medico con doctorado traductor oficial juramentado, temas legales, tecnicos y medicos, salud, politica de estado Amtlich beeidigter Übersetzer, Recht, Medizin, Gesundheitswesen, promovierter Mediziner spanisch - deutsch deutsch - spanisch englisch - deutsch freelancer translator medical doctor science public health translation english - German ... German
1035 points
Spanish to German
Identity Verified   Johannes Gleim
  40 y. engineer + 28 y. translator
Electrical Engineer, Elektroingenieur PLC, SPS Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen Electrical Safety, Elektrische Sicherheit International Approvals, Internationale Zulassungen, Material Safety Data Sheets, Sicherheitsdatenblätter, Electrical Power Supply, Elektrische Stromversorgung, Railway installations, Eisenbahnanlagen, CE Conformity Declaration, CE-Konformitäts-Erklärung, Machinery, Maschinenbau, Railways - Eisenbahn Construction, Anlagenbau, Switchgears - Schaltanlagen Dentistry, Zahnheilkunde ... German
1417 points
Spanish to German
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