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Spanish to Italian translators and interpreters » General fields

Spanish to Italian Tech/Engineering translators (2628)
Spanish to Italian Art/Literary translators (31902)
Spanish to Italian Medical translators (23300)
Spanish to Italian Law/Patents translators (6143)
Spanish to Italian Science translators (2046)
Spanish to Italian Bus/Financial translators (3547)
Spanish to Italian Marketing translators (2374)
Spanish to Italian Other translators (2)
Spanish to Italian Social Sciences translators (667)

Spanish to Italian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Spanish to Italian translators: Accounting (463)
Spanish to Italian translators: Advertising / Public Relations (2444)
Spanish to Italian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (216)
Spanish to Italian translators: Agriculture (652)
Spanish to Italian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (246)
Spanish to Italian translators: Anthropology (694)
Spanish to Italian translators: Archaeology (428)
Spanish to Italian translators: Architecture (795)
Spanish to Italian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (1856)
Spanish to Italian translators: Astronomy & Space (230)
Spanish to Italian translators: Finance (general) (1145)
Spanish to Italian translators: Automation & Robotics (390)
Spanish to Italian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (893)
Spanish to Italian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (561)
Spanish to Italian translators: Botany (354)
Spanish to Italian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (590)
Spanish to Italian translators: Business/Commerce (general) (1923)
Spanish to Italian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (539)
Spanish to Italian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1972)
Spanish to Italian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (390)
Spanish to Italian translators: Poetry & Literature (3011)
Spanish to Italian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (2915)
Spanish to Italian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (1680)
Spanish to Italian translators: Telecom(munications) (1201)
Spanish to Italian translators: Computers (general) (1476)
Spanish to Italian translators: Computers: Hardware (605)
Spanish to Italian translators: Computers: Software (1103)
Spanish to Italian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks (667)
Spanish to Italian translators: Law: Contract(s) (1506)
Spanish to Italian translators: Cooking / Culinary (2288)
Spanish to Italian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (1453)
Spanish to Italian translators: Medical: Dentistry (476)
Spanish to Italian translators: Media / Multimedia (2081)
Spanish to Italian translators: Economics (1133)
Spanish to Italian translators: Education / Pedagogy (1875)
Spanish to Italian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (583)
Spanish to Italian translators: Energy / Power Generation (645)
Spanish to Italian translators: Engineering (general) (707)
Spanish to Italian translators: Engineering: Industrial (388)
Spanish to Italian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (838)
Spanish to Italian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (83)
Spanish to Italian translators: Environment & Ecology (1747)
Spanish to Italian translators: Esoteric practices (205)
Spanish to Italian translators: Fisheries (63)
Spanish to Italian translators: Folklore (868)
Spanish to Italian translators: Food & Drink (1905)
Spanish to Italian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (154)
Spanish to Italian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (557)
Spanish to Italian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (1149)
Spanish to Italian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (222)
Spanish to Italian translators: Genealogy (89)
Spanish to Italian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (1948)
Spanish to Italian translators: Genetics (164)
Spanish to Italian translators: Geography (719)
Spanish to Italian translators: Geology (180)
Spanish to Italian translators: Government / Politics (1067)
Spanish to Italian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (792)
Spanish to Italian translators: Medical: Health Care (1036)
Spanish to Italian translators: History (1386)
Spanish to Italian translators: Tourism & Travel (4481)
Spanish to Italian translators: Human Resources (1096)
Spanish to Italian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (847)
Spanish to Italian translators: Insurance (330)
Spanish to Italian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (944)
Spanish to Italian translators: Internet, e-Commerce (1780)
Spanish to Italian translators: Investment / Securities (279)
Spanish to Italian translators: Metallurgy / Casting (169)
Spanish to Italian translators: IT (Information Technology) (1135)
Spanish to Italian translators: Journalism (1555)
Spanish to Italian translators: Real Estate (397)
Spanish to Italian translators: Law (general) (1650)
Spanish to Italian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (719)
Spanish to Italian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (374)
Spanish to Italian translators: Linguistics (2350)
Spanish to Italian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (1004)
Spanish to Italian translators: Management (594)
Spanish to Italian translators: Manufacturing (434)
Spanish to Italian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (277)
Spanish to Italian translators: Marketing / Market Research (1704)
Spanish to Italian translators: Mathematics & Statistics (140)
Spanish to Italian translators: Medical (general) (1625)
Spanish to Italian translators: Medical: Cardiology (314)
Spanish to Italian translators: Medical: Instruments (413)
Spanish to Italian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (841)
Spanish to Italian translators: Meteorology (95)
Spanish to Italian translators: Metrology (43)
Spanish to Italian translators: Military / Defense (175)
Spanish to Italian translators: Music (1476)
Spanish to Italian translators: Names (personal, company) (295)
Spanish to Italian translators: Nutrition (733)
Spanish to Italian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (358)
Spanish to Italian translators: Other (430)
Spanish to Italian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (140)
Spanish to Italian translators: Patents (366)
Spanish to Italian translators: Philosophy (627)
Spanish to Italian translators: Physics (134)
Spanish to Italian translators: Printing & Publishing (698)
Spanish to Italian translators: Psychology (852)
Spanish to Italian translators: Religion (656)
Spanish to Italian translators: Retail (450)
Spanish to Italian translators: Safety (346)
Spanish to Italian translators: SAP (108)
Spanish to Italian translators: Science (general) (1211)
Spanish to Italian translators: Slang (344)
Spanish to Italian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (1121)
Spanish to Italian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (1141)
Spanish to Italian translators: Surveying (325)
Spanish to Italian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (805)
Spanish to Italian translators: Zoology (393)

Spanish to Italian translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Laura Franchini
  Precisione, puntualità, affidabilità.
Laura Franchini, traduttrice spagnolo Italiano, traduttrice francese Italiano, Spanish Italian translator, french Italian translator, traductora Italiano, traductrice italien, agricultural equipment, automotive, ceramics, construction, moving machinery, beauty, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, health, medicine, tourism, gastronomy, tourism, turismo, tourisme, hotels, legale, legal translations, traducciones jur¡dicas, traduzioni legali, traductions juridiques, administration, government, politics, social sciences, contrats, contratos, certificates, certificati, certificats, diplomas, licenses, Patents, accuracy, availability, experience, good rates, correttezza, accuratezza, es-it, fr-it, website, siti web, hotels, telecommunication, comunicación, communication, arts, arte, storia, History, historia, histoire, letteratura, literature, littérature, literatura, internet, travels, voyages, viajes, public relations, pubbliche relazioni, rélations publiques, relaciones públicas, pittura, pintura, ... Italian
408 points
Spanish to Italian
  Traducendo Co. Ltd
  SPECIALISTS in oenology, sports, and law
traduzione Italiano inglese, traduzione Italiano spagnolo, traduzione Italiano francese, traduzione Italiano portoghese, traduzione Italiano tedesco, traduzione Italiano russo, traduzione Italiano cinese, traduzione Italiano tailandese, traduzione Italiano indiano, traduzione Italiano maltese, traduzione Italiano brasiliano, traduzione Italiano coreano, traduzione inglese, traduzione spagnolo, traduzione francese, traduzione portoghese, traduzione tedesco, traduzione russo, traduzione cinese, traduzione tailandese, traduzione giapponese, traduzione coreano, traduzione maltese, traduzione brasiliano, traduzione inglese Italiano, traduzione spagnolo Italiano, traduzione francese Italiano, traduzione portoghese Italiano, traduzione tedesco Italiano, traduzione russo Italiano, traduzione cinese Italiano, traduzione tailandese Italiano, traduzione giapponese Italiano, traduzione coreano Italiano, traduzione maltese Italiano, traduzione brasiliano Italiano, traduzione spagnolo legale, traduz ... Italian
356 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Susanna Martoni Spanish, english, computers, technology, software, mechanics, electronics, technology, user manuals, materials, Agriculture, marketing, commerce, technical, maintenance, operator, manual, instructions, operator, printers, hardware, networks, Patents, earth moving machines, building specifications, publishers, communication sciences, language sciences, Linguistics, ordenadores, instrucciones, tecnología, mecánica, electrónica, mantenimiento, operadores, fichas técnicas, español, construcción, agricultura, normas de seguridad, datos técnicos, editoriales, ciencias del lenguaje, ciencias de la comunicación, patentes, impresoras multifunción, maquinaria, movimiento de tierras, editoriales, cuerpo humano, traduzioni tecniche, movimento terra, manuali uso e manutenzione, istruzioni tecniche, edilizia, e-commerce, e-procurement ... Italian
202 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Giovanna Alessandra Meloni
  Law, Marketing, Tourism, Technical
Real Estate, Law, Literature, tourism, travel, inmobiliaria, español, jurídico, literatura, viajes, turismo, bens imóveis, jurisprudência, viagens, turismo, Português, ENG>IT, PT>ITA, ES>IT, tradutora, tradutor, Tradução, Traduções, traductora, traductor, traducciones, traducción, Translation, Translator, Siena, Toscana, traduttore, traduttrice, traduzione, traduzioni, contratto, contratti, giuridico, immobiliare, viaggi, turismo, letteratura, inglese, spagnolo, portoghese, brasiliano, madrelingua, lingue, Traduções jurídicas, Traduções técnicas, Tradução de documentos gerais, tradução nas áreas jurídica financeira ou comercial técnica, tradutora Italiana, Traductora Italiana, Italian translator, madrelingua Italiano, madrelingua Italiana, Università di Perugia, reliable translator, accurate translation, excellent translator, servizio traduzioni, translation services, your translator, contract. contracts, agreement, agreements, contracto, contractos, contrato, contratos, Siena traduzio ... Italian
199 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Luisa Fiorini
  Punctual and committed
law, medicine, tourism, cosmetics, advertisements, private letters, precise, reliable, accurate, Spanish, english, Italian, high quality, finance, business, contracts, agreements, Safety systems, refractories, punctual, precise, traduttrice laureata in traduzione specializzata, licensed translator in specialized translation, traductora licenciada en traducción, traducciones jurídicas, sistemas de seguridad, medicina, turismo, ingeniería, traductora de Italiano a español, traductora de español a Italiano, traductora de inglés a Italiano, traduttrice da Italiano a spagnolo, traduttrice da spagnolo a Italiano, traduttrice da inglese a Italiano, traduttrice da Italiano a inglese, traduzioni tecniche, traducciones técnicas, technical translations, economía, finanza, negocios, puntual, precisión, gran calidad, translation from english into Italian, translation from Spanish into Italian, translation from Italian into Spanish, translation from Italian into english, degree awarded by SSLMIT of ... Italian
211 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Mario Della Rocca
  Sports/Law 15 years' experience
careful, quick, reliable translation services from English and Spanish into Italian, law, diritto, legal, legale, power of attorney, procura, EU directive, direttive UE, contracts, contratti, driving licence, patente, birth certificate, certificato di nascita, marriage certificate, certificato di matrimonio, collective bargaining agreement, accordo economico collettivo, football, calcio, ciclismo, cycling, commercial law, diritto commerciale, civil law, diritto civile, translation, traduzione, proofreading, editing, revisione, EU guidelines, linee guida UE, Real Estate, settore immobiliare, marketing strategies, commercial agency, contratto di rappresentanza commerciale, contract, time charter agreement, contratto di noleggio a tempo, report on arbitration, relazione su arbitrato, US customs and border protection agency, ente doganale e di protezione dei confini degli Stati Uniti, articles of association, statuto, notary deed, atto notarile, word, excel, power point, wordfast, CAT tool ... Italian
203 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Daniela Facchinetti
  Disciplina, constancia y paciencia
traductor, traductora, intérprete, traducción, Italiano, interpretación, simultánea, consecutiva, traducciones Italiano, alemán, portugués, Facchinetti Daniela, Daniela Facchinetti, conferencia, conferencias, congreso, congresos, linguista, traduttore, Daniela, Italiana, Facchinetti, Madrid, Spagna, 653115889, danielamad, Skype, España, Spanien, tedesco, portoghese, portoghese brasiliano, italienisch, interprete, übersetzungen, Übersetzer, Übersetzerin, Dolmetscher, Dolmetscherin, traduzioni, interpretación simultánea, interpretación consecutiva, interpretación de enlace, spagnolo, traduzioni portoghese, traduzioni portoghese brasiliano, interprete simultaneo, interprete simultanea, tradutor Italiano, traduções Italiano, traduzioni tedesco, traducciones jurídicas, traduzioni legali, traducción contratos, traduzione contratti, traducción manuales, traduzioni manuali istruzioni, finanzas, bancos, tradutor Italiano, tradutora Italiano, Facchinetti Daniela, Daniela Facchinetti ProZ, Daniel ... Italian
106 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Elisa Farina
  Technics, Tourism, Marketing & Politics
Italian, German, French, English, Spanish, translator, translation, technical translation, tech, technology, tourism, travel, leisure, sports, arts, museum, marketing, politics, EU politics, labour market, employment politics, literature, History, checking, editing, proofreading, interpreter, interpreting, liaison interpreting, phone interpreting, voice-over, audio guide, audiobook, spot, ad, video, company video, product video, education, training, language lessons, language course, transcreation, TM creation, translation memory creation, TB creation, termbase creation, copyediting, transcription, subtitling, subtitles Italienisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Englisch, Spanisch, Übersetzer, Übersetzung, technische Übersetzung, Technik, Technologie, Tourismus, Reisen, Freizeit, Sport, Kunst, Museum, Marketing, Politik, EU-Politik, Arbeitsmarkt, Beschäftigungspolitik, Literatur, Geschichte, Korrektorat, Korrekturlesen, Dolmetscher, Dolmetschen, Verhandlungsdolmetschen, Telefon-Dolmetschen, ... Italian
212 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Alessandra Verde
  Arte, Cultura, Turismo
musei, complessi museali e monumentali, mostre, esposizioni, arte, Belle Arti, arti plastiche, pittura, turismo culturale, audioguide, speaker, voice-over, storia, archeologia, letteratura, narrativa, saggistica, pedagogia, sociologia, Religione, filosofia, testi umanistici, islamistica, ispanistica, Italianistica, linguistica, testi creativi, contenuti web, transcreazione, teoria della traduzione, storia della traduzione, mediazione culturale, relazioni culturali, testi accademici, consulenza linguistica personalizzata, consulenza socio-culturale, transcreazione, interprete di accompagnamento, alessandra verde. PALABRAS CLAVE: museos, conjuntos monumentales y museísticos, exposiciones, arte, Bellas Artes, artes plásticas, pintura, turismo cultural, audioguías, locución, locutora Italiana voice-over, historia, arqueología, literatura, narrativa, ensayo, pedagogía, sociología, religión, filosofía, textos humanísticos, estudios islámicos, lengua y literatura española, lengua y lit ... Italian
73 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Simone Giovannini freelance, Spanish, french, english, Italiano, traduttore, tourism, food and wine, winemaking, oenology, technics, manuals, energy, ecology, legal, finance, CV, documents, forms, politics, society, culture, language (linguistic), sport, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Industrial, Marketing/Communications, Metallurgy, Training/Education, sworn translations, turísmo, hotelería, agricultura, bodega, bodegas, ecología, energía, comida y vinos, enología, medioambiente, manuales tecnicos, patentes, contratos, cosmeticos, juradas, deportes, fitness, fichas, comunicados, subtitulos, documentarios, periodismo, política, sociedad, cultura, artes y literaturas, lengua (linguística), ciencias sociales, organizaciones no gubernamentales, documentos, tourisme, brochures, vins et œnologie, technique (manuels), Agriculture, Institute Agricole, technicien agricole, écologie, marketing, legales, environnement, web, sous-titrage, gouvernement, applications mobiles, formation/éducation, Journalisme, langues, sc ... Italian
138 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Michela Malaccari
  Connecting you to the world
Spanish, english, Italian, translation, proofreading, bachelor degree, master's degree, experience, reliable, professional, always on time, marketing, website contents, tourism and travel, commerce, technical manuals, Italian mOther tongue, spagnolo, inglese, Italiano, traduzione, revisione, laurea triennale, ssml, laurea magistrale, esperienza pluriennale, affidabile, professionale, puntuale, marketing, contenuti web, turismo e viaggi, commercio, manuali tecnici, fashion, moda, IT, e-commerce, SDL Studio, MemoQ, Memsource, linguistic services, servizi linguistici, textile, clothing, food, drink, travel, computer, internet, software, advertising, cooking, culinary, MT post editing, localization, transcription, wire transfer, Paypal, cucina, trasferimento bancario ... Italian
13 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Simona Sgro
  Buy words that sell!
cosmetics, websites, e-commerce, marketing, advertising, manuals, IT, wellbeing, health, alternative medicine, mobile applications, travel, tourism, literature, fitness, yoga, pilates, english, Spanish, french, catalan, internet, facebook, newsletters, cosmesi, cosmetica, bellezza ... Italian
51 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Tommaso Benzi
  Translation & Transcreation into Italian
Italian, soccer, football, fussball, calcio, futbol, sport, sports, mondiali, europei, formula 1, Music, Musica, cinema, arts, doppiaggio, dubbing, subtitling, sottotitolaggio, sottotitoli, subtitle, subtitles, subtitulos, IT, software, hardware, computer, internet, network, html, localization, marketing, editoriale, scientific, proofreading, History, tourism, turismo, travel, hotel, accommodation, airline, airlines, viaggio, viaggi, vacanze, games, videogames, videogiochi, videojuegos, fashion, moda, clothing, mercadeo, multicultural, multilingual, language specialist ... Italian
Dominican Republic
34 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Maria Francescatti
  Languages and Sports: my best partners
Maria Francescatti, Translator, Translation, German, Spanish, English, Italian, subtitling, dubbing, transcribing, localization, software, software localization, website, website localization, video games, computer, sports, literature, marketing, film, cinema, tourism, environment, renewable energy, traveling, fashion, toys, proofreading, Übersetzer, Übersetzung, Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch, Italienisch, Untertitelung, Synchronisation, Lokalisierung, Software Lokalisierung, Computer, Sports, Literatur, Marketing, Video Games, Videospiele, Film, Kino, Tourismus, Umwelt, erneuerbaren Energien, Reisen, Mode, Spielzeuge, traductor, traducción, aleman, español, inglés, Italiano, subtitulación, doblaje, localización, localización de software, localización de página web, páginas web, deporte, literatura, videojuegos, película, cine, turismo, ambiente, energías renovables, viajar, moda, juegos para niños, transcripción, traduttrice, traduzione, tedesco, spagnolo, inglese, Italiano, sottotitola ... Italian
16 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Harry Blake Paz Bonzano
  15+ Experience ESP>ITA, ENG>ITA
Italian, Spanish, English, certificates, Italiano, spagnolo, inglese, certificati, atti, contratti, contratto, matrimonio, nascita, patente, divorzio, decesso, studio, español, inglés, certificados, partidas, actas, contratti, business plan, agreement, nacimiento, brevete, divorcio, muerte, estudio, study, birth, licence, license, divorce, death ... Italian/Spanish
14 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Giuliana Sana
  SLang - Soluzioni Linguistiche
english, Spanish, Italian, translation, localization, subtitling, screen translation for television and cinema, language consulting, cultural mediation, proofreading, inglés, español, Italiano, traducción, localización, subtitulación, adaptación audiovisual, asesoramiento lingüístico, mediación cultural, revisión, inglese, spagnolo, Italiano, traduzione, localizzazione, sottotitoli, adattamento audiovisivi, dialoghista, consulenze linguistiche, mediazione culturale, revisione ... Italian
8 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Silvia Bagnale
  Say it in Italian!
English to Italian translator, traductor español Italiano, traducción español Italiano, tradutora Italiano, traduzioni inglese Italiano, traduzioni spagnolo Italiano, traduzioni portoghese Italiano, intérprete Italiano Valencia, Italian interpreter Valencia, SEO translator, SEO Italian translator, SEO translation, traduzioni SEO inglese Italiano, traduzioni SEO spagnolo Italiano, traduzioni SEO portoghese Italiano, traduttore SEO, traduzioni Web, traductor Valencia, Italiano Valencia, traductor Italiano, traductora Italiano, translator Valencia, intérprete Valencia, Italian interpreter, Portuguese to Italian, Italian translator, English to Italian, Spanish to Italian, Italian copywriter, copywriter, Italian consecutive, Italian simultaneous, Italian simultaneous interpreting, simultánea Italiano, simultanea spagnolo Italiano, interprete inglese Italiano, interprete spagnolo Italiano, Italian transcreator, Italian transcreation, transcreation Italiano, transcreación Italiano, app locali ... Italian
8 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Antonietta Di Gianni
  Sworn and Legalized Translations !!
Traduzioni Asseverate Napoli, Traduzioni Giurate Napoli, Traduzioni Giurate Italia, Traduttrice Napoli, Turismo, Giochi, Games, Jeux, Juegos, Siti Web, Web site, Sitio Web, Site web, Lettere, Letters, Lettres, Cartas, Brochures, Depliants, Diplomi, Diplômes, Certificati, Certificats, Certificates Actas, Atti, Attestati, Legale, Legal, Légal, Law, Tourism, Tourisme, Tourism, Atto di vendita, Sales Contract, Certificato di morte, Acte de Décès, Death certificate, Partida de defunción, Certificato di nascita, Partida de nacimiento, Birth certificate, Acte de naissance, Atto di proprietà, Acte de proprieté, Abstract of Title, Atto di residenza, Proof of residence, Acta de residencia, Acte de Résidence, Certificato di cittadinanza, Citizenship certificate, Dichiarazioni, Sentenze, Sentences, Sentencias, Atto di vendita, Bill of Sale, Acta de Venta, Acte de Vente, Sentenza di divorzio, Sentenza di separazione, Divorcio, Divorce, Atto di stato di famiglia, Family Status Declaration, Certifica ... Italian/Spanish
8 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Silvia Gambino
  Marketing Translator and Localizator
English, Spanish, Italian, French, marketing, localization, fashion, IT ... Italian
0 points
Spanish to Italian
  Alessandra Sandrin
Italian, Spanish, Corporate Communication, Marketing, Business, Finance, Law, Legal, Arts, Interpreting, Native Italian, Master's degree in English, Certified Italian Translator, Certified Italian Interpreter, Qualified Italian Translator, Qualified Italian Interpreter ... Italian
0 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Roberto Novello ItalianO, SPAGNOLO, TRADUTTORE, TRADUCTOR, ESPAÑOL, TRADUCCIONES, LEGAL ... Italian/Spanish
0 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Katja Volpin
  Experienced legal and medical translator
Legal translator, Commercial translator, Business translator, Medical translator, English, Spanish, Italian, Liason interpreter, Trade Fair interpreter, español. Italiano traductor legal, médico, comercial, interprete de enlace, ferias, traducción especializada, traducción médica, traducciones médicas, traducciones especializadas, traducción científica, traducciones científicas, traducción técnica, industria, financiera, jurídica, interpretación, liaison, maquetación, gestión de proyectos, medical, pharmaceutical, specialized, translation, technical translation, interpreting liaison, project Management, industry, science, medicine, financial, legal ... Italian
0 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Stefano Oriola
  Making words go round
translator, traductor, traduttore, telecom, Telecom(munications), it, software, SW, hardware, HW, HTML, localization, localisation, automotive, cars, motor vehicle, motorcycle, bike, engine, machine, machinery, machine tools, industry, factory, power plants, energy, food packaging, electronics, surveillance, firefighting, radars ... Italian
0 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Edoardo Lorenzo Corda
  Translation, Proofreading, Subtitling
Spanish, Italian, English, Catalan, punctuality, transparency, Trados, memsource, freelance, sardinian, tourism, art, telcom, subtitling, traducción, traduzione, interpretación, interpretazione, computers, gastronomy, tv, movies, trados, sdl, memsource, subtitle edit, experience, cybersecurity, autonomo, technology, deportes, sport, surf, watersports, egypt, egitto, traducció, interpretación, subtitulaje, Telecom(munications), Cooking / Culinary, Journalism, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Tourism & Trave, l Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Music, History, Geography, Economics, Mechanics, Mech Engineering, Automotive, Cars & Trucks, Cosmetics, Beauty, Marketing, Market Research, Transport, Transportation, Shipping, Architecture, Idioms, Maxims, Sayings, Human Resources, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, Food & Drink, Folklore, Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, Computers (general), Construction / Civil Engineering, Archaeology, Anthropology, Zoology, Slang, Scien ... Italian
42 points
Spanish to Italian
Identity Verified   Diana Abu Raed
  Institutional and Medical Translation
Italian, Ukrainian, Spanish, English, European Union, Institutions, Documents, Resumes, General Medicine, Marketing, Tourism, Agriculture, Human rights, Women rights, proofreading, translation, interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, Patents, technical translations ... Italian
4 points
Spanish to Italian
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