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Tamil to English translators and interpreters » General fields

Tamil to English Tech/Engineering translators (1867)
Tamil to English Art/Literary translators (929)
Tamil to English Medical translators (1000)
Tamil to English Law/Patents translators (1203)
Tamil to English Science translators (2290)
Tamil to English Bus/Financial translators (5216)
Tamil to English Marketing translators (12424)
Tamil to English Other translators (3748)
Tamil to English Social Sciences translators (2371)

Tamil to English translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Tamil to English translators: Accounting
Tamil to English translators: Advertising / Public Relations
Tamil to English translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
Tamil to English translators: Agriculture
Tamil to English translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Tamil to English translators: Anthropology
Tamil to English translators: Archaeology
Tamil to English translators: Architecture
Tamil to English translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Tamil to English translators: Astronomy & Space
Tamil to English translators: Finance (general)
Tamil to English translators: Automation & Robotics
Tamil to English translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Tamil to English translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Tamil to English translators: Botany
Tamil to English translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
Tamil to English translators: Business/Commerce (general)
Tamil to English translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
Tamil to English translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
Tamil to English translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Tamil to English translators: Poetry & Literature
Tamil to English translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Tamil to English translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Tamil to English translators: Telecom(munications)
Tamil to English translators: Computers (general)
Tamil to English translators: Computers: Hardware
Tamil to English translators: Computers: Software
Tamil to English translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
Tamil to English translators: Law: Contract(s)
Tamil to English translators: Cooking / Culinary
Tamil to English translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
Tamil to English translators: Medical: Dentistry
Tamil to English translators: Media / Multimedia
Tamil to English translators: Economics
Tamil to English translators: Education / Pedagogy
Tamil to English translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
Tamil to English translators: Energy / Power Generation
Tamil to English translators: Engineering (general)
Tamil to English translators: Engineering: Industrial
Tamil to English translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Tamil to English translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
Tamil to English translators: Environment & Ecology
Tamil to English translators: Esoteric practices
Tamil to English translators: Fisheries
Tamil to English translators: Folklore
Tamil to English translators: Food & Drink
Tamil to English translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
Tamil to English translators: Furniture / Household Appliances
Tamil to English translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Tamil to English translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems
Tamil to English translators: Genealogy
Tamil to English translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Tamil to English translators: Genetics
Tamil to English translators: Geography
Tamil to English translators: Geology
Tamil to English translators: Government / Politics
Tamil to English translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
Tamil to English translators: Medical: Health Care
Tamil to English translators: History
Tamil to English translators: Tourism & Travel
Tamil to English translators: Human Resources
Tamil to English translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
Tamil to English translators: Insurance
Tamil to English translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
Tamil to English translators: Internet, e-Commerce
Tamil to English translators: Investment / Securities
Tamil to English translators: Metallurgy / Casting
Tamil to English translators: IT (Information Technology)
Tamil to English translators: Journalism
Tamil to English translators: Real Estate
Tamil to English translators: Law (general)
Tamil to English translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Tamil to English translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
Tamil to English translators: Linguistics
Tamil to English translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Tamil to English translators: Management
Tamil to English translators: Manufacturing
Tamil to English translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Tamil to English translators: Marketing / Market Research
Tamil to English translators: Mathematics & Statistics
Tamil to English translators: Medical (general)
Tamil to English translators: Medical: Cardiology
Tamil to English translators: Medical: Instruments
Tamil to English translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
Tamil to English translators: Meteorology
Tamil to English translators: Metrology
Tamil to English translators: Military / Defense
Tamil to English translators: Music
Tamil to English translators: Names (personal, company)
Tamil to English translators: Nutrition
Tamil to English translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
Tamil to English translators: Other
Tamil to English translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
Tamil to English translators: Patents
Tamil to English translators: Philosophy
Tamil to English translators: Physics
Tamil to English translators: Printing & Publishing
Tamil to English translators: Psychology
Tamil to English translators: Religion
Tamil to English translators: Retail
Tamil to English translators: Safety
Tamil to English translators: SAP
Tamil to English translators: Science (general)
Tamil to English translators: Slang
Tamil to English translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Tamil to English translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Tamil to English translators: Surveying
Tamil to English translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
Tamil to English translators: Zoology

Tamil to English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Gopinath Jambulingam
  A Translator you can always count on...
Tamil to English Translator, English to Tamil Translator, Tamil Translator, Tamil Press Release Translation, Tamil Document Translation, Tamil Clinical Research Translation, Tamil Pharmaceutical Translation, Tamil Legal Translation, Tamil copyright and Patent Translation, Tamil Mobile Applications & IT Translation, Tamil Website Translation, Tamil Market Research Translation, Tamil Media Translation, Tamil Manuals & Handbook Translation, Tamil Questionnaire Translation, Tamil Technical Survey Translation, English to Tamil Medical Translator, Tamil Localization, Tamil Copywriting, Hindi to Tamil Translation, English to Hindi translation, Native Tamil Translator, English to Tamil Translator, Tamil Proofreader, Tamil Medical Translator, Tamil Legal Translator, Tamil Document Translator, Tamil Book / Script Translator, Tamil Press Release Translator, Movie subtitles Translator, Tamil Language Services, Language Consultant in Chennai, Specialized in English to Tamil Medical Translations, Ta ... Tamil/English
56 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Mohammed Fahim
  The language bridge
Arabic, Chinese, Divehi, English, German, Gujarathi, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malayalam, Marathi, Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Sinhalese, translation, translator, linguistic works, Tamil translation, Tamil translator, sinhala translation, sinhala translator, Tamil to English, English to Tamil, English to sinhala, sinhala to Tamil, sinhalese to Tamil, English to sinhalese, Tamil to sinhala, Tamil to sinhalese, sri lankan Tamil, sri lankan translator, translation professional, professional translator, professional Tamil translator, professional sinhala translator, fast service, language, sociology, international studies, conflict resolution, domestic violence, legal documents, tourism, academic books, leaflets, conference interpreter, sri lanka, ceylon, native, mohammed, fahim, razick, medical, pharmaceutical, social, language, expert, interpreter, quality, Překlad, Vertaling, traduction, Übersetzung, μετάφραση, fordítás, terjemaha ... Tamil/Sinhala (Sinhalese)
Sri Lanka
96 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Nivetha Velupur
  Certified translator & interpreter
French, français, English, anglais, transcription, proofread, edit, review, relecture, project Management, technology, technologie, procédure de fabrication, Manufacturing procedure, contract, contrat, bid, tender offer, offre, power of attorney, bank guarantee, guarantie bancaire, santé, sécurité, environnement, health, Safety, environment, payslip, salary slip, bulletin de paie, certificat de salaries, school report, livret scolaire, relevé de notes, mark sheet, grade card, commerce, trade, birth certificate, acte de naissance, marriage certificate, acte de mariage, contrat de travail, employment contract, attestation immobilière, Real Estate certificate, packing, emballage, assembly, assemblage, test diélectrique, dielectric test, ordre de service, directive to contractor, marché, substation, poste, price schedule, bordereau, History, histoire, textile, art ... English
0 points
Tamil to English
  ...for all your language needs!
Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, Right to Left DTP, DTP, German, Malayalam, Kanada, Bengali, Indian Languages, Asian Languages, ... English
0 points
Tamil to English
  Experience you can trust
Language Translation, Translator, Translation, voiceover, Transcription, Foreign Language, Indian Language, European Language, Asian Language, Sworn Translator, Document Translation, Certified Translation, Certified Translator, Native Translator, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English Translation, Finnish, French, German, Greek Translation, Hebrew, Hungarian, Bahasa, Indonesian Translation, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish Translation, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Translation, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Translation, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi Translation, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya Translation, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu Translation, Various Indian regional Languages, Asian languages, European Languages, African Languages, Middle East Languages, Eastern Languages Translators from India, Translators for Indian Languages, Hindi Translators, Kashmiri Translaotrs, Assamese translators, Oriya Translators, Punjabi Translators, Indonesian translators, Tagalog tr ... English
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   DailyTranslate
  Native speakers only
Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Reviewing, TEP, Transcription, Transcription+Translation, Copy writing, Trans creation, Transliteration, Back Translation, Machine Translation, Localization, Quality Assurance, Subtitling, DTP, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Automotive Translations, Financial Translations, Marketing Translations, IT Translations, Computers : Hardware&Software, CV, Licences, Diplomas, Certificates, Pharmaceutical Translations, Engineering Translations, Literary Translations, Mechanical Translations, Culinary Translations, Websites translation, Software Localization, Instruction Manuals Translation, Clinical Studies Translation, Governmental Translation, Multimedia Localization, Multilingual DTP, Document Translation, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dari, Estonian, Farsi, Filipino, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Hmong, Hungar ... English
United Kingdom
0 points
Tamil to English
  Alex Denver
  Quality is our Native Language
, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Engineering (general), Law: Contract(s), Construction / Civil Engineering, Computers: Software, Medical: Instruments, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Business/Commerce (general), Cooking / Culinary ... English
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Anu Shobana
  quality work matters!
marketing, social media, ecommerce, education, law, subtitling, Tamil, interpretation, transcription, hindi, voice over, translation, proofreading, subtitle editor, subtitle review, translation QA, interpreter, translator, English to Tamil, Tamil to English, English to hindi, hindi to Tamil, hindi to English, subtitling services, subtitles, captioning, video subtitling, film subtitling, closed captions, open subtitles, proofreading, cheap translation, good quality translation, reliable translation, fast translation, best translation, affordable translation services, professional translation services, document translation, translating a web page, business translations, contracts, website translation, medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, hindi to Tamil, kannada translation, telugu translation, malayalam translation, urdu translation, bengali, marathi, gujarati, chinese, spanish, german, punjabi, cinema subtitling, drama subtitling, interpretation, subtitling, in ... Tamil
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Anbu Ambrose
  Quality at competitive prices!
German, Medical, Business, Finance, Software, Hardware, German English translation. ... Tamil/English
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Ramesh Shanmugam
  Fast, Reliable & Quality Service
Tamil General Translator, Clinical Research Translation, English to Tamil Medical Translator, Tamil Localization, Tamil Translator, Tamil to English Translator, English to Tamil Translator, Tamil Proofreader, Tamil Medical Translator, DTP / Data Entry / Typing in Tamil and English, Specialized in English to Tamil Medical Translations, Tamil Transcriber, Experienced Tamil Translator, Tamil Translator in India, Tamil Translator in Tamilnadu, Tamil Translator in Chennai ... Tamil
8 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Goldenbead
  Accurate, Fast and Reliable
translation, interpretation, German, English, French, Tamil: technical documents, legal documents, emails, letters, medical reports, certificates, bills and brochures, poetry books, grammar books, recipe books, business documents, website texts, astronomy, chemistry, Geology, solar energy, church reports, banking, tourism, medical questionnaires, autobiography books, novels ... English/Tamil
0 points
Tamil to English
  Srini Venkataraman
  Your 9111 for Indian Languages!!
Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Reviewing, Interpretation, language testing, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, medical, legal, business, Insurance, biblical, education, entertainment, deposition, hearing, onsite, phone interpreting, consecutive, ethics hotline, certificates, manuals, affidavit, judgement, agreement, NAJIT, ATA, sight translation ... Tamil/Telugu
United States
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Devendra Singh
  breaking language barrier
Hindi, English, Tamil, Sanskrit, Urdu, Localization, IT, Software, Finance, Pharma, Survey, Clinical Trial, Media, Communication, Localization, Telecom, Marketing, Research, Brands, reverse translation, medical, translation, transcription, Voice-over, sub-titling, editing, reviewing. ... Hindi/English
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Raminder Shah
  Fast and Accurate Translations
Indian language translators, certified translations in india, certified translations for uscis, order translation online, burmese translations, lao translations, malay translation, Tamil translation, kannada translation, punjabi translation, medical translations, machine translation post editing, translation Management software, work as a translator, translator job opportunities, hindi translations, translation of Hindi Birth Certificate, Certified translation of punjabi birth certificate, Hindi Birth Certificate, Certified translation of punjabi birth certificate, german to English translation in punjab ... Panjabi
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Vibha Agarwalla
  reliable&accurate , at the best price!
pharma, engineering, medical, software, translation, legal, transcription, ... English/Hindi
0 points
Tamil to English
  Neil Spencer
  Globalization through translation.
Tourism & Travel, Transport / Transportation / Shipping, Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Computers: Software, Printing & Publishing, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Petroleum Eng/Sci, Metrology, Medical: Instruments, Medical: Health Care, Medical (general), Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Marketing / Market Research, Manufacturing, Human Resources, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Finance (general), Engineering: Industrial, Electronics / Elect Eng, Safety, Advertising / Public Relations, Names (personal, company), Media / Multimedia, Management, Linguistics, Insurance, Geography, Engineering (general), Computers (general), Accounting, IT (Information Technology), Telecom(munications) ... English/German Middle High (ca.1050-1500)
United States
0 points
Tamil to English
Food & Drink, Marketing / Market Research, Business/Commerce (general), Computers: Software, Patents, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Aerospace / Aviation / Space, Energy / Power Generation, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, IT (Information Technology), Agriculture ... English/Spanish
United States
0 points
Tamil to English
  Solutions that suits your needs
translation, transcription, voice over, open end responses, editing, proofreading, interpretation, e-learning, animation, video editing, subtitling, market research, questionnaires, data collection, legal contracts, documents, speech recording, transcreation, copywriting, copy editing, DTP, desktop publishing, story boarding, advertising ... Hindi/English
United Arab Emirates
0 points
Tamil to English
  translation_exp Physics, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Patents, Paper / Paper Manufacturing, Petroleum Eng/Sci, Mining & Minerals / Gems, Military / Defense, Medical (general), Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.), Marketing / Market Research, Linguistics, Tourism & Travel, Law: Taxation & Customs, Law (general), IT (Information Technology), Investment / Securities, Internet, e-Commerce, Insurance, Medical: Health Care, Government / Politics, Geography, Genetics, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, Nuclear Eng/Sci, Engineering: Industrial, Accounting, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc., Law: Contract(s), Construction / Civil Engineering, Medical: Instruments, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Engineering (general), Sports / Fitness / Recreation, Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, Computers: Software, Nutrition ... French/English
0 points
Tamil to English
  Jai Translations
, Accounting, Agriculture, Botany, Business/Commerce (general), Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Construction / Civil Engineering, Finance (general), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Automation & Robotics ... Tamil
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Nagasamy
  Accuracy and punctuality
Have Masters and M.Phil.in English and a Law degree.Native speaker of Tamil and studied Tamil upto graduation level. Aware of the modern forms and usage of Tamil as well as English. Translation, editing, revising, proof-reading and reconciliation of translations from English to Tamil and Tamil to English with extreme accuracy. Also have rich experience in editing and Journalism. ... Tamil
0 points
Tamil to English
  Arabic-English-Tamil-Urdu& vice versa
Arabic, English, Tamil, Translation and voice editing, Interpretation, Proof Reading, Arabic Website Translation, Arabic Localization, Arabic Chat Support, Arabic Email Marketing, E-Learning & Legal Document Arabic Translation assignments on Remote or Onsite roles. ... Tamil
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Indira Priyadarshini
  Quality, Accuracy & Prompt
Tamil Translator, Hindi Translator, IT, Medical, ICF, Legal, Birth/Death Certificates, Immigration documents, Back Translation, Reconciliation, Advertisements, General, Marketing, E-learning, General, Technical, Manufacturing, Tamil - English, Wordfast, SDL 2011, Trados 2007, SDLX, Tamil linguistic, Tamil, English - Tamil, Tamil - English, Hindi - English, Native Tamil ... Tamil
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Bhabha Padmanabhan
  Independent Linguistic Consultant
To provide telephone or face to face, interpreting and translation services in Tamil, and Malayalam for Government, Medical, Insurance, Immigration, and business Management in USA by US citizen candidate. Transcribing, subtitling and translations of written documents are done in Tamil to English or English to Tamil. ... Tamil/Malayalam
United States
0 points
Tamil to English
Identity Verified   Anas Hussain
  Accurate, Reliable & Fast Translation
English, Tamil translator, Sinhala Translator (Sinhalese), Arabic Translator in Sri Lanka, Sworn Translator, Sworn Translator in Sri Lanka, sinhala to Tamil translation, සිංහල ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂා පරිවර්තක, දෙමළ භාෂා පරිවර්නක, දිවුරුම් දුන් භාෂා පරිවර්තක, சிங்கள மொழிபெயர்ப்பாளர், தமிழ் மொழிபெயர்ப்பாளர், sinhala to Tamil translation ... Tamil/Sinhala (Sinhalese)
Sri Lanka
0 points
Tamil to English
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