Translation teams
Cooperative groups of translators


Turkish in Context

All-in-one pro team for all Turkish-speaking audiences, in all contexts

We are native Turkish language professionals with in-country education and experience
We are either bilingual or have received bilingual education
We all have multicultural experience and thus are sensitive to the needs of Turkish-speaking communities located in Western Europe and North America, as well as various target audiences in Turkey
We represent a collective background in diverse areas from arts and literature to advertisement, from marketing and business to science, from IT to social subjects
All of us have an excellent working command of English - therefore we are capable of undertaking huge projects in English to Turkish, the busiest of our language pairs

Thank you for visiting our Team Page.For all your inquiries, please e-mail us at Multi-Turki

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Team language pairs 9
  • Catalan to Turkish
  • Dutch to Turkish
  • English to Turkish
  • French to Turkish
  • German to Turkish
  • Spanish to Turkish
  • Turkish to Dutch
  • Turkish to English
  • Turkish to German
Team leader
Özden Arıkan
Özden Arıkan
I talk Turkey... and so will you!
Team members 5

- Native in German and Turkish
- Bilingually educated
- Degree in Translation and Interpreting
- Good educational background
- Loves to play with words

For more information, please take a look at my profile
Nazim Aziz Gokdemir
Nazim Aziz Gokdemir
Completely at home in two cultures
- Native Turkish speaker
- Acquired English between ages 9 and 12
- Educated at American-run prep school in Istanbul
- Master's degree from the University of Iowa
- Fourteen years' work experience in the U.S. as reporter, writer, and editor (as well as holder of many, many odd jobs)
- Recent experience, Turkey: Editor/director of a multi-volume literary translation project; several books and numerous articles with author/co-author, editor, translator, or "introduction by" credit
- Recent experience, U.S.: Edited and wrote content for business and academic clients including the World Bank, World Wildlife Fund, and Oxford University Press
- Dual citizen
- Married to native-born American since 1993, raising child (born in 2002) bilingually
Nese Dogan
Nese Dogan
- Learned Turkish as mother tongue, and Dutch through living in the
Netherlands since early childhood.
- Excellent command of English, as well as advanced French and German,
bringing the total to 5 languages.
- Worked and lived in the United States for 5 years (1998-2003).
- Freelance translator and interpreter since 1996.
- BA, MBA specializing in Information Management, both from Erasmus University,
Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
- Member of a family that is multinational, happy mother of "one
little princess."
Ahmet Muhittin Karkin Özgel
Ahmet Muhittin Karkin Özgel
Native Turkish, Spanish citizen
- More than 20 years of journalism and translations.

- BS degree in Industrial engineering, 10 years of experience as editor of Turkish translation of Encyclopaedia Britannica and Gran Larousse science and technology articles.

- Citizen of Spain, living in Barcelona.