Translation teams
Cooperative groups of translators

United Statements

finding the right words is a team effort

Nina Oprita and Morten Gilje met working as a Creative Director / Editor team for Apple in Cupertino, and have been collaborating on words for more than five years. Together we provide an A-Z (or rather A-Å), uniquely customisable, solution for all your transcreational needs.

We support or clients with quality translations, brand transcreation, copywriting and editing, with a mastodonic emphasis on quality. Because even no copy is better than bad copy.
Team language pairs 6
  • Danish to Norwegian
  • Danish to Norwegian (Bokmal)
  • English to Norwegian
  • English to Norwegian (Bokmal)
  • Swedish to Norwegian
  • Swedish to Norwegian (Bokmal)
Team leader
Morten Gilje
Morten Gilje