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+55 11 97684-7842
Betaplan is committed in providing high quality translations, delivered on time and within your budget.
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8 years in business
10-25 employees
8 languages supported
6 services offered
50 industries served
12 years in business
25-50 employees
206 languages supported
38 services offered
60 industries served
Fluent Translations provides highly effective, affordable, multi-language translation and language services to clients across the globe spanning all industries with a focus on the technology sector, as well as government, education, institutions, agencies and more.
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4-9 employees
All languages are offered and supported
6 services offered
18 industries served
OneDocument, S.L. is a young translation company with a clear vision:
We want to become the high-quality, value-creating globalization solutions provider preferred by our clients.
The translation you were looking for
OneDocument offers translation+editing+proofing, document digitalization, DTP and document management solutions. We work mainly in the European, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic languages combinations.
Our rates are tailor-made depending on your needs. Urgent translations, context translations or 100% accuracy, OneDocument adapts its resources to your requirements and budget.
To know more about us, please visit or E-mail us at
Let us make you Global!
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11 years in business
10-25 employees
11 languages supported
17 services offered
34 industries served
HL TRAD is a leading European translation and interpreting company, headquartered in Paris with offices in London and Brussels and exclusively focused on the legal and financial industries
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11 years in business
25-50 employees
All languages are offered and supported
9 services offered
5 industries served
16 years in business
80 languages supported
7 services offered
52 industries served
The leading European subtitling house.
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Less than 3 employees
Subtitling, Translation
9 years in business
25-50 employees
All languages are offered and supported
39 services offered
60 industries served
Millennium-Translation is a translation company works with 20000 native linguist from all over the world. we can offer a translation for any language pair using only native and expert translators.
Millennium-Translation also offers more services like:-
Transcription Services
DTP Solutions
Localization Solutions
Internationalization Services
Proofreading Services
Certification Services
Subtitling Services
Localization Solutions
Interpreting, Phone Interpreting, Video Interpreting
Mobile application
Web developer
Web Design
Convert PSD To HTML CSS Bootstrap
Template WordPress
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3 years in business
25-50 employees
All languages are offered and supported
39 services offered
60 industries served
I have established Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) with a fully integrated translation center on ProZ, a Translation Services Provider Company to provide clients (like yourselves) and translators an online portal to place/accept jobs/projects at competitive rates for various languages (expanding continuously).
Rates are nominal market rates that are contingent on volume and scope of the project if you are looking for a translation, and not a fly-by-night translator’s work that is explained in paragraph three to this introductory letter.
As the media keep reminding us, our business environment has become increasingly global. A prominent factor is that if successful businesses want to sell their products/services in new areas, to expand internationally, network with customers/consumers and enhance their local and international image which require the services of the fast-growing translation industry to get their message across to new markets.
Unfortunately, many decision-makers aren’t sure how to select the right language service provider. This is hardly surprising since they are buying something they usually can’t judge (Such as, how many of them speak Chinese, Japanese or even Spanish?). But as the stakes are high, a poor translation or Google Translate (i.e. they use GOOGLE and ask the linguist to proof at lower rates to increase their profits) can result in missed opportunities! Or worse, it could be costly and result in embarrassing mistakes or loss of revenue as a result of not getting the message across correctly because the human touch was lost in the process.
As a professional translator with 5 years of experience in Hebrew to English translation domain, and undergoing the grueling task of finding jobs that pay decent rates that are feasible and contingent on the aforementioned, and moreover.
We are constantly on the lookout to recruit professional, experienced native vendors/translators/linguists that are well-versed in all languages for projects that will be provided through our portal / dashboard and already have a growing team in various languages, including rare exotic language combinations (such as Hebrew/Japanese simplified Chinese).
We do not profess to offering services for a language pair that we have not vetted beforehand and always keep an open mind to provide you with what thou seeketh (Carpe Diem) and find you the proper linguist to answer your needs/requirements in an expedited manner to fulfill your requirements, “for time lost is money lost”.
You are cordially invited to join hands with me for a long term fruitful cooperation, that we ensure long term benefits for both our Companies.
Let us work together, hand in hand to better the lives of all and my team.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
I look forward to hearing from you and working with your esteemed Company/Companies.

Deven Sachdeva.
Founder and Administrator
English to Arabic
English to Azerbaijani
English to Bambara
English to Bengali
English to Bosnian
English to Burmese
English to Catalan
English to Chinese
English to Croatian
English to Czech
English to Danish
English to Dari
English to Dutch
English to French
English to Canadian French
English to German
English to Greek
English to Hindi
English to Hebrew
English to Hungarian
English to Indonesian
English to Italian
English to Japanese
English to Kannada
English to Konkani
English to Korean
English to Ladino
English to Malay
English to Marathi
English to Chinese Simplified
English to Oriya
English to Pali
English to Pashto
English to Persian
English to Polish
English to Portuguese Portugal
English to Portuguese Brazilian
English to Russian
English to Sanskrit
English to Serbian
English to Sinhalese
English to Spanish
English to Spanish Argentina
English to Tamil
English to Thai
English to Turkish
English to Ukrainian
English to Urdu
English to Xhosa
English to Zulu
Arabic to French
Arabic to Spanish
Azerbaijani to Ukranian
Bengali to Spanish
Bosnian to Croatian
Bosnian to Serbian
Catalan to Italian
Catalan to Spanish
Chinese to Russian
Danish to French
Dutch to Thai
Farsi to English
French to English
French to German
French to Italian
French to Korean
French to Portuguese
French to Russian
French to Spanish
German to Arabic
German to Polish
German to Portuguese
German to Russian
Greek to Czech
Italin to German
Japanese to Chinese
Japanese to Hebrew
Ladino to Turkish
Pali to French
Pali to Sinhalese
Portuguese to French
Portuguese to Spanish
Russian to Azerbaijani
Russian to Italian
Russian to Spanish
Russian to Chinese
Sanskrit to Sinhalese
Sanskrit to French
Serbian to Bosnian
Simplified Chinese to Hebrew
Simplified Chinese to Japanese
Simplified Chinese to Russian
Simplified Chinese to Thai
Spanish to Czech
Spanish to English
Spanish to German
Spanish to Italian
Thai to Dutch
Thai to English
Turkish to Azerbaijani
Turkish to Russian
Turkish to Ukrainian
Ukrainian to French
Ukrainian to Russian
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Established this year
4-9 employees
56 languages supported
11 services offered
36 industries served
"Omnilinguist" was founded by a group of translators, each having more than a decade of experience in linguistic services allowing them to reach the perfection in their own specialization area. As a result of the experience and acclaim achieved with the projects completed in all over the world, thanks to its global network of representative offices, "Omnilinguist" has broad customer portfolio, including the world’s top companies.
Combining extensive use of state-of-the-art linguistic technology tools with in-depth knowledge of translation and localization processes, "Omnilinguist" is the perfect partner for international companies seeking to optimize their global service provision.
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Established this year
10-25 employees
All languages are offered and supported
38 services offered
60 industries served
Backed by 15 years of experience in translation, localization and multicultural marketing, we help our clients grow their businesses and engage their global customers.
We have an extensive team of professional linguists specialized in different areas, and the technology, management and quality assurance resources to ensure the production of translations that convey your message accurately for the target market.
For more information, please contact us or visit our website.
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1 year in business
10-25 employees
6 languages supported
14 services offered
41 industries served
docnroll™ specialises in Business & IT, while also working with related sectors such as tourism..
docnroll™ is located in the historical village of Gan, located near Pau, the Basque Country and Spain in the French Pyrenees, in an area where the few remaining bears of the mountain chain still survive. This is a culturally rich region, with influences coming from Spain, the Basque Country and the United Kingdom.
We will always guarantee you the best possible customer satisfaction because your success will be ours too!
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No data about years in business, number of employees or capacity
All languages are offered and supported
14 services offered
43 industries served
Andovar is a global provider of multilingual content solutions. Our services range from text translation and content creation, through audio and video recording, to turnkey localization of websites, software, eLearning, video and games. We are headquartered in Singapore and have offices in Thailand, Colombia, India and the USA.
We started in Southeast Asia, with Western ownership and management. Placing production in low-cost countries has allowed us to offer more competitive pricing, while keeping quality at the highest international level. Andovar focuses on emerging markets and technologies, such as mobile, gaming, multimedia and cloud software. Emerging markets are the new frontier in localization and where others struggle with complex scripts and lack of standards, Andovar has the expertise to succeed.
We are a medium-sized company that is small enough to be agile and adaptable, yet big enough to handle projects of any size. While others try to automate everything and make localization a numbers game, Andovar creates customized solutions for each client to meet their needs and budgets. Andovar is employee-owned, and everyone has a stake in our clients’ success.
We do not sell any software solutions and we use the latest technology ourselves, which allows us to give impartial advice to our clients. A wide range of professional talent from across the world coupled with our own audio studios means we are a one-stop-shop for all localization projects regardless of size, type and languages required.
This is how we help our clients Make Themselves Clear in Any Language.
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10 years in business
50-100 employees
All languages are offered and supported
20 services offered
60 industries served
+49 (0)211 4403989-0
22 years in business
4-9 employees
34 languages supported
8 services offered
10 industries served
TextPartner is a Regional Language Vendor focused on high-level linguistic production from English and German into Polish and Russian. A typical job for the team would be a 20,000-word technical manual to be translated, proof read and dtp'ed in InDesign in 3 to 4 days. A result of that work is a happy customer using their materials effectively for the benefit of their business.
Products: document translation and localisation services, dtp, printing
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20 years in business
25-50 employees
6 languages supported
10 services offered
47 industries served
"Based in Korea, KL-Link Co. Ltd. is one of the fast growing, young Korean localization agencies with strong teams of highly qualified translators, linguists, DTP specialists and software engineers. By our well-experienced experts, we have provided professional services to IT, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Automotive, and many other industries.
We have the resources, capabilities and the proven experience to deal with projects from simple document translation to technical, complicated localization of software, web site or multimedia materials which require extensive engineering and DTP tasks. Because of these, we have established a large number of customers around the world.
We offer timely, personalized services at reasonable prices and are capable of delivering urgent translations within a matter of hours.
For more information, please visit our Web site at or send your queries to me at
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14 years in business
10-25 employees
9 languages supported
33 services offered
7 industries served
Skilled translations of legal, medical, business, and other documents. Translations are performed by translators with a background and experience in the relevant field, including attorneys, medical personnel, members of the finance world, and more. We offer translations involving the following languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, as well as several others. Our clients include several white-shoe law firms, international corporations, and various foundations. We pride ourselves on quality above all.
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4 years in business
10-25 employees
7 languages supported
6 services offered
11 industries served
More than 500 employees
All languages are offered and supported
+44 (020) 77942929
ILT Group positions itself as a strong and strategic language services provider with a customer-centric orientation and an eye on future client and industry demands.
ILT Group is strong because we have grown steadily since the company was born in 1996, and strategic because our continual expansion has not been by chance – but has been a result of planned, on-going investments in people and technology.
ILT Group’s raison d’ệtre was the growing demand for localisation among the world’s leading companies from the Information Technologies sector: SAP, Cognos, Microsoft, Siemens, Crystal and many more.
Our awareness of market growth and our great care in selecting and retaining in-house staff and trained freelancers – our true assets – have enabled us to explore new business opportunities. In addition to IT, the Legal, Financial, Biotech and Green Technologies sectors have also become important areas of specialization.
Our ever-expanding international client list demonstrates our ability to win the confidence and trust of new world-class clients.
DTP and Internationalization/Globalization Consulting are two additional areas which represent our expertise. With these areas in mind, we hope to create strategic partnerships in the near future that will help us continue to meet client demand and new challenges.
The international firms and government institutions who have entrusted us with their critical projects give an indication of the calibre of our work. The key-words for our future plans are: flexibility…adaptability…scalability.
Perhaps our proudest achievement to date, however, is the fact that over the years, while SAP’s provider selection criteria has become increasingly rigorous, we have continued to maintain our role as one of SAP’s preferred providers.
For further information, please call us on:
Rome: 06-58320990 - Via F. Casini 6, 00153
London: 0044-20-33842458 - 59 Hillfield Road, NW6 1QD
or write to
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21 years in business
10-25 employees
All languages are offered and supported
26 services offered
36 industries served
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