Useful shortcuts

Useful shortcuts
General Windows Shortcuts:

CTRL C: copy
CTRL V: paste
CTRL X: cut
CTRL P: print

F3: Search

Windows button + F3: Find files or folders
F5: Refresh window

Alt-F4: Close the active window

Windows button + F: Find

Alt-Space + N: Minimize the active window
Alt-Space + X: Maximize the active window
Alt-Space + R: Restore the active window

Windows button + M: Minimize all
Shift + Windows button + M: Undo minimize all

ALT + TAB: switch forward between applications
Shift + ALT + TAB: switch backwards between applications

ALT + Shift + ESC: move current application to the background
CTRL + Shift + ESC: call up task manager
CTRL + ALT + DEL: call up options


CTRL O: open
CTRL N: new document

CTRL F: find
CTRL H: find and replace

CTRL C: copy
CTRL V: paste
CTRL X: cut

F12: Save as

CTRL S: save

CTRL I: italic
CTRL B: bold
CTRL U: underline

CTRL + : move right one word
CTRL + : move one word to the left

Shift CTRL + : mark one word to the right
Shift CTRL + : mark one word to the left

Shift Home: mark everything to the front
Shift End: mark everything to the end

CTRL Home: Top of document
CTRL End: Bottom of document

CTRL Page Up: Top of screen
CRTL Page Down: Bottom of screen

CTRL A: Mark all

Shift F3: (mark word for this to work) - change case

CTRL F6: switch window

F7 : Spellcheck

F8: Turn on block

(please note that the plus sign means "use together with" - if the key is meant, it is used twice!)

ALT + Home: Open segment
ALT + End: Close/set segment

ALT + Ins: Copy source
ALT + Del: Delete target/close

Alt + +: Set and open next segment
ALT + *: Translate to fuzzy

ALT + CTRL + +: Get next non-100% match

ALT + : Concordance

ALT + CTRL + PageUp: Shrink segment
ALT + CTRL + PageDown: Enlarge segment

ALT + CTRL + : Get translation

ALT + : Get current term
ALT + : Get next term
ALT + : Get previous term

ALT + CTRL + : Get current tag/number
ALT + CTRL + : Get next tag/number
ALT + CTRL + : Get previous tag/number


F3: New entry
I (in edit mode): index
F2: edit an existing entry
S: save changes
CTRL + Z: Create fuzzy index

Internet Explorer:

CTRL + N: New browser

ALT left cursor: go back
ALT right cursor: go forward

F5: reload

ESC: stop loading

CTRL O (or on older versions ALT L): open a new location

SPACEBAR: Jump down in the document (similar to page up page down)

CTRL H: open history
CTRL B: Open bookmarks -
Useful shortcuts
Author: ingrid santilli swanton
English to Italian translator 
By ingrid santilli swanton
Published on 06/21/2004
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