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Experience and Expertise. Simple.

33 years in business
10-25 employees
All languages are offered and supported
15 services offered
45 industries served

Specialized in Technical Translation

+55 11 97684-7842
Betaplan is committed in providing high quality translations, delivered on time and within your budget.
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9 years in business
10-25 employees
8 languages supported
6 services offered
50 industries served

Make Yourself Clear in Any Language

Andovar is a global provider of multilingual content solutions. Our services range from text translation and content creation, through audio and video recording, to turnkey localization of websites, software, eLearning, video and games. We are headquartered in Singapore and have offices in Thailand, Colombia, India and the USA.
We started in Southeast Asia, with Western ownership and management. Placing production in low-cost countries has allowed us to offer more competitive pricing, while keeping quality at the highest international level. Andovar focuses on emerging markets and technologies, such as mobile, gaming, multimedia and cloud software. Emerging markets are the new frontier in localization and where others struggle with complex scripts and lack of standards, Andovar has the expertise to succeed.
We are a medium-sized company that is small enough to be agile and adaptable, yet big enough to handle projects of any size. While others try to automate everything and make localization a numbers game, Andovar creates customized solutions for each client to meet their needs and budgets. Andovar is employee-owned, and everyone has a stake in our clients’ success.
We do not sell any software solutions and we use the latest technology ourselves, which allows us to give impartial advice to our clients. A wide range of professional talent from across the world coupled with our own audio studios means we are a one-stop-shop for all localization projects regardless of size, type and languages required.
This is how we help our clients Make Themselves Clear in Any Language.
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11 years in business
50-100 employees
All languages are offered and supported
20 services offered
60 industries served

17 years in business
80 languages supported
7 services offered
52 industries served

A Linguistic Solutions Company

Lisan India is an emerging translation service provider in India which rapidly earned great reputation and prestige in translation and other linguistic services. Lisan is now considered to be one of the best translation agencies in India for language translation services among its clients spread all over the world. Website translation, technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, financial translation and document translation are some of the specialties of Lisan translation experts. Apart from translations, it provides Interpretation services, content development services, creative designing and transcription services.
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3 years in business
10-25 employees
25 languages supported
20 services offered
22 industries served

Specialized in Indic languages

Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is Mumbai based fast growing translation agency, specializing in all major Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese & Oriya.
We have many satisfied clients from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, China, Singapore, China, India & Australia.
We have native translators for all above languages with 5 to 10 years of rich experience offering professional translations in their language pair and well versed in using industry standard CAT tools like Trados, Wordfast Pro, LocStudio, memoQ, QtLinguist etc.
All the projects are done by native, qualified, professional, experienced & subject-specific linguists. We are committed to high quality, timely submissions, professional project management and faster communication with clients and linguists, which has helped us retain all of our clients and offer us continuous business. Some of our clients have been working with us since 7 years.
We have rich experience in several fields and specialize in medical, IT, telecom, technical, legal, entertainment and corporate sectors. We have executed translation and localization projects from diverse fields like ICFs for medical segment, localization of mobile UI strings, website localization, software localization, technical manuals, cultural consulting for new product names, copyright adaptation for advertisements, corporate policy documents, Student IEP reports, adaptation of TV serial script, audio/video transcription and translations, insurance claims documents, bank circulars, financial reports, marketing surveys, book manuscript, mobile and web based games, voice over recordings, video subtitling projects etc.
We take up translation, back translation, editing/proofreading, voice over recordings, audio transcriptions, video sub titling, linguistic reviews, cognition debriefing reviews, cultural consulting, QM, reconciliation assignments.
We assure very high quality and faster turnaround.
Looking forward to establish a long term mutually beneficial business relationship with your esteemed organization.
Amitt Parikh
Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Specialized in Indian languages
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20 years in business
10-25 employees
16 languages supported
17 services offered
36 industries served

Professional Translations

Agencia de Traducción especializada en la traducción profesional de textos técnicos, así como en la traducción jurada de documentos oficiales.
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6 years in business
25-50 employees
63 languages supported
18 services offered
60 industries served

The languages of communication

+30 2315511000
Eurologos-Thessaloniki is part of the Eurologos global network of translation agencies.
We are situated in Thessaloniki, Greece and offer translation, publishing and linguistic services.
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9 years in business
4-9 employees
13 languages supported
10 services offered
59 industries served

Communication without borders

Backed by 15 years of experience in translation, localization and multicultural marketing, we help our clients grow their businesses and engage their global customers.
We have an extensive team of professional linguists specialized in different areas, and the technology, management and quality assurance resources to ensure the production of translations that convey your message accurately for the target market.
For more information, please contact us or visit our website.
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2 years in business
10-25 employees
6 languages supported
14 services offered
41 industries served

Changing Perspectives; Changing Markets

Focalize is a professional multilingual service provider who can ensure the highest possible quality at the most affordable rate. We can support all Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese etc.
We don’t just provide translations of the highest quality; instead, we create compelling target content and copy with our clients in mind. Our perspective is our client’s; our focus is our client’s target audience.
This is why our clients—from startups to Fortune 500 multinational conglomerates—return to us again and again: we provide a level of personalization and custom focus that bigger LSPs (Language Service Providers) and MLVs (Multi-Lingual Vendors) lack. We use only the top linguists to ensure reliability of quality and cultural cohesion; we assign small teams to individual accounts to ensure that your company voice remains consistent across all contexts, projects, and media.
Focused Perspective-Taking:
We approach your content from your perspective to exceed your goals and expectations; we take on the perspective of your target audience to ensure your content works for you
Professional Preadaptation
Your content is perfectly adapted to its new market environment before you start doing business—setting you up for seamless integration and immediate earning
Aegis Guarantee
We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, transparency, security, privacy, punctuality, and quality; your message always comes across exactly as intended with no risk of offense or legal trouble"
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4 years in business
25-50 employees
10 languages supported
10 services offered
34 industries served

Translation, interpretation services

We offer translation and interpretation services for companies and individuals. We guarantee top quality of service, affordable prices and short turnarounds
Our translation processes incorporate human translation, modern translation tools and cloud-based translation memory.
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
More about us at:
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14 years in business
10-25 employees
465 languages supported
38 services offered
60 industries served

Another lang. is 2 possess another soul

Good day to all.
Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) is a proprietorship with a fully integrated translation center on ProZ. We provide Translation Services to clients to place jobs/projects and we assign it to translators on our online portal to accept the jobs/projects at competitive rates for various languages.
Implementation of a project is our responsibility and the system for the successful accomplishment of every project objective.
We function as the sole contacts between clients and translators if outsourcing is required in a specific field, assume the responsibility of organizing and executing each link in the translation process, tracking the project schedule, providing feedback regarding associated problems, and guaranteeing the punctual delivery of translations.
High-quality translations and services drive OUR development, where we constantly emphasize the maximization of the client's benefit. Thus, in our translation projects we strictly observe the operational process of “translation, review and proofreading” (as demanded by the client) and adopt stringent quality-control measures before, during and after the translation. We want each and every project we produce to stand as a hallmark of excellence.
We rely on a network of hand-picked freelance translators and linguists whereby vendors use an advancing technology to offer unbeatable quality, speed, and value.
The designers built them to create a great work environment for translators so we/they can deliver to you with an ever-increasing speed and quality.
Experience and perseverance makes us better as a team, for together we are stronger.
The mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home, earn a decent income and put their hearts into what could be a lucrative income for them, while spending time at home with the wife and kids.
We are bringing an online office where we believe and have faith that this will attract the best linguists that shall use their expertise and knowledge to earn their fair dues and is the key to delivering great service to our customers.
We do not believe in exploiting the linguist for personal enrichment. We want to help them obtain work and earn an honest living with integrity that every human being is entitled to.
Deven Sachdeva.
Founder and Administrator
יום טוב לכולם.
Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078)
ProZ- הוא בעלות עם מרכז תרגום משולב במלואו ב- P.
אנו מספקים שירותי תרגום ללקוחות על מנת למקם עבודות/פרויקטים ואנו מקצים אותו למתרגמים בפורטל המקוון שלנו כדי לקבל את העבודות/הפרויקטים במחירים תחרותיים עבור שפות שונות.
מדוע לבחור בנו
יישום הפרויקט הוא באחריותנו והמערכת להצלחה של כל מטרת/ות הפרויקט/ים.
אנו מתפקדים כמקשרים הבלעדיים בין לקוחות ומתרגמים אם נדרש מיקור-חוץ בתחום מסוים, מוטלת האחריות לארגן ולבצע כל קישור בתהליך התרגום, מעקב אחר לוח הזמנים של הפרויקט (עם שקיפות מלאה לכם), מתן משוב בנוגע לבעיות הקשורות ומסירת התרגומים בלו"ז המבוקש.
תרגומים ושירותים איכותיים מובילים את הפיתוח שלנו, שבו אנחנו כל הזמן מדגישים את המקסימום לטובת הלקוח. לכן, בפרויקטי התרגום שלנו אנו מקפידים על התהליך התפעולי של "תרגום, עריכה והגהה" (כפי שנדרש על ידי הלקוח) ולאמץ אמצעי בקרת איכות מחמירים לפני התרגום, במהלכו ואחריו. אנחנו רוצים שכל פרויקט שאנו מוסרים עומד כסימן ההיכר של מצוינות.
אנו מסתמכים על רשת של מתרגמים עצמאיים ובלשנים שנבחרו באופן ידני לפיה המתגמים משתמשים בטכנולוגיה מתקדמים להציע ערל ללא תחרות, מהירות המתגברת, ואיכות.
המעצבים בנו אותם כדי ליצור סביבת עבודה נהדרת למתרגמים, כדי שנוכל לספק לכם במהירות ובאיכות הולכים וגדלות.
ניסיון והתמדה עושה אותנו טוב יותר כצוות, יחד אנחנו חזקים יותר.
המשימה היא לתת לאנשים יותר את החופש לעבוד מהבית, להרוויח הכנסה הגון ולשים את ליבם לתוך מה יכול להיות הכנסה משתלם להם, תוך הקדשת זמן איכותי בבית לאשה והילדים.
אנו מביאים משרד מקוון שבו אנו מאמינים ויש לנו אמונה שזה ימשוך את הבלשנים הטובים ביותר שישתמשו במומחיות והידע שלהם כדי להרוויח את ההכנסה ההוגן שלהם והינו המפתח כדי לספק שירות מעולה ללקוחות שלנו.
אנחנו לא מאמינים בניצול הבלשן להעשרה אישית. אנחנו רוצים לעזור להם להשיג עבודה ולהרוויח הכנסה הוגנת ביושר שכל אדם זכאי לו.
בכבוד רב,
דוון סצ'דבה.
מייסד ואדמיניסטרור
Bonne journée à tous.
Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Membre Corporatif 268078) est une société propriétaire avec un centre de traduction entièrement intégré sur ProZ. Nous fournissons des services de traduction aux clients pour placer des travaux/projets et nous l'assignons aux traducteurs sur notre portail en ligne pour accepter les travaux/projets à des prix compétitifs pour différentes langues.
La mise en œuvre d'un projet est notre responsabilité et le système pour la réussite de chaque objectif du projet.
Nous fonctionnons comme les seuls contacts entre les clients et les traducteurs si l'externalisation est requise dans un domaine spécifique, assumons la responsabilité d'organiser et d'exécuter chaque lien dans le processus de traduction, suivre le calendrier du projet, fournir des commentaires sur les problèmes associés et garantir la livraison ponctuelle. traductions.
Des traductions et des services de haute qualité stimulent NOTRE développement, où nous mettons constamment l'accent sur la maximisation des avantages pour le client. Ainsi, dans nos projets de traduction, nous observons strictement le processus opérationnel de «traduction, révision et relecture» (tel que demandé par le client) et adoptons des mesures de contrôle de qualité rigoureuses avant, pendant et après la traduction. Nous voulons que chaque projet que nous produisons soit une marque d'excellence.
Nous comptons sur un réseau de traducteurs indépendants et de linguistes triés sur le volet, grâce auxquels les fournisseurs utilisent une technologie avancée pour offrir une qualité, une vitesse et une valeur imbattables.
Les concepteurs les ont créés pour créer un environnement de travail idéal pour les traducteurs afin qu'ils puissent vous livrer avec une rapidité et une qualité toujours croissantes.
L'expérience et la persévérance nous rendent meilleurs en équipe, car ensemble nous sommes plus forts.
La mission est de donner à plus de gens la liberté de travailler à la maison, de gagner un revenu décent et de mettre tout leur cœur dans ce qui pourrait être un revenu lucratif pour eux, tout en passant du temps avec leur femme et leurs enfants.
Nous apportons un bureau en ligne où nous croyons et croyons que cela attirera les meilleurs linguistes qui utiliseront leur expertise et leurs connaissances pour obtenir leur juste valeur et est la clé pour offrir un excellent service à nos clients.
Nous ne croyons pas à l'exploitation du linguiste pour l'enrichissement personnel. Nous voulons les aider à trouver du travail et à gagner honnêtement leur vie avec intégrité, à laquelle tout être humain a droit.
Deven Sachdeva.
Fondateur et administrateur
Bom dia a todos
Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) é uma empresa com um centro de tradução totalmente integrado no ProZ.
Fornecemos Serviços de traduções aos nossos clientes na colocação de empregos / projetos e destribuilos aos tradutores no nosso portal on-line
Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) fornece serviço de traduções aos nossos clients fornecendo emprego/ projectos e nos nosso site de tradução online a preços competitivos com traduções multiplas e em diferentes linguas.
Porque nos escolher
È nossa responsabilidade a implementação dos projectos e o sistema para a bem sucedida realização de cada objetivo do projeto.
Funcionamos como sendo os únicos contatos entre clientes e tradutores , caso a terceirização seja necessária num campo específico, assumir a responsabilidade de organizar e executar cada link no processo de tradução, rastrear o cronograma do projeto, fornecer feedback sobre problemas associados e garantir que as traduções sejam pontualmente entregues.
Uma marca de excelencia é o nosso objectivo onde enfatizamos constantemente a maximização do benefício do cliente. Traduções e serviços de alta qualidade conduzem ao nosso desenvolvimento,. Assim, em nossos projetos de tradução, observamos estritamente o processo operacional de "tradução, revisão e revisão" (como exigido pelo cliente) e adotar medidas rigorosas de controle de qualidade antes, durante e após a tradução.
Confiamos numa rede de tradutores escolhidos a dedo, usando uma tecnologia avançada para oferecer qualidade, velocidade e valor imbatíveis.
Um excelente ambiente de trabalho para os tradutores foi desenhado, para que possamos entregar-lhes com uma velocidade e qualidade cada vez melhores.
A experiência e a perseverança nos tornam melhores em equipe, porque juntos somos mais fortes.
A missão é dar a liberdade de trabalhar em casa a mais pessoas, ganhar um decente salario, enquanto passam um tempo em casa com a esposa e filhos.
Fornecermos um escritório on-line, onde acreditamos que isso atrairá os melhores tradutores, usando os seus conhecimentos e ganhando os seus justos salarios é a chave para oferecer um excelente serviço aos nossos clientes.
Não acreditamos em explorar o tradutor para o nosso enriquecimento pessoal, mas sim. queremos ajudá-los a obter trabalho e ganhar uma vida honesta com integridade, o que todo ser humano tem direito.
Deven Sachdeva.
Fundador e Administrador
Добрый день всем!
Служба письменных переводов (ATA Corporate Member 268078) является собственностью с полностью интегрированным центром перевода на ProZ.
Мы предоставляем услуги по переводу клиентам для размещения рабочих мест / проектов, и мы передаем их переводчикам на нашем онлайн-портале, чтобы принять работу / проекты по конкурентоспособным ценам для разных языков.
Реализация проекта - это наша ответственность и система для успешного выполнения каждой задачи проекта.
Мы работаем как единственные контакты между клиентами и переводчиками, если аутсорсинг требуется в определенной области, берут на себя ответственность за организацию и выполнение каждой ссылки в процессе перевода, отслеживание расписания проекта, предоставление отзывов, связанных с этими проблемами и гарантирование своевременной доставки переводы.
Высококачественные переводы и услуги стимулируют НАШЕ развитие, где мы постоянно подчеркиваем максимизацию выгоды клиента.
Таким образом, в наших проектах перевода мы строго соблюдаем операционный процесс «перевода, проверки и корректуры» (как того требует клиент) и принимаем жесткие меры контроля качества до и после перевода. Мы хотим, чтобы каждый проект, который мы производим, стал признаком совершенства.
Мы полагаемся на сеть избранных внештатных переводчиков и лингвистов, в соответствии с которыми поставщики используют продвинутую технологию, чтобы предлагать непревзойденное качество, скорость и ценность.
Дизайнеры построили их для создания отличной рабочей среды для переводчиков, чтобы мы и они могли доставлять вам все большую скорость и качество перевода.
Опыт и настойчивость делает нас как одна команда, потому что вместе мы сильнее.
Миссия состоится в том, чтобы дать большему числу людей свободу работать из дома, заработать приличный доход и вложить свои сердца в то, что может быть прибыльным для них, а также проводить время дома с женой и детьми.
Мы предоставляем онлайн-офис, где верим в то что это привлечет лучших лингвистов, которые будут использовать свой опыт и знания, чтобы зарабатывать свои справедливые сборы и являются ключом к оказанию отличного обслуживания нашим клиентам.
Мы не верим в использование лингвиста для личного обогащения. Мы хотим помочь им получить работу и честно жить, на что каждый человек имеет право.
С уважением,
Девен Шадева
Основатель и Администратор
Добрий день всім!
Служба письмових перекладів (ATA Corporate Member 268078) є власністю з повністю інтегрованим центром перекладу на ProZ.
Ми надаємо послуги з перекладу клієнтам для розміщення робочих місць / проектів, і ми передаємо їх перекладачам на нашому онлайн-порталі, щоб прийняти роботу / проекти за конкурентними цінами для різних мов.
Реалізація проекту - це наша відповідальність і система для успішного виконання кожного завдання проекту.
Ми працюємо як єдині контакти між клієнтами і перекладачами, якщо аутсорсинг потрібно в певній галузі, беруть на себе відповідальність за організацію і виконання кожного посилання в процесі перекладу, відстеження розкладу проекту, надання відгуків, пов'язаних з цими проблемами і гарантування своєчасної доставки переклади.
Високоякісні переклади і послуги стимулюють НАШЕ розвиток, де ми постійно наголошуємо максимізацію вигоди клієнта. Таким чином, в наших проектах перекладу ми суворо дотримуємося операційний процес «перекладу, перевірки та коректури» (як того вимагає клієнт) і приймаємо жорсткі заходи контролю якості до і після переведення. Ми хочемо, щоб кожен проект, який ми виробляємо, став ознакою досконалості.
Ми покладаємося на мережу обраних позаштатних перекладачів і лінгвістів, відповідно до яких постачальники використовують просунуту технологію, щоб пропонувати неперевершена якість, швидкість і цінність.
Дизайнери побудували їх для створення відмінної робочого середовища для перекладачів, щоб ми і вони могли доставляти вам все більшу швидкість і якість перекладу.
Досвід і наполегливість робить нас як одна команда, тому що разом ми сильніші.
Місія відбудеться в тому, щоб дати більшій кількості людей свободу працювати з дому, заробити пристойний дохід і вкласти свої серця в те, що може бути прибутковим для них, а також проводити час вдома з дружиною і дітьми.
Ми надаємо онлайн-офіс, де віримо в те що це приверне кращих лінгвістів, які будуть використовувати свій досвід і знання, щоб заробляти свої справедливі збори і є ключем до надання відмінного обслуговування нашим клієнтам.
Ми не віримо в використання лінгвіста для особистого збагачення.
Ми хочемо допомогти їм отримати роботу і чесно жити, на що кожна людина має право.
З повагою,
Девен Шадева
Засновник і Адміністратор
Hepinize iyi günler.
Yaratıcı Tercüme Hizmetleri Servisi (ATA Corporate Member 268078), ProZ üzerinde tam entegre bir çeviri merkezi olan bir mülkiyettir.
Müşterilere işleri / projeleri sunmak için Tercüme Hizmetleri sunuyoruz ve çeşitli diller için rekabetçi oranlarda işleri / projeleri kabul etmek için çevrimiçi portalımızdaki tercümanlara atıyoruz.
Bir projenin uygulanması bizim sorumluluğumuz ve her projenin başarıyla tamamlanması için gerekli olan bir sistemdir.
Belli bir alanda dış kaynak kullanımı gerekiyorsa, çeviri sürecinde her bağlantının düzenlenmesi ve yürütülmesi, proje programının izlenmesi, ilgili sorunlarla ilgili geri bildirim sağlanması ve zamanında teslimatın garanti edilmesi sorumluluğu üstleniyorsak, müşterilerle çevirmenler arasındaki tek temas olduğumuz içindir.
Yüksek kaliteli tercümeler ve hizmetler, müşterimizin fayda maksimizasyonunu sürekli olarak vurguladığımız gelişimi destekliyor.
Bu nedenle, çeviri projelerimizde "çeviri, inceleme ve düzeltme" işlem sürecini (müşterinin talep ettiği gibi) sıkı sıkıya görebiliriz ve çeviri öncesinde ve sonrasında sıkı kalite kontrol önlemlerini benimsiyoruz. Ürettiğimiz her projenin bir mükemmellik niteliği olarak kalmasını istiyoruz.
Bizzat seçilen serbest çevirmenlerden ve tercümanlardan oluşan bir sisteme güveniyoruz; satıcılar rakipsiz kalite, hız ve değer sunmak için ilerleyen bir teknoloji kullanıyorlar.
Tasarımcılar, çevirmenler için mükemmel bir çalışma ortamı yaratmak için onları oluşturdu, böylece size her geçen gün artan bir hız ve kalite sunabiliyoruz.
Deneyim ve azim bizi bir takım olarak daha iyi yapar, çünkü birlikte olduğumuz için güçlüyüz.
Görevimiz daha fazla insana evden çalışma özgürlüğü, iyi bir gelir elde etme ve evde eşleri ve çocukları ile vakit geçirerek onlara kârlı bir gelir sağlamaktır.
Onların, adil aidatlarını ödemek için uzmanlık ve bilgilerini kullanacak ve müşterilerimize mükemmel hizmet sunmanın anahtarı olacağı en iyi tercümanları cezbedeceğine inandığımız için bir internetden ofis imkanı sunuyoruz.
Tercümanları kişisel amaçlarla zenginleştirmek için çalıştırmaya inanmıyoruz. Onların iş kazanmalarına ve her insanın hak ettiği dürüst bir yaşam tarzına sahip olmaya yardımcı olmak istiyoruz.
Deven Sachdeva.
Kurucu ve Yönetici
Creative Translation Services Desk(美国翻译协会成员企业,编号268078)是ProZ.com上有着完整的翻译体系的独营企业。我们有多种语言对的翻译服务,报价极具竞争力,能为客户全面统筹管理翻译项目、工作。
我们的团队,经验丰富、不折不挠,日益团结而强大。让更多的人能够在家自由地工作,取得合理的报酬,爱上这份工作,同时有更多时间与家人在一起 -- 这是我们的使命。
Deven Sachdeva.
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1 year in business
4-9 employees
64 languages supported
11 services offered
36 industries served

Official Translation of Documents

+44 1908 424350
14 years in business
Less than 3 employees
All languages are offered and supported
Document translation, Translation
Finance / Banking / Accounting, Law/Legal, Government, Higher Education

Multilingual translation with Superpower

25 years in business
50-100 employees
English, Russian
Desktop publishing (DTP), Translation
18 industries served

Helping MLVs into Brazilian Portuguese

BrazLate is a language service provider (LSP) specialized in providing translation services to multi-language vendors. It offers the usual services of the language industry following the relevant quality standards and the specific instructions given by both direct and end clients.
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Established this year
Less than 3 employees
5 languages supported
8 services offered
16 industries served

Votre partenaire à l'international

+33 1 79 97 40 90
Based in Paris, Alpis offers both professional and sworn translations and interpreters in more than 100 different languages.
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4 years in business
4-9 employees
All languages are offered and supported
Document translation, Glossary/Terminology, Interpreting, Translation
5 industries served

Your business and IT partner

docnroll™ specialises in Business & IT, while also working with related sectors such as tourism..
docnroll™ is located in the historical village of Gan, located near Pau, the Basque Country and Spain in the French Pyrenees, in an area where the few remaining bears of the mountain chain still survive. This is a culturally rich region, with influences coming from Spain, the Basque Country and the United Kingdom.
We will always guarantee you the best possible customer satisfaction because your success will be ours too!
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No data about years in business, number of employees or capacity
All languages are offered and supported
14 services offered
43 industries served
Our services include translation, interpreting, transcription and subtitling
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13 years in business
Less than 3 employees
All languages are offered and supported
6 services offered
Finance / Banking / Accounting, Insurance, Law/Legal, Medical/Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical

Legal & Financial Translations

HL TRAD is a leading European translation and interpreting company, headquartered in Paris with offices in London and Brussels and exclusively focused on the legal and financial industries
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12 years in business
25-50 employees
All languages are offered and supported
9 services offered
5 industries served


16 years in business
25-50 employees
Desktop publishing (DTP), Localization, Translation
Automotive, Manufacturing/Industrial
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