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Start Your Global Digital Experience

+86 21 60556800
GILTWorks: Start Your Global Digital Experience, is a information service company focusing in the technical translation and localization services.
Targeting and Enabling, Trusted Delivery. Under this motto, GILTworks and our valued clients are targeting to the mutual business success and enabling our partnership moving forward with our trusted delivery.
when you need a translation and localization solution for your global presence with localized product, please vist our websites: and (Chinese only)
For any further info, please write to:
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2 years in business
10-25 employees
29 languages supported
19 services offered
5 industries served

Where language meets technology

Localised Web is a translation agency that offers language services for many sectors and localisation of text related web content within all areas of web and app localisation. All of these activities ensure the proper management of localisation needs for companies who seek a comprehensive and quality assured solution for localization of their content. Localised Web offers a professional one-stop-shop for the localisation of all web content categories. Our services are tailored to the client’s needs whether they are seeking localisation of the entire web site or single web elements. The harmonised approach will benefit the clients in terms of more streamlined content that can be supported by language specific style guides and terminology databases according to the client’s requirements. The localisation of one or more web categories will take into account the style and terminology used in other current web content categories on the site with the purpose of streamlining the content.
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1 year in business
4-9 employees
All languages are offered and supported
20 services offered
60 industries served

Your business and IT partner

docnroll™ specialises in Business & IT, while also working with related sectors such as tourism..
docnroll™ is located in the historical village of Gan, located near Pau, the Basque Country and Spain in the French Pyrenees, in an area where the few remaining bears of the mountain chain still survive. This is a culturally rich region, with influences coming from Spain, the Basque Country and the United Kingdom.
We will always guarantee you the best possible customer satisfaction because your success will be ours too!
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No data about years in business, number of employees or capacity
All languages are offered and supported
14 services offered
43 industries served
+49 (0)211 4403989-0
23 years in business
4-9 employees
34 languages supported
8 services offered
10 industries served

13 years in translation and localization

+82 (031) 712 1701
"Based in Korea, KL-Link Co. Ltd. is one of the fast growing, young Korean localization agencies with strong teams of highly qualified translators, linguists, DTP specialists and software engineers. By our well-experienced experts, we have provided professional services to IT, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Automotive, and many other industries.
We have the resources, capabilities and the proven experience to deal with projects from simple document translation to technical, complicated localization of software, web site or multimedia materials which require extensive engineering and DTP tasks. Because of these, we have established a large number of customers around the world.
We offer timely, personalized services at reasonable prices and are capable of delivering urgent translations within a matter of hours.
For more information, please visit our Web site at or send your queries to me at
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15 years in business
10-25 employees
9 languages supported
33 services offered
7 industries served

Translating for Winning

+33 (0) 362 260 386
After 14 years in the business, ABAQUE TRADUCTION has become an international translation agency with a wide range of specialisms. Our focus matches our clients’ priority for a fast, high-quality and competitive service.
Over 500 clients entrust us with the translation of their documents in all language pairs, all formats and all fields including management, marketing, economic, legal and technical.
ABAQUE TRADUCTION is highly reputed in the French tourism market, amongst others, with over 300 clients in the field: Tourist Information Centres, Local and Regional Tourism Boards, Amusement Parks, Monuments and Museums, Hotels, Campsites, Wineries and wine marketing.
We also have strong expertise in the industrial sector, particularly the Textile, Mechanics, Food and Construction industries.
With a network of over 500 native-speaking translators, ABAQUE TRADUCTION can meet any request with a fast turnaround.
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14 years in business
4-9 employees
All languages are offered and supported
12 services offered
44 industries served
The translation agency ADT International was set up in 1993 and has grown to become one of the leaders on the French market. We look to establish healthy and trusting relationships with our translators and can propose and establish individual partnership deals with those interested.
In line with our ISO 9001 : 2008 certification, we must apply the following recruitment process in order to continue working together.
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25 years in business
50-100 employees
18 languages supported
Editing, Interpreting, Localization, Proofreading, Translation
25 industries served

We value translators

One of the ways companies are financing their cash flow is with unreasonable delays in payment to translators. A quick look at the Proz Blue Board will show how badly linguists are being treated by even mainstream localization firms. At the same time, linguists are facing attempts by companies to replace them with automatic translation and then asking them to edit the results.
However, it makes sense that if localization companies can require on-time work with iron-clad deadlines, then linguists should expect on-time payment as well.
At Admerix, we understand that our most valuable resource is the linguist on our team. No automated system can supplant the knowledge and artistry of translation professionals. We have forged and maintained great relationships with our resources and are always thankful that they are a part of our team.
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No data about years in business, number of employees or capacity
28 languages supported
13 services offered
47 industries served

Doing things differently

For the most recent Freelance jobs apply here:
Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 175 languages. We provide translation and localization services, talent management, language tools, automation and technology, quality and program management. With more than 1,000 full-time employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Japan and China.
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21 years in business
More than 500 employees
All languages are offered and supported

One-stop; Professional; Reliable

8 years in business
4-9 employees
All languages are offered and supported
6 services offered

Time, Price, Accuracy = Our Mission

No data about years in business, number of employees or capacity
36 languages supported
Editing, Proofreading, Translation
Automotive, Engineering

EU, Mid-East, Indian, Asian Langs & DTP

GevaTrans is a reliable translation agency providing highly professional translations at reasonable rates. We deliver high quality documents whether we work on a one-word slogan or a million word translation. At GevaTrans we respect the language issues of different cultures. Our experience and know-how help corporate and private clients bridge the global east-west language and culture gap.
GevaTrans specializes in Middle Eastern, North African, Asian, Indian, Pakistani and European languages in a variety of specialist fields such as legal, technical, medical, medical devices, clinical trials, pharmaceutical and scientific. We offer a full range of translation and language services including DTP (Desktop Publishing), copywriting, editing, production and typesetting.
At GevaTrans we are experts with right to left languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, etc and typeset right to left and left to right languages using standard DTP programs. We are proud to have our own tools that enable right to left languages to be supported for most DTP software programs.
Our MENA Desk serves our clients’ needs for professional, high quality Middle Eastern and North African languages including Greek and Turkish. Please contact us for more details. Other language groups are dealt with by our International Desk.
If your supplier of translation and localization services treats you as just another number then be sure to reassess your position. Work with GevaTrans and benefit from our know-how and high standards, and enjoy the value of working with people you can trust and get good old-fashioned service 24/7. We aim to satisfy our clients and go that extra mile to do so.
Whether you are a translation buyer or vendor we hope you enjoy our blog. Please click here to take a quick look.
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12 years in business
Less than 3 employees
61 languages supported
20 services offered
53 industries served

Using language as a business accelerator

+44 (020) 77942929
ILT Group positions itself as a strong and strategic language services provider with a customer-centric orientation and an eye on future client and industry demands.
ILT Group is strong because we have grown steadily since the company was born in 1996, and strategic because our continual expansion has not been by chance – but has been a result of planned, on-going investments in people and technology.
ILT Group’s raison d’ệtre was the growing demand for localisation among the world’s leading companies from the Information Technologies sector: SAP, Cognos, Microsoft, Siemens, Crystal and many more.
Our awareness of market growth and our great care in selecting and retaining in-house staff and trained freelancers – our true assets – have enabled us to explore new business opportunities. In addition to IT, the Legal, Financial, Biotech and Green Technologies sectors have also become important areas of specialization.
Our ever-expanding international client list demonstrates our ability to win the confidence and trust of new world-class clients.
DTP and Internationalization/Globalization Consulting are two additional areas which represent our expertise. With these areas in mind, we hope to create strategic partnerships in the near future that will help us continue to meet client demand and new challenges.
The international firms and government institutions who have entrusted us with their critical projects give an indication of the calibre of our work. The key-words for our future plans are: flexibility…adaptability…scalability.
Perhaps our proudest achievement to date, however, is the fact that over the years, while SAP’s provider selection criteria has become increasingly rigorous, we have continued to maintain our role as one of SAP’s preferred providers.
For further information, please call us on:
Rome: 06-58320990 - Via F. Casini 6, 00153
London: 0044-20-33842458 - 59 Hillfield Road, NW6 1QD
or write to
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22 years in business
10-25 employees
All languages are offered and supported
26 services offered
36 industries served

From Languages to Langways

Who we are: ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company. Member GALA, Member ATA(American Translators Association).
What we do?: Localization, Translation, Subtitling, Dubbing & Voice overs, Multilingual DTP, Multilingual Content Analysis, E-Learning
Languages: We work in 100 Languages( European, Indian & Asian)
Indian Languages: Special Division of Indian Languages with 40 Professional In house Translators.
Expertise Areas: Technical, Marketing, Legal, Medical, Documentation
Quality: Industry Golden Quality Standards in place
Tools: All leading Translation Tools including Trados, Memoq, Wordfast
Offices: India : Delhi, Mumbai, Pune
International Sales Offices: Tokyo, Beijing
Please contact us If you need any more information.
Phone: 0091 9665990310
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11 years in business
50-100 employees
All languages are offered and supported
39 services offered
60 industries served

Developing Creative Content

db Group endeavors to close the circle of all your business needs in a one-stop shop, also it is well known for its privileged team of specialized, professional translators who are cultured, well-educated and have the know-how required for high quality results. It is a must for our translators to get familiar with the culture and ideology of the target society to release culture gaps between the two texts.
Our offices are based in the heart of Europe, Africa, and Middle East; two offices at” United Kingdom, Germany”, “ another two at Egypt and three at U.A.E“.
We are specialized in "Middle Eastern Languages" focusing on the MENA region (English/German/Arabic main source languages).
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5 years in business
100-500 employees
92 languages supported
39 services offered
56 industries served

Connecting Across Language & Culture

Weaving Cultures, LLC, is an interpreting agency like no other. We only work with interpreters and translators who have documented professional training consistent with industry standards. We offer superior interpreting and translating services by means of close partnership with our interpreters, translators, and customers to ensure ongoing quality, accountability, and continuing education. We service over 70 languages in the Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN metro area, in Greater Minnesota, and many more languages worldwide. We have collective experience and expertise in a wide range of healthcare, social service, legal, and education settings, which we use to offer workshops and seminars with the ultimate aim of improving the respectfulness and effectiveness of care/service delivery to culturally diverse and Limited English Proficient populations. We provide interpreting services in over 70 languages, and consulting services for every business sector.
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5 years in business
4-9 employees
All languages are offered and supported
17 services offered
58 industries served

Trustworthy partner for the best quality

A small, but skilled agency with excellence and good working knowledge on IT.
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12 years in business
4-9 employees
English, Japanese
12 services offered
14 industries served

Experienced, fast, EN<>JA specialists!

With over 40 FULL-TIME in-house employees, including native English and native Japanese linguists, we are the largest translation company to specialize exclusively in ENJA technical translation. Our key specialities are patent, medical/pharma, legal and IT/computer technology. Based in Vancouver, which is a rich source of experienced and qualified linguists--both Japanese immigrants and Americans/Canadians--Kakkazan Innovations Inc has been in the business since the year 2000, and has done work for companies ranging from the largest corporations in Japan and the USA to small patent attorney firms working in every conceivable technical discipline, all the way down to highly specialized medical papers written by professors at Japanese universities.
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18 years in business
50-100 employees
English, Japanese
Fast Professional Business Translations
We provide corporate business translation services to a range of mid-sized and organizations.
Get the services you need for software solutions for multilingual websites and in-house translation portals.
Along with highly competitive translation rates, we are the ideal business translation partner and have worked with hundreds of clients to get them what they need.
Security – our customers have confidence that documents will be handled safely and remain confidential. We have special tools and systems to ensure the privacy of our content during and after the translation process.
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12 years in business
100-500 employees
All languages are offered and supported
34 services offered
60 industries served

FR-EN specializing in finance and law

With over 25 years of experience, we ensure a speedy, reliable, high-quality translation of contracts and corporate documents.
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2 years in business
Less than 3 employees
Spanish, French
Document translation, Editing, Proofreading
5 industries served
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