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Who cast that first fateful tomato that started the La Tomatina revolution? The reality is no one knows. Maybe it was an anti-Franco rebellion, or a carnival that got out of hand. According to the most popular version of the story, during the 1945 festival of Los Gigantes (a giant paper mâché puppet parade), locals were looking to stage a brawl to get some attention. They happened upon a vegetable cart nearby and started hurling ripe tomatoes. Innocent onlookers got involved until the scene escalated into a massive melee of flying fruit. The instigators had to repay the tomato vendors, but that didn't stop the recurrence of more tomato fights—and the birth of a new tradition.

Fearful of an unruly escalation, authorities enacted, relaxed, and then reinstated a series of bans in the 1950s. In 1951, locals who defied the law were imprisoned until public outcry called for their release. The most famous effrontery to the tomato bans happened in 1957 when proponents held a mock tomato funeral complete with a coffin and procession. After 1957, the local government decided to roll with the punches, set a few rules in place, and embraced the wacky tradition.

Though the tomatoes take center stage, a week of festivities lead up to the final showdown. It's a celebration of Buñol's patron saints, the Virgin Mary and St. Louis Bertrand, with street parades, music, and fireworks in joyous Spanish fashion. To build up your strength for the impending brawl, an epic paella is served on the eve of the battle, showcasing an iconic Valencian dish of rice, seafood, saffron, and olive oil.

Today, this unfettered festival has some measure of order. Organizers have gone so far as to cultivate a special variety of unpalatable tomatoes just for the annual event. Festivities kick off around 10 a.m. when participants race to grab a ham fixed atop a greasy pole. Onlookers hose the scramblers with water while singing and dancing in the streets. When the church bell strikes noon, trucks packed with tomatoes roll into town, while chants of "To-ma-te, to-ma-te!" reach a crescendo.

Then, with the firing of a water cannon, the main event begins. That's the green light for crushing and launching tomatoes in all-out attacks against fellow participants. Long distance tomato lobbers, point-blank assassins, and medium range hook shots. Whatever your technique, by the time it's over, you will look (and feel) quite different. Nearly an hour later, tomato-soaked bombers are left to play in a sea of squishy street salsa with little left resembling a tomato to be found. A second cannon shot signals the end of the battle.

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Entry #19642 — Variant: Bokmål
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omfavnet den sære tradisjonen
Flows well
Good choic​e of words​.
kvelden før kampen
Flows well
The only o​ne, except​ for me, t​o know the​ correct m​eaning of ​"on the ev​e of". Not​ ​just ​be​for​e the ​​fight​, b​ut ​the ​e​veni​ng ​b​efor​e, ​w​hich ​is ​​the ​meani​​ng of ​"o​n ​the ​ev​e ​of".
Good term selection
No an unco​mmon word.​ I have us​ed it and ​heard it i​n use in T​onsberg.
Høye tomatkast fra lang avstand, skudd på nært hold, og enhåndsskudd fra middels avstand. Uan
Flows well
I think th​is is a ra​ther good ​translatio​n. It give​s the righ​t meaning ​in a way t​hat's easy​ to unders​tand.
Entry #19745 — Variant: Bokmål
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Det er det ingen som ve
Flows well
Stripped u​nnecessary​ text
å føye seg etter folkestemningen
Flows well
Entry #20359 — Variant: Bokmål
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en parade med gigantiske pappmasjédukker
Flows well translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.

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