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Boom times are back in Silicon Valley. Office parks along Highway 101 are once again adorned with the insignia of hopeful start-ups. Rents are soaring, as is the demand for fancy vacation homes in resort towns like Lake Tahoe, a sign of fortunes being amassed. The Bay Area was the birthplace of the semiconductor industry and the computer and internet companies that have grown up in its wake. Its wizards provided many of the marvels that make the world feel futuristic, from touch-screen phones to the instantaneous searching of great libraries to the power to pilot a drone thousands of miles away. The revival in its business activity since 2010 suggests progress is motoring on.

So it may come as a surprise that some in Silicon Valley think the place is stagnant, and that the rate of innovation has been slackening for decades. Peter Thiel, a founder of PayPal, and the first outside investor in Facebook, says that innovation in America is “somewhere between dire straits and dead”. Engineers in all sorts of areas share similar feelings of disappointment. And a small but growing group of economists reckon the economic impact of the innovations of today may pale in comparison with those of the past.

[ … ]

Across the board, innovations fueled by cheap processing power are taking off. Computers are beginning to understand natural language. People are controlling video games through body movement alone—a technology that may soon find application in much of the business world. Three-dimensional printing is capable of churning out an increasingly complex array of objects, and may soon move on to human tissues and other organic material.

An innovation pessimist could dismiss this as “jam tomorrow”. But the idea that technology-led growth must either continue unabated or steadily decline, rather than ebbing and flowing, is at odds with history. Chad Syverson of the University of Chicago points out that productivity growth during the age of electrification was lumpy. Growth was slow during a period of important electrical innovations in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; then it surged.

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Entry #25957 — Variant: Not specified
Entry tagging:
  • 1 user entered 3 "like" tags
امید افزا کاروباری آغاز کی علامتوں سے مزین ہو چکا ہے
Flows well
Good terms​ used
ن کمپنیو ں کےافسوں گروں نے بہت سے ایسے معجزات فراہم کیے ہیں جنھوں نے دنیا کو مستقبل کے لیے موزوں تر محسوس کرا دیا
Flows well
Nice flow ​makes it n​ear origin​al writing
خیالی پلاؤ
Good term selection
Keep it up​!
Entry #26876 — Variant: Not specified
Entry tagging:
  • 3 users entered 8 "like" tags
  • 2 users agreed with "likes" (2 total agrees)
ہائی وے 101 کے ساتھ موجود دفتری پارک ایک مرتبہ پھر سے پر امید نئے کاروباروں کے طغروں سے سجے ہوئے ہیں۔
Flows well
طغرے is th​e best tra​nslation f​or "insign​ia" term
انبار لگتے جانے
Good term selection
Not only c​onveys the​y sense bu​t also ver​y close to​ the liter​al meaning
Good term selection
جمود کا شکار سمجھتے ہیں
Flows well
برق کاری
Good term selection
Probably t​he only ri​ght transl​ation amon​g five ent​ries
بے ڈھب
Good term selection
Excellent ​choice for​ "lumpy"
سست روی کا شکار
Flows well
ایکا ایکی
Flows well
Entry #26882 — Variant: Not specified
Entry tagging:
  • 2 users entered 2 "like" tags
  • 1 user agreed with "likes" (1 total agree)
ایجادات کا سلسلہ بقا کی جنگ لڑ رھا ہے یا ختم ہو چکا ہے
Flows well
Good term selection
Entry #25909 — Variant: Not specified
Entry tagging:
  • 2 users entered 5 "like" tags
  • 1 user agreed with "likes" (1 total agree)
Good term selection
In proper ​context wo​uld also b​e a good t​ranslation​ for "brow​sing"
پہیہ چل رہا ہے۔
Good term selection
A good tra​nslation o​f "motorin​g on"
سبز باغ دکھانا
Flows well
تار چڑھاؤ
Good term selection
زوال پذیر
Good term selection
Entry #26852 — Variant: Not specified
Entry tagging:
  • 1 user entered 1 "like" tag
نزع اور موت کے درمیان
Good term selection translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.

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