Don’t let the name fool you — the new web series from comedian Brooks Wheelan is not about how one country’s comedy can be localized to suit another’s tastes. Instead, the globetrotting host – whose credits include a successful 2015 comedy album and a fleeting one-season stint on Saturday Night Live – cozies up to the locals to learn what people around the world love to laugh at.

In the first three episodes of ‘Laughs in Translation’, Wheelan travels to Denmark, Germany, and France. A healthy mix of storytelling, sightseeing, and “man on the street” type interviews accompanies each trip, and even viewers who have no particular interest in comedy will find plenty of wanderlust eye candy in the towering castles and cobblestone streets of the Old World. And if the first episode – where our host visits a well-loved Danish amusement park that boasts scatological sculptures as its chief amusement – is any indicator, there won’t be any shortage of off-the-beaten-path landmarks.

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