A former TransPerfect employee has filed a class action lawsuit against the New York-based language service provider (LSP).

The class action suit was filed in the Southern District of New York by Jesse Sackin, who, based on his LinkedIn profile, works at e-discovery provider Catalyst Repository Systems. Sackin was an Account Executive at TransPerfect from September 2013 to December 2015.

The ex-TransPerfect employee was among thousands of current and former staff whose W-2 information was stolen in January 2017: A member of the LSP’s accounting department fell prey to a phishing scam and forwarded the W-2 data to cybercriminals. The data included names, addresses, salaries, as well as bank account and Social Security numbers.

Sackin said the stolen information was of great value to cybercriminals and accused TransPerfect of failing to take the necessary precautions to safeguard employee information from unauthorized disclosure.