Reading a modern English version of Shakespeare just isn’t the same. But, uh, not understanding what on earth he’s saying? Not so great either. Shmoop’s Shakespeare in Modern English gives students the best of both worlds: reading the original text right alongside a modern English translation and summary.

Shmoop ( is known for its all-inclusive guide to Shakespeare called Shmooping Shakespeare, which includes everything students could ever want to know about the Bard: in-depth summary and analysis of every single one of his plays and many of his poems; an extensive biography; an entire section devoted to his most famous quotes and another devoted to the words he coined; and Shmoop’s famous Shakespeare Translator, which lets users turn their speak into Shakespeake.

Shakespeare in Modern English is the cherry on top, giving users the ability to read Shakespeare’s plays in their entirety while getting side-by-side insight into what’s actually happening in each scene. “If students aren’t quite grasping what’s going on, we Shmoop the next day after a long night’s reading,” says Jade Clukey, teacher at Carrabassett Valley Academy in Maine. “It has been especially helpful while reading Shakespeare!”