Wikitongues is a non-profit dedicated to language preservation and learning:

Wikitongues collects video oral histories from each of the world’s more than 7,000 language communities, preserving our common cultural heritage and amplifying stories from around the world. We publish our videos under a creative commons license to facilitate free educational use and raise awareness about the vast sum of human experience.

We compile word lists, phrasebooks, and dictionaries, a crucial step toward ensuring that every language is well documented, preserving it for future generations. We work to guarantee that students always have access, academics always have data, and activists always have resources to sustain and defend their cultures.

After a Kickstarter campain in 2016, Wikitongues is moving forward with Poly, a tool designed to streamline the process of creating and sharing dictionaries between any two languages. Speakers of languages without a written standard, including the world’s more than 200 sign languages, are supported by native video functionality. Poly is an open source and open data platform.

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