The Sideways Dictionary uses analogies and metaphors to explain tricky technology jargon. Try it out with something like “2 Factor Authentication”:

This New Dictionary Explains Complex Tech Concepts in Simple Terms Sideways Dictionary

Some tech terms are supported by multiple analogies and metaphors. You can scroll to read them all and get the general idea of what the whole thingamajig is all about. For instance, in the case of “2 Factor Authentication,” I like the second analogy more than the first. Go further and try something like “phishing” or “doxing”.

The Sideways Dictionary is meant to be a crowdsourced project. Google Jigsaw and Washington Post started out with 75 words but are now inviting contributors to add more analogies.

Log in with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter credentials and see if you have the clarity to explain complicated technobabble in simple words. You can share analogies and upvote or downvote the analogies you like. All submissions are moderated by editors.

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