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The global languages industry is evolving apace and there’s huge opportunity for candidates aiming to build a career in this space. But the question arises… with whom?

Adaptive Globalization engages with hundreds of applicants working within the localization and translation industry every week and provides them with advice and information on prospective employers.

We manage a global job-seeker community of over 30,000 translation, localization and language technology professionals, together with a constant influx of new ‘out-of-industry’ talent and entry-level professionals. Our candidates are always keen to learn which employers may offer them the most progression and fulfilment in their careers, as well as the best employee benefits, compensation and rewards.

Why not enter your company for a BELA 2017 − an opportunity to gain widespread industry recognition as a leading employer and attract the best talent for your business?

To select the BELA 2017 winners we will analyze information provided by every LSP that submits data to us, choosing one winner in each of five categories:

  • Best Language Service Provider for Employee Well-being
  • Best Language Service Provider for Employee Retention
  • Best Language Service Provider for Career Progression
  • Best Language Service Provider for Employee Benefits
  • Best Client-side Localization Employer

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