ELSPEET, THE NETHERLANDS, AUGUST 10th 2017 – Pieter Beens, freelance translator and owner of Dutch translation company Vertaalt.nu, introduces xl8 review. This new review project focuses on products that will bring health and productivity improvements for translators. The project initially starts with a monthly review, but inventors and manufacturers are already eager to participate.

“xl8 review is a great new way for translators to look at innovations that can improve their lives”, says Pieter Beens. He started the project out of curiosity, initially reviewing books on his business blog. Combining his interest in product innovations and review experience for various newspapers and magazines, he decided to bring out xl8 review to specifically focus on products that can be of use for translators. “Every year many tools and products are introduced to improve our lifes, but it is up to xl8 review to prove what they are worth.” The success of the new series of product reviews is already indicated by a huge list of inventors and manufacturers wanting to have their products reviewed, says Beens. “I have a book scanner, innovative flower pot for offices and hydration bottle among others. Manufacturers are really interested in having their products tested for the specific translation industry.”

The first review is to be published in a couple of weeks, and a new review will be added each month afterwards. Beens: “My initial plan is to publish monthly, but the long list makes it almost essential to increase the frequency.” xl8 reviews will be posted on The Open Mic as well. ProZ.com has also shown an interest in useful reviews for translators. The xl8 review project will therefore have a reach of tens of thousands of translators.

Website: https://www.vertaalt.nu/xl8-review