A survey of freelancers and the results were recently published by Wise Brand. The company focuses on providing marketing services, so the survey is mostly centered on marketing efforts and results. Some of the numbers:

  • 55% of freelancers spend 3 hours a week on their online marketing efforts
  • 51% of respondents considered marketing too time-consuming, and 41% felt marketing was too costly
  • 83% are investing financially in online marketing of some sort
  • 72% say they are spending less than 100 USD a month in marketing
  • The average survey respondent had reached their income goal within two years of starting out

You can read more in this article on Entrepreneur: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/308524

Or see the report by Wise Brand: http://wisebrand.co/state-of-the-freelance-nation-survey/press-release/

How do these results compare with your own experience? Are numbers like these likely to be very different among freelance language professionals specifically?