The Day Translations Day Awards

It’s time to celebrate the individuals, projects, and tools that have taken the language industry by storm this year!

Day Awards 2019

Every year, we recognize and promote those who are leading and innovating in the language industry, and the members of our team who are helping us grow and thrive. Learn more about the Day Awards and about how you can participate in choosing this year’s winners.

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The Ceremony

On September 30, International Day of the Translator, Day Translations will broadcast its yearly award ceremony. On this event, available on our Youtube channel, we’ll celebrate the teams, individuals and projects who have taken the language industry into the future.

Translation Tool Awards

Best Translation Management System – Nominee 2019

Best CAT Tool – Nominee 2019

Foreign Media Awards

Best Localized Game – Nominee 2019

Best Subtitles For A Non-English Film – Nominee 2019

Best Translated Book – Nominee 2019

Language Professional Awards

Best Day Translator of The Year

Best Day Interpreter of The Year

Our Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria

Nominations for the Day Awards will close on August 30th.

These are the rules of our 2019 Day Awards:
  • Our Committee for the Day Awards will be comprised of a Day Translations’ Translations Project Manager, an Interpreting Project Manager, a Localization Expert, an HR Representative, and a Presidency Representative.
  • Any individual, except for the members of the Committee, can fill out our nomination forms, regardless of whether they have worked for Day Translations, Inc. in the past, or not.
  • For the Language Professionals Nominations’ Section (Best Translator & Best Interpreter), all individuals nominated should be currently working or should have worked throughout the previous calendar year with Day Translations, Inc. If the Committee does not find any record of your nominee in our company files, he/she will not be considered.
  • All individuals must only nominate one person / tool / media asset on each form (i.e. You cannot nominate a CAT tool on Monday, and a different CAT tool on Wednesday). All those additional forms filled out by the same person twice will be disregarded.
For your Nominee(s) to be eligible, you must:
  • Fill out the chosen Nomination form(s) in its/their entirety. Forms without all the required elements will not be counted as valid.
  • For the Language Professional Award Section (Best Translator & Best Interpreter), you must provide the email of your Nominee with his/her permission. Day Translations, Inc. may or may not contact this person in order to find out more about their background and experience, and they must be fully aware that they’re being nominated.
  • Be detailed in open answers. This is your chance to fully explain why this person / media asset / tool should be selected as a possible winner of the Day Awards.
  • We will evaluate Translation Tools Candidates based on usability, cost-value, the developer company’s trajectory, design, and special comments included in the open answer section of the form.
  • We will evaluate Language Professional Candidates based on experience, languages translated, and special occasions explained in the open answer section of the form.
  • We will evaluate Foreign Media Candidates based on quality of translation, cultural awareness, localization, and special comments included in the open answer section of the form.