UK Linguists Earn GBP 30 per Hour for LSP Work, CIOL Survey Finds

An October 2019 survey report released by the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) marks the first in a series meant to “provide a snapshot of the languages professions in mid-2019, at a time of political and economic uncertainty in the UK”.

The picture that emerges, the report concludes, is “both contrasting and challenging.”

From May to June 2019, 431 language professionals answered the CIOL Insights survey’s quantitative and open-ended questions about working conditions. Over 65% of respondents said they lived in the UK, and 24% said they lived elsewhere in Europe. Almost 84% of respondents had some type of affiliation with CIOL.

Over 70% of respondents identified themselves as translators and interpreters. Options also included “those who use languages as part of their professional role (9%), teachers/lecturers (8.6%) and students (4.6%).” A catch-all “other” category, selected by 5.6% of respondents, covered “editing, proofreading, copywriting, examining and lexicography.”