Jane Josefowicz was volunteering as an English teacher at the Refugee Dream Center last fall when one of her students came in with a bag full of documents.

“She grabbed all these letters out of her purse and she was like, ‘Help me with these,’ ” Josefowicz said.

The woman, who spoke Arabic and only limited English, had been letting the papers pile up. They included time-sensitive communications about health coverage and notices of her child’s eligibility for the free lunch program at school.

“She just didn’t know what they were,” Josefowicz said. “She didn’t know that they were important.”

Josefowicz, a 16-year-old junior at the Wheeler School, realized that, for many refugees who come to the United States and don’t speak English, dealing with government bureaucracy can be a massive challenge.

So, she set out to help.

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