To scale the work that Translators without Borders does to support humanitarian NGOs they are building an online platform, and as well as Google are both donating important pieces of the technology to bring this project to life. This will allow the creation of a self-managing community where professional translators can interact directly with the NGOs who need their help.

TWB’s first goal is to extend the work they do, mostly supporting NGOs to help people in crisis situations. This week they’ve done translations in support of work in Haiti, Yemen, Pakistan, Niger, Chad, Congo, Nigeria and Kenya. Some of the texts are heart-breaking, of course, but others are quite uplifting, like projects to build a school in Gaza, a multimedia lab in Kabul and a garment microfinance business in Sri Lanka.

This self-managing community can extend to translators in developing world languages to translate important medical, technical, scientific and educational content to open up vast knowledge resources in local languages.

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