Hundreds of companies are working to hammer down the language barrier, but Google’s about to bring in a wrecking ball. For the past year, the giant amongst search engines has been touting a new feature they will be bringing to their smart phones – it’s called ‘Conversation Mode’. Combining the high speed text translations of Google Translate and the text to speech/speech to text skills of Google Voice Actions, Conversation Mode allows users to speak in one language and have their phone speak in another. Google hasn’t announced any firm launch dates (it’s been ‘months away’ for months now) but they demonstrated the technology during IFA 2010 in September to great effect. You can watch the demo in the video clip below. We’ve seen smart phone based applications like this before, but not with the power or versatility of Google Translate behind them. For those who are keeping track, GT added its 57th language this year. Conversation Mode still has its bugs to work out, but it looks like a nearly universal translator could be coming to your phone in 2011.

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