Euan Fry, who helped bring world class translations of the Bible to the indigenous peoples of Australia and PNG, died suddenly in his garden on Tuesday 1st March, 2011

Born in Melbourne in 1933, Euan became a teacher and missionary in Papua New Guinea. After studying theology he was ordained into the Methodist ministry in PNG.  Keenly interested in Bible translation, Euan then led the Tinata Tuna Bible Translation Project.

The Bible Society in Australia appointed Euan as Director of its Translation and Text Division in 1967, a position he held with distinction until his retirement in 1988.  In those years, the Australian translation office was responsible not only for Australia but for PNG and the Pacific as well. Euan was a key figure in world Bible Translation circles at the beginning of the era when Australia led the world in translation strategies and techniques, a role he continued in retirement as Editor of The Bible Translator for 30 years from 1972 to 2002.

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