GALA runs a quarterly economic survey among its members each quarter. This quarter approximately 36 percent of their membership of 256 companies completed the survey and the results have been published on GALA’s blog.

Regarding revenue growth the report rounds out the good news from the first quarter. Last quarter revenues were depressed, with the first dip in revenues that has occurred in the past seven quarters. But this quarter there was a decisive shift upwards. Worldwide, 46 percent of respondents reported an increase in revenues, 35 percent reported no change, and 20 percent reported a decrease. While still below half, the number of respondents reporting an increase is the highest since we began asking this question almost two years ago. (Only 19 percent of respondents reported an increase in the second quarter of 2009). Likewise, the percentage of those experiencing a decline was at its lowest.

Responses to the survey question “In the last three months, my revenues have increased, decreased, or stayed the same.”

Regionally, South America and Asia shifted the most relative to last quarter. Only 10 percent in South America reported lesser revenues, down from 50 percent last quarter. The picture was similar in Asia, where 14 percent had a decrease in revenue, down 44 percentage points from last quarter. North America continued to have the strongest revenue numbers, with 62 percent reporting an increase. Read full report.

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