Workers for a UK firm based in France have gone on strike because their bosses only speak English.

All 184 staff at Thermal Ceramics in Saint-Marcellinen-Forez are staging walkouts every day over what they see as Anglo-Saxon industrial imperialism.

Workers’ representative Thierry Juvin said: “We say ‘hello’ in French but then communication stops.

Every meeting is an ordeal. We have to have someone who translates everything into English, then anything our boss says has to be translated into French.

“This makes dialogue extremely slow.”

The Loire valley factory produces ceramic fibre insulation – but walkouts have been held most days after English-speaking bosses took over earlier this year.

Staff at the factory had previously not gone on strike for more than two decades.

Pierrick Dumont, of the CGT union, said: “I don’t think it’s up to us to speak English. We are French workers based in France.”

Thermal Dynamics chief executive Diane Gaillot said: “The situation is temporary.

“We are recruiting and the next director will certainly speak French.”


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