Excerpt from an article at State News

Ms. Ballance is an advocate of translation, but in addition to simply translating ads she says marketers need to understand the cultural differences in language. This calls for transcreation.

“[Transcreation is] normally reserved for marketing copy with heavy messaging that does not ‘translate’ simply. It is localization at its best combined with a flair for copywriting,” said Ms. Ballance. “Imagine you work directly for a company that has a new product or service that they wish to launch, and you are charged with creating and manipulating the promotional text that will not only introduce this to the [domestic] audience, but bring it to life and make people really believe in it. It should intrigue them, beguile them and, ultimately, prompt them to buy into the concept. [Transcreation] allows you to reach the audience at an emotional and intellectual level, making the communication both more meaningful and more effective.”

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