Translation has an impact on virtually every aspect of society, politics, and economics, but how much of what you know about translation is really true? You might be surprised to learn that translation is a highly diverse and complex market — and one that’s bigger than you might think. Here are ten of the most widely held myths about translation:

1. Translation is a small, niche market.

2. The need for translation is fading away.

3. Most translators translate books; most interpreters work at the United Nations.

4. Any bilingual can be a translator or an interpreter.

5. Interpreters and translators do the same thing.

6. Translators and interpreters work in more than two languages.

7. Translation only matters to “language people.”

8. Crowdsourcing puts professional translators out of work.

9. Machine translation is crushing the demand for human translation.

10. All translation will someday be free.

See: The Huffington Post