The Bangla Language Movement of February 21, 1952, popularly known as Ekushey (the 21st),was a socio-politico-cultural movement in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) advocating the recognition of the Bangla language as an official language of Pakistan. Such recognition would allow Bangla to be used in government affairs.

In fact, the Language Movement sixty one years ago catalysed the assertion of Bengali national identity in the then Pakistan, and became a forerunner to Bengali nationalist movements, including the emergence of self-rule consciousness in 1954 general election, student movement in 1962, 6-point movement, uprising in 1969 and, subsequently, the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

The supreme sacrifice of the martyrs of the language movement on February 21 (1952) became an epitome of the inspiration for sustaining self- consciousness and dignity as a nation. It established the only nation in the globe which is named after its language, Bangladesh. February 21 was such an epoch making event that it has been immortalised by global recognition as International Mother Language Day. More >>

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