Supreme Court (SC) has set up department of Translation in order to issue verdicts in Urdu besides English as per Article 251 (1) of the Constitution.

Decision with regard to petition on misuse of secret funds at government level has been issued in Urdu as well.

SC in its reply sent to the petitioner Syed Ghafran in the perspective of his petition has said his petition has been received in the court whereby he has presented references and pleas for introducing national language Urdu as official language in all the government departments, offices, institutions, courts and educational institutions of the country.

The SC has informed him through its reply that it has taken first step in this regard by establishing department of translation to publish all the cases of public interest in Urdu. This department is performing its functions in a befitting manner.

The court has also sent the petitioner a copy of decision pertaining to misuse of secret funds case and sought his further opinion and proposals.

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