Google, adding to its list of introductions and updates, will be pushing out a major new feature to its Google Now voice-recognition service – simultaneous multi-language voice-recognition.

The update for Google Now, originally set to arrive on June 25 and due sometime in the American summer, will give it true multi-language support with seven languages simultaneously. This means that Google Now will be able to recognise seven different languages at one go within a sentence or a phrase.

It has been noted that users, in order to experience the multi-language support feature in Google Now, would have to pre-select the desired secondary languages. For those who are aware, Google Now currently supports up to 52 languages.

In a recent interview with Cnet, Johann Schalkwyk, lead software engineer of Google Now mentioned some of the myriad problems which they might have to face in order to make the service nearly perfect.

Schalkwyk adds that ambient noise, differently spoken patters including accents and kid’s speech are some of the problems faced by them. “Speech and input modalities are very difficult” he said. “They’re learning to enunciate better; they don’t always speak grammatically; they yell at the phone; they hyper-enunciate — ‘DIE-no-saur.” More.


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