i02-Intro to Consecutive Interpreting

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Duration: 180 minutes.

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This course is part of a series of online workshops with lessons on a variety of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services topics, designed for working and aspiring translators, interpreters, and linguists as well as personnel working at all levels of the healthcare industry with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and other patients having limited knowledge of the “prevalent language” in their country of residence.

The courses may be taken individually or as a progressive series of bundles, in real time online on scheduled dates, on dates scheduled at your request, or on-demand at your own pace in video format. Additionally, each participant who purchases a bundle will receive a free bonus lesson in project management plus a free one-on-one career-planning 1/2 hr session with Claudia (via Skype) to help you design your personalized roadmap to your professional future in the industry, or to discuss in detail any topic of particular interest to you.

A ProZ.com Certificate of BASIC INTERPRETING KNOWLEDGE will be issued to Bundle Participants

Participation fee:
Each 3hr session: 40 USD individually
Discount if you purchase the 4-session bundle: 120USD per bundle (plus 1/2 hr personalized video or phone interview)

Purchase 4 (four) online workshops and get the 5th lesson as a bonus.

Online Workshop i01: INTERPRETING in the Global Village of the 21st Century
Online Workshop i02: Introduction to CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING
Online Workshop i03: Introduction to TELEPHONE AND VIDEO INTERPRETING
Online Workshop i04: Introduction to HEALTHCARE INTERPRETING
Bonus Lesson - Online Workshop i05: State of the Interpreting Industry

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Summary:Do you want to work as an interpreter in the community, or in business, or the healthcare industry? Do you think you can work as an interpreter for the military or the courts? Did you know that interpreting is growing at a rate of 22% per year, more than most other professions? This is your first step to your professional development!
Learn the underpinnings of Consecutive Interpreting, the most popular form of interpreting. The interpreter listens to several sentences delivered by a speaker in the source language, taking notes to ensure accuracy and completeness in the capture of the message; the speaker then stops talking to allow the interpreter to deliver the verbal interpretation of the message; during such pause, the interpreter conveys the information out loud and clearly, in the target language; the speaker and any other parties involved listen in silence to the interpreter; once the interpreter stops, the same speaker or a different one will start speaking again while the interpreter listens. The cycle is repeated until the conversation ends.

During this workshop you will learn the basic roles of the consecutive interpreter as a conduit, a clarifier, a culture broker and an advocate. You will understand the importance of ethics, cultural competence, confidentiality, accuracy, completeness, impartiality, professional courtesy, and impediments to performance. You will learn about standards of practice, legislation and regulations (or the lack thereof), certification and training available.

Stress will be given to the need for highly developed note-taking skills. Information will be shared about exercises to improve memory and how to analyze ideas to understand content. Practice exercises will be provided to learn how to listen for meaning and how to prepare for interpreting assignments, including guides to acquire linguistic knowledge and technical terminology in the primary and secondary working languages, in different specialties and industries.
Target audience
Professional Translators
Aspiring Translators
Professional Interpreters
Aspiring Interpreters
Fully bilingual personnel who wish to enter the language industry
Learning objectives
Interpreting Bundle 2 of 4
At the completion of this workshop, you will clearly understand the training and competencies required to work as a consecutive interpreter, including the core processes of critical thinking, decision-making, and the ability to assess cultural interactions. You will have learned the work you must undertake to follow the most important standards of practice, and to acquire vocabulary and context, improve memory and note taking, ensure quality, accuracy, thoroughness, equivalency and correct usage; and how to deliver your message with adequate enunciation, speed , efficiency and effectiveness.
Fully Bilingual, with one of the languages being English.
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 Claudia Brauer    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Claudia became a trainer of translators and interpreters in 2011, after 35 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. She is also a speaker, writer and blogger on topics related to the current state of the translation and interpreting industry.

She has designed and delivered more than 300 hours of proprietary content and uses her wikis to freely disseminated some 25 copyrighted tools designed to help translators and interpreters in the 21st century virtual village.

The vision of BrauerTraining is to educate translators and interpreters, so they may become great quality professionals with a high code of ethics, embracing technology to remain competitive in today's world.

Claudia can be found on the web at http://brauertraining.com and on Twitter as @Brauer21Century.
Comments about this course

i02-Intro to Consecutive Interpreting

Susanne Reiche Identity Verified
Local time: 06:13
Member (2006)
English to German
+ ...
TimingJul 27, 2011

Hi Claudia,
Approx. how much time is spent on the issue of note taking and do you actually teach how to effectively take notes?
Thank you very much.



Claudia Brauer Identity Verified
United States
Local time: 00:13
Member (2011)
Spanish to English
+ ...
TimingAug 9, 2011

Hello, Sussane. First of all, sorry for the delay in responding. Apparently my site was not properly linked and I did not receive this comment until today. Note taking is vital for interpreters. For me, it is a very important aspect. However, note taking is a skill that you develop only with practice. I will give you some of the basic principles and will guide you to some interesting ways to develop your note-taking abilities. HOWEVER, these are just GUIDELINES. First, because there are many proven methods for note taking and it will depend on which one is best for you personally (for example, I learned short-hand 20 years ago and it works fine for me.... my closest friend uses a system she develops, where she writes the two first letters of each word... that would take me hours... lol...). So, yes, I will give you guidelines to different systems you may adopt, but I will stress that you will have to PRACTICE practice practice to develop your skill. There are even online courses you can take that could help you (just like there are typing classes or computer classes... note taking is just a skill like typing... you acquire it with time). I hope this answers your question. Hope to "see" you around soon. Have a great day.


Massimo Caliaro Identity Verified
Local time: 06:13
Chinese to Italian
Needed softwareAug 10, 2011

Hello Claudia.
I would like to ask you is any specific software is needed; my operative system is Linux, should I use Microsoft Windows to join the training?
Sorry for the silly questions, it's the first time I join an online workshop!

Thank you,

System requirementsAug 10, 2011

Hello Massimo,

Thank you for considering to take the training.

Please note that you do not need to upload any special software to take the course, but Linux is not supported by GTW, I am afraid. Therefore you might need to use Microsoft Windows to join the training. Please check the Virtual platform system requirements area for more information. You might need to click on the area title to expand it.

Hope this helps and clarifies. Please let me know if you need anything else.

My bests,


Massimo Caliaro Identity Verified
Local time: 06:13
Chinese to Italian
System requirementsAug 10, 2011

Thanks for your kind reply, Helen!



Prerna Bakshi (X) Identity Verified
Local time: 14:13
Hindi to English
+ ...
CertificateSep 7, 2011

Hello Claudia,

My question to you is that since I am from Australia and a accreditted by NAATI, in order for me to revalidate points for my accreditation, it is mandatory for me to attend workshops etc arranged by them. Now, if I attend online, do you hink there van be some kind of certificate etc that mighr get delivered that I can show them as an evidence at the end of this year?



English to Spanish
Question for ClaudiaSep 16, 2011

Hi Claudia, do you have a class that uses specifically English and Spanish and is training for consecutive interpreting in the medical setting only? This is what I need to brush up on.


Claudia Brauer Identity Verified
United States
Local time: 00:13
Member (2011)
Spanish to English
+ ...
CertificateSep 18, 2011

Hello, Prerna. Yes, ProZ will be issuing Certificates of Knowledge for Bundle participants at the end of the Bundle. These certificates will indicate that you took 15 hours of on-class instruction and the fact that it is or not online should not matter, at least in principle. Now then, you have to check with NAATI to make sure that they will validate the certificate. If they require you to submit any type of specific documentation, I'm sure we can arrange to provide it. Let me know if this answers your question. Have a great day!


Claudia Brauer Identity Verified
United States
Local time: 00:13
Member (2011)
Spanish to English
+ ...
English/Spanish Healthcare interpreting courseSep 18, 2011

Hello, DJBarg. No, at present we don't have a class that uses specifically English and Spanish and is training for consecutive interpreting in the medical setting only. We do have an Introduction to Telephone Interpreting in Spanish (see video list under education) and we have an upcoming session on healthcare interpreting but in English (with advise on how to work on your specific language pair). Maybe in 2012 we might develop something like what you are needing, but for the time being we don't have it. However there are some resources you might be able to go to. The University of George has a 40 hr program (http://www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/ppd/courses/interpreters-education-language-education-culture/professional-medical-interpreters-tran); Tennessee Foreign Language Institute has a 10 hr program (https://www.ssreg.com/tfli/classes/signin.asp?ref_url=/tfli/classes/cart.asp?id=48088&action=add); New York University has another program (http://www.scps.nyu.edu/course-detail/INTR1-CE9455/20113/medical-consecutive-interpreting-spanish-english). Have a wonderful day


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