Change of Roles: Transformation from Employee to Freelancer

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Topic: Grow your translation business

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Duration: 85 minutes.

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Summary:Within 60 minutes you learn how to set up your freelancing business, how to deal with the new challenges that await you and still to be able to have a private life. You will learn to deal with the problems, obstacles, priority struggles, and feeling helpless during the whole process of starting the new business by simply offering techniques to manage all these things, remain focused and motivated.
After taking the step myself and learning a lot about running a freelancing business I want to help others by offering combined information on some important subjects such as what to expect, what to avoid, what the challenges are and how to face them. The course is meant to encourage you and to help you to have a successful and healthy work-life-balance.

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Target audience
Employees thinking about dropping out and to become freelancers
Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
Experienced freelancers looking for possibly new information about running the business
Learning objectives
This course gives an introduction how to start a freelancing business and what responsibilities come along with setting up a business of one’s own. You will learn techniques how to deal with the new tasks, benefits, drawbacks, responsibilities and the huge workload that awaits you.
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- Why start freelancing
- What are the new responsibilities
- How to handle them
- How to remain on track
- How to run the business itself
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Desiree Staude    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: I have worked for over 21 years as an employed bilingual secretary for various corporations including ANZ Bank, the legal firm Oppenhoff & Rädler and KPMG; I have also served as a project assistant for both AT&T and Lufthansa Systems.

I started to work as a part-time freelance translator in 2008.

In 2011, I founded my own company in order to work full-time as a freelancer and enjoy an ever more diversified working life.
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