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- Mar 14 '11 ind>eng Penyakit yang terbanyak the most prevalent disease easy closed no
- Sep 30 '09 eng>ind Indonesian, Spanish, Tagalog bahasa Indonesia, Spanyol, Tagalog easy closed no
- Jul 22 '09 ind>eng Amper sama kang? So ganti.. dang.. Motivasi sto kang. Is it near the same, isn’t it? Just change it. Perhaps, you need more self motivation. easy closed no
4 Jun 3 '09 ind>eng Mdh2an emosi td mlm nda smpe ini pagi. Hopefully, last night’s emotion no longer exists this morning. easy closed ok
- May 30 '09 ind>eng Ke gw nggk blng thank's... kang! GATAL! You don't thank me anyway. Awful! easy closed no
- May 20 '09 ind>eng Nti qt dtg dgn henry. I will come with Henry. easy closed no
- May 20 '09 ind>jpn Kyo ga matta sigotto de isogasi ni narimasu. Current determination and hard work make it more successful. easy just_closed no
- May 20 '09 ind>eng Kyp bole jd bgni dang? So nda tahan qt. Why did it become like this? I can’t stand it anymore. easy closed no
4 May 17 '09 ind>eng Cipo yg rese klo mbo ha ha ada paytua dank. You can kiss me if you insist. Ha ha. My boyfriend is coming. easy closed ok
4 May 17 '09 ind>eng Henry dank ne dp. Henry did that, didn’t he? easy closed ok
4 May 17 '09 ind>eng Io dp inga trg msi ja bk bc kalakuan. Yes, we can still remember about his misdoing. easy closed ok
- May 15 '09 ind>eng Skrg mngkn blm,tp nnti ng pasti tau. Maybe not now but you must know it later. easy closed no
- May 15 '09 ind>eng Kapan lagi kang qt di sana? When will we be there again then? easy closed no
4 May 7 '09 ind>eng Tenang jo kwa qt nda mo ambe ng p Cipo! Just relax! I don't want your kisses. easy closed ok
4 May 3 '09 ind>eng Cowok gagah do kang. That’s he, the handsome boy. easy closed ok
4 May 3 '09 ind>eng Watak bgt ndaa. With such character of his/her? No way! easy closed ok
4 May 1 '09 ind>eng Sapa sto kang? Everyone knows. easy closed ok
- Apr 30 '09 ind>eng Aku b'tahan krn ku yakin cintaku kpdmu I can scrape along as I believe that my love is for you. easy closed no
4 Apr 30 '09 ind>eng Kong kiapa ngoni so ber nolstalgila dang. Why do you remember the past then? easy closed ok
- Apr 29 '09 ind>eng Mo jd nomat? Will we go to the cinema with cheap tickets? easy closed no
- Apr 29 '09 ind>eng Maksod loe! What do you mean with that? easy closed no
4 Apr 28 '09 ind>eng Tp pipi trus mbo nintau apa. But he/she often leaves his/her place that I don't know for what. easy closed ok
4 Apr 28 '09 ind>eng Aduh nintau apa tu cipo cium. Wow, I don't know what the kiss is. easy closed ok
- Apr 27 '09 ind>eng Sama le qt amper nda dapa lia. Just the same. I can hardly see. easy closed no
- Apr 27 '09 ind>eng Coba klo nynda plng Icha so hps! If Icha does not go home, she must be finished! easy closed no
4 Apr 27 '09 ind>eng Dr katu' da ta bgs di foto. I don’t know whether I am photogenic or not. easy closed ok
- Apr 27 '09 ind>eng Terlalu banyk complin ee... Yang penting kan kebersamaan. Too many complaints but we are still together, aren't we? easy closed no
- Apr 27 '09 ind>eng Qt kwa ada ta iko pa ngni 2. I will accompany all of you, wont’ you. easy closed no
- Apr 26 '09 ind>eng Okey dang... Yang penting so tau no... Santai. That’s okey. The important thing is that you’ve known it, have't you. Be relax. easy closed no
- Apr 22 '09 ind>eng Orng2 yg narsis foto itu Those are photos of the narcists. easy closed no
- Apr 22 '09 ind>eng Pkkx ini minggu musti klar. The point is that it must be finished this week. easy closed no
4 Apr 20 '09 ind>eng So rabe-rabe le. Napa doi konk bli calana baru jo. That’s already worn out, too. This is money and then just buy a pair of new trousers. easy closed ok
- Apr 20 '09 ind>eng Ngoni p calana p knop so tacabu kank? You have unbuttoned your trousers, haven’t you? easy closed no
- Apr 20 '09 ind>eng Mana doi dank. Give me money then. easy closed no
- Apr 19 '09 ind>eng Icha da tag do tu trg pics descriptions! Icha has tagged our picture descriptions by herself. easy closed no
- Apr 17 '09 ind>eng Masa boleh so? Can it be like that? easy closed no
- Apr 17 '09 ind>eng So mabo samua! Eits... Enak aja terkecuali aku dong! So besotted they are all! Oops. I am not! easy closed no
- Apr 16 '09 eng>ind the medical storage facility. sarana penyimpanan peralatan medis easy closed no
- Apr 15 '09 eng>ind at the end of the day yang terpenting, easy closed no
- Apr 15 '09 eng>ind humanitarian corridor jalur kemanusiaan easy closed no
- Apr 14 '09 eng>ind U.N. Sheltered school sekolah yang disediakan oleh PBB easy closed no
- Apr 14 '09 ind>eng Duh bae2 cinlok. Wow. Just be good. That’s love at site. easy closed no
- Apr 10 '09 ind>eng Sendiri itu membosan kan ! Being alone is very boring! easy closed ok
4 Apr 8 '09 ind>eng Pergaulan yang buruk merusak kebiasaan yang baik ? Does bad association ruin good habits? easy closed ok
4 Apr 8 '09 ind>eng Yes i also see trgantung themselves kitanya masing2. Yes, I also see. It depends on ourseleves. easy closed ok
4 Apr 8 '09 ind>eng Jngan sampe terjerumu ke hal yg tidak baek Don’t plunge yourself into misdoing easy closed ok
- Apr 8 '09 ind>eng Tergantung pembawaan diri aja. Depending on how you get along with others. easy closed ok
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