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- Dec 5 '20 eng>fas معادل فارسی برای عبارت red tape کاغذ بازی/ کارهای اداری pro closed ok
4 Feb 16 '18 .fs>eng کبریت بیخطر wouldn't hurt a fly pro closed ok
- Feb 11 '18 .fs>eng کسی را تنها گیر آوردن find someone alone pro closed ok
- Feb 10 '18 .fs>eng این و آن these people/ people pro just_closed no
- Feb 1 '18 .fs>eng از دهان در رفتن blurt it out / let it out (of your mouth) pro closed ok
- Oct 8 '16 .fs>eng وعده سر خرمن promise the earth/moon pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '15 eng>.fs kill a bill in committee لایحه‌ای را در کمیته با شکست مواجه کردن/به شکست کشاندن/رد کردن pro closed no
- May 15 '15 eng>.fs having mode نوع داشته/دارایی pro closed ok
- Apr 23 '15 .fs>eng واي به حال تو poor you pro closed ok
4 Apr 23 '15 eng>.fs good one! جالب بود/ قشنگ بود/ با حال بود/ ایول پسر حال کردم/ دمت گرم خیلی حال داد pro closed ok
4 Dec 8 '14 .fs>eng مته به خشخاش گذاشتن to go into the hair-splitting details/ to go into the petty details pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '14 .fs>eng هر وقت ماهى رو از آب بگيرى تازه است It's never too late to learn pro closed no
4 Jul 13 '13 eng>.fs get the sake اخراج شدن/ بیرون انداخته شدن/ از کار اخراج شدن pro closed ok
4 Mar 7 '13 fas>eng رو این حساب on account of/ as a result pro closed ok
- Feb 20 '13 eng>fas Pass گذشتن/ رد شدن pro closed ok
4 Feb 20 '13 eng>fas fiddlesticks مزخرفه/ چرته/ یاوه نگو pro closed ok
- Feb 20 '13 eng>fas fiddle ساز کسی کوک بودن pro closed ok
- Nov 8 '12 .fs>eng روی سر گذاشتن make a scene/ fuss pro closed no
- Jun 10 '12 .fs>eng تو باغ نیستی be out to lunch/ clueless pro closed no
- Jun 10 '12 .fs>eng کارهای عقب افتاده works/ things fallen behind the schedule pro closed no
- Jun 10 '12 .fs>eng تلبنار شدن کارها piled up works/ when works pile up pro closed no
4 Jun 7 '12 eng>.fs to burn one’s boats/bridges behind one تمام پل های پشت سر خود را خراب کردن pro closed ok
4 Jun 5 '12 eng>.fs With whatever they could find at hand با چوب چوماق/ با هر آنچه که در دست داشتند/ با هرچیزی که می توانستند پیدا کنند pro closed ok
4 May 28 '12 eng>fas the proof of pudding is in eating حلوای تن تنانی تا نخوری ندانی pro closed ok
4 May 28 '12 eng>fas it gives me an ucler خیلی نگرانم میکنه pro closed ok
- May 28 '12 eng>fas by all means هر طوری که شده/ به هر قیمتی که شده pro closed no
4 May 28 '12 eng>fas chronic exposure برای مدت طولانی در معرض چیزی قرار گرفتن/ تحت تاثیر چیزی بودن pro closed ok
- Apr 30 '12 .fs>eng فضولی موقوف you keep out of this/ mind your own business pro closed ok
4 Apr 27 '12 .fs>eng الکی خوش a happy-go-lucky sort of person pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '12 eng>.fs to go for wool and come back shorn دست از پا درازتر برگشتن pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '12 .fs>eng یا سر می‌رود یا کلاه می‌آید either win the saddle or win the horse pro closed ok
- Apr 20 '12 .fs>eng وفا نکردن his life failed him pro closed no
- Apr 19 '12 eng>.fs Long live the snake that doesn't bite me! زنده باد ماری که نیشم نزند pro closed ok
- Apr 11 '12 eng>.fs In the army of love, only the wounded may serve. آنکه باشد زخمی عشق و عاشقی هست سرباز سپاه مکتب دلدادگی pro closed ok
- Mar 16 '12 eng>.fs to show someone round (a city etc.) گوشه و اطراف شهر را به کسی نشان دادن pro closed ok
- Mar 16 '12 eng>.fs to get stressed out تحت استرس شدید بودن/ بسیار مضطرب شدن pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '12 .fs>eng گيرانداختن to catch sb/ to inform on sb pro closed ok
- Mar 13 '12 eng>.fs Man is a social animal. بشر/ انسان موجودی اجتماعی است pro closed ok
- Aug 30 '11 .fs>eng این طرف‌ترش (a bit) further over here (on/of it/ my body) pro closed ok
- Jul 25 '11 fas>eng گربه را دم حجله کشتن killed the cat by the honeymoon suite pro closed ok
4 Jun 16 '11 eng>.fs in elegant Persian فارسی فصیح/بلیغ؛ فارسی شیوا pro closed ok
2 May 14 '11 eng>fas the creaking bureau with the greasy plush collar-box گنجه/ کمد لباسی که صدای جیر جیر می داد و جعبه یقه مخملی که روعنی بود easy closed ok
4 May 14 '11 eng>.fs glad you share my doubts about… خوشحالم که تو هم مثل من به (کامپیوترها) اعتماد نداری easy closed ok
- May 14 '11 .fs>eng از کی گوش دادین؟ when did you start listening (to classical music) easy closed ok
4 May 13 '11 .fs>eng حق و حقوق rights and dues easy closed ok
4 Apr 25 '11 eng>.fs Vanity, thy name is woman! ای غرور/ خودپسندی/خودبینی، نام تو زن است easy closed ok
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