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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 5 '14 ind>eng tirakat ascetic pro closed ok
4 Sep 24 '13 ind>eng malesin Fed up easy closed no
- Aug 22 '13 eng>ind island hopping Jelajah Pulau pro open no
- Feb 14 '11 eng>ind Answer print Answer Print pro open no
- May 29 '08 ind>eng memperhatikan keseimbangan jumlah anggota Considering a balanced member composition pro closed ok
- May 8 '06 eng>ind carefully crafted stories cerita yang dirangkai dengan seksama pro closed ok
- May 1 '06 eng>ind more depth lebih mendalam pro closed ok
4 Apr 4 '06 eng>ind He is angry at the (economic) inequality in Indonesian society. dia marah terhadap ketimpangan ekonomi dalam masyarakat Indonesia pro closed ok
4 Apr 21 '06 eng>ind or the order way around atau sebaliknya pro closed ok
- Feb 21 '06 ind>eng dijual dalam bentuk segar sea products are sold freshly and in processed forms. pro closed ok
- Jan 24 '06 eng>ind Company, Number of pages, Venue, Participants, Responsible, Deadline Perusahaan, jumlah halaman, tempat, peserta, bertanggung jawab, tenggat easy closed ok
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