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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jul 23 '20 eng>eng stared me in the face (all that hard work) in front of him easy closed ok
- Jul 23 '20 eng>eng Dice unpredictable low bounce pro just_closed no
- May 29 '20 eng>eng heat round of a competition easy closed ok
4 Dec 28 '19 fra>eng de non contre-indication à there are no contra-indications to running in competition pro closed ok
- Jan 23 '19 fra>eng éducateur médico-sportif Adapted PE (Physical Education) Teacher pro closed ok
4 Oct 1 '18 eng>eng running 40 gear cold-weather/winter running gear (apparel, clothes) pro closed ok
4 Oct 23 '17 eng>eng marauding forward/full-back racing forward in attack (to find an opportunity to score or give an assist) pro closed no
4 Oct 21 '17 eng>eng bombing down the wing bombing up used too easy closed no
4 Oct 13 '17 eng>eng raise his/her/their game rise to the challenge and surpass it easy closed ok
4 Jul 28 '17 eng>eng first-line center elite/top ranking in position of first line-center pro closed ok
4 Jul 20 '17 eng>eng flat-footed backchecker awkward/inelegant backchecker (see below) pro closed no
4 Apr 28 '17 eng>eng owners of the two teams got into a fight possibly physical but more likely a heated argument pro closed no
4 Dec 20 '16 eng>eng falling into shots leaning forward trying to get shots in pro closed no
4 Nov 24 '16 eng>eng want a piece of him they hope some (of McGregor's) success rubs off on them by osmosis... pro closed no
- Sep 3 '16 eng>eng smothering blocking him at every turn/all over him pro closed no
4 Sep 3 '16 eng>eng closing him down blocking/smothering him/not letting him get into a flow pro closed no
4 Sep 2 '16 eng>eng through the A’s work the As (=combinations) pro closed no
4 Sep 1 '16 eng>eng he had a rally of four shots he got four shots in in quick succession pro closed no
4 Aug 31 '16 eng>eng revert to your boxing skills use actual skills rather tan just throw punches pro closed ok
- Apr 15 '16 eng>eng point of a sentence asked to be flag bearer/torch bearer for team but he failed in task pro closed no
- Feb 1 '16 eng>eng issue problem pro closed no
4 Dec 30 '15 eng>eng in sixty sixty shots/strikes pro closed ok
4 Dec 21 '15 eng>eng scoring in the reverse fixture scoring in the return game/match pro closed ok
4 Dec 19 '15 eng>eng solid fixture someone who is likely to start each match pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '15 fra>eng rupture (pour une chaussure) brio, oomph, stimulus, vim, verve, dash, impetus pro closed ok
4 Jul 7 '15 eng>eng post over your left leg pivot over, use left leg like a post pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '15 eng>eng stripping removability pro closed ok
- Nov 12 '14 eng>eng dandyhorse (dandydrome?) like a bicycle pro closed no
- Nov 1 '14 fra>eng complètement dans les choux sapped, spent, drained (of energy), zapped, exhausted pro closed ok
- Oct 31 '14 fra>eng sport en hauteur adventure sports such as mountaineering, climbing, caving, abseiling, via ferrata etc pro just_closed no
4 Apr 26 '13 ita>eng nodo a otto infilato invertito (with an) inserted and inverted figure-of-eight loop pro closed ok
- Mar 1 '13 ita>eng protagonista leading light pro closed ok
- Feb 10 '12 fra>eng bleu cina (Pale) China Blue pro closed no
- Oct 26 '11 eng>fra clinical finishing marquer des buts avec finesse pro closed no
4 Jul 18 '11 esl>eng bajará el telón del circuito will bring down the curtain on... pro closed ok
- Jun 2 '11 fra>eng tout un programme it/she has the whole/full shabang pro closed ok
- Apr 17 '11 esl>eng calle náutica (watersports outside) cordoned-off areas for swimmers pro closed no
- Mar 17 '11 fra>eng veine d'eau pourover/weir spillway pro open no
4 Mar 4 '11 fra>eng steak (tall) beefy/burly guys pro closed ok
4 Feb 24 '11 fra>eng Barrage Jump-off pro closed ok
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