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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 3 '18 eng>eng multiplicative commitments along all these fronts yes, have to keep increasing our commitments in line with the challenges we face pro closed no
- Mar 6 '16 esl>eng ríos encajonados channelled/banked rivers pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '14 eng>eng Energetic(al) energy-efficient/performance in terms of energy pro closed ok
- Jan 19 '14 fra>eng tardive (the) last (time) easy closed ok
4 Dec 18 '13 fra>eng Filière stream pro closed ok
4 Sep 17 '13 fra>eng mis en décharge contrôlée disposed of in a controlled way pro closed ok
- Aug 6 '13 fra>eng végétalisation phytoremediation pro closed no
4 Jul 3 '13 esl>eng protocolos internacionales de referencia International reference protocols pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '13 fra>eng carnet d'acteurs stakeholders information/policy/collaboration booklet pro open no
- Jan 3 '13 esl>eng Dirección General de Industria y Medio Ambiente de la Unión Europea DG for Industry and Trade and DG for the Environment pro closed ok
- Nov 21 '12 esl>eng Exige request pro closed ok
- May 25 '12 esl>eng cubas vats, casks pro closed no
4 Apr 29 '12 fra>eng bons de pesée weight certificate pro closed ok
4 Apr 27 '12 esl>eng recrear reconstitute pro closed ok
4 Nov 9 '11 esl>eng brañas guarnecidas por acebales upland meadows dotted with holly thickets pro closed ok
- Oct 23 '11 esl>eng mantuvo el transporte de humedad kept humidity levels (high throughout the region...) pro closed ok
- Aug 23 '11 fra>eng placer sur rétention (wastewater) holding pond/lagoon pro just_closed no
4 Aug 17 '11 esl>eng presencia de impacto con crudo evidence of the impact (pollution effects) of crude (oil) pro closed ok
- Jun 15 '11 fra>eng geste de tri (new) way of sorting waste/sorting waste/recyclables in a new way pro closed ok
4 Jun 10 '11 fra>eng Production des croissettes production of staurolite pro closed ok
- Jun 8 '11 esl>eng ¿Qué se entiende por cambio climático? What (exactly) is understood by Climate Change? easy closed no
- May 30 '11 esl>eng Entrada por concurso Competitive entrance exam(ination) pro closed ok
- May 27 '11 ita>eng Procuratore speciale con delega ambientale Special Agent responsible for environmental protection pro closed ok
- May 12 '11 fra>eng la hauteur des eaux coulant à pleins bords avant de déborder the channel capacity/(minimum) height of the banks before water overflows pro closed ok
- May 9 '11 esl>eng efecto hélice avión plane propellor/screw effect pro just_closed no
4 May 9 '11 esl>eng electrónica de control electronic controller pro closed ok
3 May 6 '11 fra>eng Bureau d’étude chargé de la protection et de la valorisation des eaux souterrain Consulting enginers for groundwater (resources) evaluation/survey and development of pro closed ok
3 Feb 6 '11 esl>eng mes-profesional professional OR graduate specialist (staff) monthly hours pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '11 fra>eng glissements de peau land/mud slides or flows/slumps pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '10 fra>eng induction de trafic increased/increase in (road) traffic pro closed no
4 Nov 3 '10 fra>eng coordinations de quartier joint local committees pro closed ok
- Nov 3 '10 fra>eng prix du palmarès the top award in pro closed ok
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