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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 2 '20 deu>eng sich hier ein höchst erbauliches Stelldichein geben enjoy this highly energetic gathering pro closed no
- Jun 24 '20 deu>eng legt noch eins oben drauf outshines/tops itself pro closed no
- Mar 10 '20 deu>eng schnapp-ab shooting from the hip pro closed ok
- Jan 30 '20 deu>eng Fundament und der Weg dorthin wurden gelegt... ....we paved the way, laying a powerful foundation pro closed no
- Jan 28 '20 deu>eng Adieu Öl adieu/arrivederci oil easy closed no
- Nov 11 '19 deu>eng Kopfkloß clogged mind/mental constipation pro closed ok
- Jun 15 '19 deu>eng Selbst ist der Mensch have both feet firmly on the ground pro closed no
- Feb 3 '19 deu>eng über den Tisch ziehen stole him blind/took him for all he was worth/ripped him off pro closed ok
4 Jan 14 '19 deu>eng in 2. Auflage über die Bühne gehen the second 'Handwerk' trade fair....takes the stage pro closed ok
3 Aug 14 '18 deu>eng Es ist besser, unvollkommen anzupacken, als perfekt zu zögern. It is better to try and fail than to never have tried at all pro closed ok
- Jan 8 '18 deu>eng Nicht die Katze im Sack kaufen Let the buyer beware! pro closed no
- Jan 6 '18 deu>eng Stammtischler regular nitwit/idiot/moron/ignoramus pro closed no
- Jan 4 '18 deu>eng Die Gegenwart erfolgreich fortschreiben, beherrschen nur wahre Enthusiasten. Only true aficionados/devotion/passion/commitment can successfully update the now/moment. pro closed ok
- Jun 29 '17 deu>eng sich einen goldenen Arsch verdienen earn money up the butt/have money coming out of his ass/shit money pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '17 deu>eng Strahlkraft geht weit über ... hinaus Energizes/Lights up the world pro closed no
- Mar 8 '17 deu>eng Schicksalsgemeinschaft community/marriage of convenience pro just_closed no
- Feb 20 '17 deu>eng Dampf in der Bude things were getting hot/tension was mounting pro closed no
- Dec 5 '16 deu>eng Büchsenmacher petticoat papa pro closed no
- Oct 19 '16 deu>eng Die Natur läßt sich biegen, aber nicht brechen I bend with (to) what nature gave me/Nature's gifts bend the rules pro closed ok
3 Jul 30 '16 deu>eng immer direkt drauf zu (always) steadily onwards pro closed ok
- Jun 11 '16 deu>eng Ausklang. Begegnung. Einstimmung. Wind down, and come together in harmony. pro closed no
- Apr 8 '16 deu>eng ein germanischer Germane a (truly) German German pro just_closed no
- Mar 25 '16 deu>eng das Höchste der Gefühle High rolling web-fed printers/ Web-fed printing bliss pro closed no
- Mar 13 '16 deu>eng Informationswüste Your way out of the data desert pro closed no
- Feb 24 '16 deu>eng nicht mehr alle Kronen im Leuchter haben have you gone off your trolley? pro closed no
- Feb 19 '16 deu>eng Kern des Pudels the source/essence/solution pro closed ok
4 Feb 15 '16 deu>eng Landratte landlubber pro closed ok
4 Feb 5 '16 deu>eng lassen sich erörtern rated/judged pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '15 deu>eng und fangen sich ein paar Dialer und Rennwetten ein and get ripped off/suckered by a dialer or two and a few racing bets pro closed no
- Jun 11 '15 deu>eng Tante Emma Our Mum serves... pro closed no
- May 14 '15 deu>eng Crowd und Rüben messy mass money/ A mass money mess/amassing money mess pro closed no
- May 7 '15 deu>eng Dahinwabbern Culture of Clumsiness/Ethic of Embarrassment/Folkways of Flummox pro closed no
- Apr 17 '15 deu>eng nicht viel nehmen there is little difference between the two varieties pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '15 deu>eng dünn besaitet sein to fall apart pro closed ok
- Dec 17 '14 deu>eng der verlängerte Arm I just help out where I can pro closed no
- Dec 5 '14 eng>deu seen how the sausage is made und kenne (ihr) das Geheimrezept pro closed no
4 Nov 29 '14 deu>eng ungestört erleben (fully) at their leisure pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '14 eng>deu cheeky sensibility augenzwinkernde Ausstrahlung pro closed no
4 Aug 22 '14 deu>eng Jetzt sind Ihre Ziele dran I'll get you there/where you're going/where you want to be pro closed ok
- Aug 21 '14 deu>eng So sehr er..., so sehr er... ...(verb) was as (adjective) as his/her (verb) was (adjective)... pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '14 deu>eng abstürzen (psychisch/im Leben) losing it/losing his grip easy closed ok
- May 1 '14 deu>eng Visuell ist das ein Hammer glorious visual (s) (effects) pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '14 deu>eng es schenkt ein it will cost you (plenty) pro closed no
- Jan 24 '14 deu>eng von Vornehmen der Vornehmste; von Rückgebern der Rückgebigste from the lofty, the loftiest; from the reactors, the most reactionary pro closed no
- Jan 12 '14 deu>eng Was Hans über Hänschen erzählt, sagt mehr über Hans aus als über Hänschen Whenever you point at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you pro closed ok
- Jan 10 '14 deu>eng alles heißt Rezept no one dares to say "boo!" to a cat pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '13 deu>eng Torschlusspanik (fear of) growing old alone/spinsterhood horror pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '13 deu>eng Euromuffel Europetulant pro closed ok
- Oct 26 '13 deu>eng unterbelichtet (unterbelichtetes Thema) dormant pro closed ok
- Aug 19 '13 deu>eng dass die Ohrenärzte mehr von Tuten als von Blasen verstehen und... Professional perils: an otologist hears voices, a urologist is permanently pissed pro closed no
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