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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 11 '19 fra>eng S/C C/O pro closed no
- Jul 9 '19 fra>eng EPS APTE Physical Education & Sports (PE & Sports): Physically Fit easy closed no
4 May 20 '19 fra>eng Titulaire du diplôme de Licence de Pharmacien Holder of a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree / Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '19 eng>fra The expected service life of the X is 8 years. la durée de vie utile estimative de X est de 8 ans. pro closed no
- May 1 '18 fra>eng prêt d’un montant de X en principal loan amounting to X in principal pro closed no
- Jan 24 '18 fra>eng ADMIS AVEC RÉSERVES promoted on trial (bases) easy closed ok
- Dec 19 '17 eng>fra notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein nonobstant toute disposition contraire aux présentes OU par dérogation aux autres dispositions con.. pro closed no
4 Nov 16 '17 fra>eng Teneur globulaire hemoglobin content pro closed ok
- Sep 28 '17 fra>eng modalité de fixation du forfait de rémunération terms for determining the compensation package pro open no
- Sep 13 '17 fra>eng en position poussée set to the "Grip" position pro open no
- Sep 13 '17 fra>eng en position tirée set to the "Drag" position pro open no
- Apr 24 '17 fra>eng Master Arts, Lettres, Langues, mention MEEF (Métiers de l’Enseignement, de l’Edu Master Arts in Modern Lett.& Lges, spec. in MEEF (Teaching, Education & Training Careers) pro closed no
- Apr 23 '17 eng>fra cancer-causing cancérogène/carcinogène/ pro closed ok
4 Apr 22 '16 fra>eng intitulé de l’AMM Name/Title of Marketing Authorization pro closed ok
- Apr 10 '16 fra>eng Cahier des charges et spécifications techniques contract documents and technical specifications pro closed ok
4 Mar 17 '16 fra>eng Voir condamner (We pray the court) to order X Company to pay... pro closed ok
4 Mar 7 '16 fra>eng encours outstanding amount/debt pro closed ok
4 Feb 14 '16 eng>fra outstanding on the date hereof en circulation en date des présentes pro closed ok
4 Feb 14 '16 eng>fra Interim Financial Statements états financiers intermédiaires pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '16 fra>eng rien n'est jamais gagné à l'avance It's not over till it's over pro closed no
- Dec 10 '15 fra>eng ouverture du concours launching the competitive entrance examination pro closed no
- Oct 11 '15 fra>eng C.D.I. full-time Contract of Unspecified Duration, permanent full-time contract easy closed ok
- Sep 20 '15 eng>fra under the self-assessment regime sous le régime d'autocotisation pro just_closed no
- Jul 16 '15 fra>eng Ordre à tout prix order at any price pro closed no
3 May 20 '15 eng>fra set her hand thereto y a apposé sa signature easy closed ok
- Sep 25 '14 fra>eng déboutant pour le surplus dismissing/rejecting any claim for the surplus pro closed ok
3 Aug 29 '14 fra>eng diamètres maximaux de 72 pour 60 pour 51mm. maximum diameters of 72 by 60 by 51mm pro closed no
- Aug 1 '14 eng>fra I set my band and seal j'ai apposé (ou nous avons apposé) ma signature et mon sceau pro just_closed no
- Jul 23 '14 fra>eng en collège collegially / in group / as a body / in college easy closed ok
- Jul 21 '14 eng>fra overdrawn à découvert pro just_closed no
- Jun 6 '14 fra>eng coulée en force de jugée becoming final and binding/has the force of res judicata/has the authority of a final judgment pro open no
4 Jun 3 '14 fra>eng débroussaillement bush clearing/clearance; underbrushing; ground clearance; brush cutting; clearance of shrub, ... easy closed ok
- May 13 '14 eng>fra Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS protocol) technique spécialisée de réanimation cardio-respiratoire pro closed ok
4 Feb 6 '14 fra>eng PREL/SALAIRE deduction from salary/deduction at source/deduction from wages/salary deduction pro closed no
- Oct 2 '13 fra>eng gestionnaire comptable Accounting Manager pro closed ok
4 Sep 25 '13 fra>eng Les outils de la communication orale (anglais) Oral Communication Skills (English) easy closed ok
4 Sep 25 '13 fra>eng Langue Vivante Anglais Modern Language: English easy closed ok
- Aug 4 '13 eng>fra withholding charges retenus à la source pro closed ok
4 Jul 14 '13 fra>eng revente en l’état resale as is / resale without further processing pro closed no
- May 30 '13 fra>eng TENS NSTC pro closed ok
4 May 27 '13 eng>fra National Higher Certificate Brevet de technicien Superieur pro closed no
- May 27 '13 fra>eng CAF FAC pro closed ok
- May 19 '13 fra>eng cession de fusion of merger, divestiture pro closed no
4 May 18 '13 eng>fra ASSIGNMENT cession pro closed no
- May 18 '13 eng>fra Bank Receipt récépissé bancaire pro closed no
- May 9 '13 fra>eng assorti de remboursements accompanied by / together with repayments pro open no
- May 7 '13 eng>fra reason to believe raison de croire pro closed ok
- Oct 5 '11 fra>eng décide decides or rules as follows: pro open no
- Oct 2 '11 eng>fra on up en montant pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '11 eng>fra consumer market marché de consommation pro closed ok
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